Professional Indian model and her rich husband are enjoying their married life

Guneeta Dutt (name changed) is a professional Indian model originally from the Union Territory called Chandigarh but been living in Mumbai city for the past 3.5 years. Besides beauty and good manners, Guneeta has the ability to make conversations easy and take the heat out of arduous talks.

Guneeta has a perfect figure, face and attitude. Any man who looks at her, his stomach tightens and eyes widen. She is a very friendly and sociable lady too.

Guneeta got married almost about an year ago and her husband always leaves her smiling and wanting to do it again and again, but things weren’t like this initially, Guneeta married this man for his money not for his looks or she loved him like crazy. Guneeta is a great believer of the statement “Love is a myth”. She believes that love is a very short and temporary sensation. Before their marriage, when they made out for the first time, Guneeta made the man realize that he has a small one. Guneeta didn’t want to make any compromises when it came to her personal life, that’s what she wanted more than the money. The man looked for a solution on the internet and after researching for weeks, he decided that penile implant surgery is the thing for him. Since then, Guneeta doesn’t know what it is, love, infatuation or a divine relationship, all she knows is that she can’t live without him now. She loves her man more than anything now.

Guneeta and her husband both enjoy a good health and a peace of mind. They always have that clean shower and some fresh towels ready in the night.

This lady makes more money than any of her friends or relatives with cryptocurrency trading

Dui Koncoro (name changed) owns a travel agency in the city of Odessa, TX. His agency specializes in offering fully inclusive travel packages. Dui’s agency offers good and affordable services and an always to remember customer experience. His agency always has a wide variety of options to choose from almost every popular tourist destination or business hub anytime of the day.

Dui’s wife whom we will call Jennifer here, makes money with a difference. She trades top cryptocurrencies and makes more money than any of her friend or relative. Hundreds if not thousands of people start off with cryptocurrency trading everyday by investing all their savings in it and less than 1% only succeed. Jennifer is definitely one of those 1% and when she started off, she started off with a true desire in the heart for success.

Jennifer is a lousy scientist as well. She claims that she has many proofs that god exists. She also claims that she has an anti-aging elixir. She believes health is the first and foremost and money is merely a tool for better health. Even though Jennifer has a couple of servants at home, she herself goes to the grocery store to buy fresh fruits. Jennifer also has a belief that success follows once you discover who you are.

Jennifer wasn’t popular in school and felt so inferior. Her feeling of inferiority in the school wasn’t enough to break her compassion, emotional and physical strength. Jennifer sees herself as a fighter, a warrior, a hard-worker who is unbreakable in every aspect.

I personally know Jennifer and a sister of hers. I have never found Jennifer complain about anything while I always find her sister complaining about something. There is a day and night difference between the sisters.

Marketing digital made this occult practitioner a millionaire within 1 year

Glenn Jones (name changed) is a great believer of voodoo, black magic and other related stuff. He carries a magic staff at all times with him and claims that it is his magic staff that turned him into a marketing digital millionaire within less than a year.

Glenn has been averaging a profit of over 250, 000 US dollars for the past few months and the time that he spends performing his magic rituals has been ever-decreasing since his success owing to his busy schedule. Glenn is afraid that he doesn’t lose his luck due to not performing those magic rituals.

Glenn’s magic rituals journey started with performing self-defense magic tricks to save himself from the negative emotional energy of the people that surrounded him. He claims that they wanted him to die and he could feel it. He says that he used to be ill all the time because of their negative energy and wanted a solution. He prayed to god before sleeping each night and god listened to him and by accident he discovered occult practices. Since then, his life has seen nothing but emotional and financial ups and he is happy all the time and he attracts nothing but positive people. “These magic tricks really serve multiple purposes”, Glenn Jones claims.

Although I personally don’t believe in magic or anything related, Glenn was so confident in his speech that I am skeptical that this thing might work and although I don’t want to, I am inclined to perform these magic rituals myself in the near future.

Mr Belanunu is being pressurized by the girlfriend to get a hair transplant

Binyamin Belananu (name changed) has a dependable, beautiful and terrific girlfriend whom Binyamin loves so much that he claims he will die if she breaks up with her. She embodies the whole Aphrodite look very well.

Binyamin’s mom has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease which is a neurodegenerative condition for the last couple of years and she doesn’t behave as friendly as she used to with Binyamin since then. Acute brain health problems are all over Binyamin’s maternal family. Binyamin misses the place of a special woman with whom he can share all his secrets and take advise from a woman’s perspective. That’s the most significant reason why Binyamin thinks he can’t live without his girlfriend.

Binyamin and his girlfriend go for dinners and overnight dates very often. Binyamin and her girlfriend’s parents are both certain that the couple is going to marry very soon enough and they have already given their best wishes to the couple.

Binyamin’s girlfriend has been pursuing the so-called enlightenment for over 4 years now and although she claims to be a spiritual being rather than a sexual one, she hasn’t been able to forego her desires yet. She has continuously been putting pressure on Binyamin to get a hair transplant for the past 5-6 months. She even showed the pictures of one of her uncles to Binyamin how he looks hair transplant after 1 month.

Binyamin’s father is a real estate agent. Binyamin’s father has an impeccable memory at the age of 73. He is a biracial gentleman with a Croatian mother and a Turkish father. Binyamin’s grandparents used to live downstairs of the same house that Binyamin’s father lived in until he turned 25, Binyamin’s dad continued the same tradition and made Binyamin live downstairs of the same house that he and Binyamin’s mother lived in.

Dr T uses only the latest technology when it comes to the hair transplant

Fivel Alpert (name changed) believes he has lots of greatness seeds planted in him but he believes that Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T is far greater than himself. Fivel’s wife whom we will call Jade here had been experiencing a severe hair fall for the past 9 years and she had almost lost 50% of the hair on her head by the time she was 45. Jade is a very fit and healthy lady and now after she got her hair transplant new technology done, nobody can guess her real age. You can’t say that she is over 30. This has turned the couple’s intimate life into a heaven and Fivel is always very proud to go out with Jade everywhere.

Fivel and Jade have 3 kids together. One of the kids recently got his engineering college degree, one is still in the school and while the third one is pursuing her career in the medical field. It is wonderful how the couple’s kids have all turned out to be so career-oriented, good looking, fun-loving and so sensible.

Fivel brags about being a super-dad while Jade claims that there is no such thing as a super-dad or a super-mom.

One of Fivel’s hobbies is creating fake accounts in the chatrooms and trolling. Fivel does his trolling like a frenzied maniac, she gets so engrossed in it that he sometimes even forgets that he has to eat, take a shower or go to the office. Jade gets sick of this habit of Fivel and she often claims to him about it but Fivel wouldn’t listen.

Emotionally abused in the childhood, left home at age 19 and now everyday is a lucky day for him

Chizkiyahu Flecker (name changed) believes that he is the most important person in the world. I have personally observed that most of the people on the face of this earth live with the same belief but just don’t talk it, but as they say “Actions speak louder than the words”. But Chizkiyahu openly talks about being the most important person on the earth and that gets him into trouble several times.

Chizkiyahu is an ardent believer of fate and luck and his belief in fate and luck makes him play the game lucky day aka dia de sorte over and over again, and the most surprising thing is that he wins it over and over again. Chizkiyahu’s winning the lucky day game has only made his belief in the luck stronger.

The relationships in Chizkiyahu’s life only gave him pain. Chizkiyahu always used to be a fun and jolly kid, he was really the soul of his home but his emotionally torturous wouldn’t let him live peacefully. That really made Chizkiyahu hate his life when he was a kid and also during his teens as well until he finally moved out. Those events really made Chizkiyahu very strong emotionally.

Chizkiyahu was on the threshold of becoming mad after he moved out because he didn’t find any job but then he said to himself “I won’t let a lack of petty 9-5 job in my life kill me. I am too strong for that.” That was probably the start of his illusion of being really special and being sent for a special mission. Whatever! I love Chizkiyahu for his originality and a generous heart and after seeing where he has come from, it is amazing how he didn’t only survived but thrived.

Richie Rich Car Designer Husband gifted wife Hair Transplant on Wedding Anniversary

Julij Hill (name changed) is a 45 year old Texan woman who was born and raised in the city of Houston. She still lives in Houston with the man of her dreams aka her husband aka Mr Hill whom she met in the college.

Mr Hill was one of the poorest kids in school. He used to sell toothpaste and toothbrushes when still in school. Mr Hill expected to be wealthy by the time he was 21 and he would design those crazy business ideas from the age of 13 onwards.

Mr Hill is an amateur car designer and a businessman by profession. He has designed panoramic sunroofs for some of the most popular American cars and he owns a car spare parts manufacturing company as well.

The best thing about Mr Hill is that he stays positive all the time no matter how many times he gets knocked down. He has an enthusiastic spirit like that of a French soldier in front of Napolean Bonaparte.

Mr Hill never finished the 8th grade but he makes more money than 95% of the PhDs in America and that’s a huge achievement. Mr Hill recently decided to gift his wife Julij a hair transplant Houston on their 20th wedding anniversary and he wanted nobody lesser than infamous Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T of Turkey to perform the hair transplant on her. The transplant went a lot more successful than Julij or Mr Hill expected and Julij is loving her new hair. Julij cannot stop taking selfies with her new hair and post those on the social media.

Wannabe Nelson Mandela wants his autobiography’s cover picture to feature him wearing a tuxedo and a bow tie

Aimo Colling (name changed) is a crazy young man who hasn’t achieved anything great in his life and is still writing his own autobiography like he is Nelson Mandela. Aimo spends most of his time on discord and slack chatrooms, online forums, social media and the rest remaining hours in the gym, eating or sleeping.

Aimo wants the cover picture on his autobiography to be one in which he will be wearing an expensive tuxedo with an expensive bow tie. He has already ordered 2 bow ties from Tie Store Australia to check which one looks better on him.

Aimo believes that communism is a silly idea and he has dedicated at least 20 pages to communism in his autobiography. Aimo has a habit of doing everything right for the wrong reasons.

Aimo’s mother used to be a devout christian and she used to make him sing choirs in the church when he was a teen. He has a couple of pages dedicated to his relationship with church and singing as well in his autobiography.

Aimo has a habit of uncontrollable spending and you will always find him with his debit card in his pocket. Aimo owns a popular drive-by restaurant in a popular neighborhood of the Perth city and that’s his only income generator. Aimo inherited that restaurant from his father and converted it into a drive-by.

Aimo is a divorcee and his marriage went through extremely tough times from the very beginning. He wanted an out from the marriage only after a couple of months of it and he even wrote an email to Dr Phil to solve the issues in his married life but Dr Phil and his staff didn’t reply to him. He finally divorced his wife after 2 years of staying with her hoping everyday of those 2 years that everything will be alright soon enough. He has about 30 pages dedicated to that phase of his life in his autobiography too.

Single father from Ohio going to Jogja to celebrate his daughter’s birthday

Samuel Mizrachi (name changed) is a single father to his one and only daughter whose name is Diandra. Samuel was raised by a single father himself and he says that it is one of the toughest job to be a good single parent.

Samuel was born and grew up in the Bethany neighborhood of Nebraska but he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio when he was 25 and where he met the mother of his only child. She died in a car accident when Diandra was only 2. Since then Samuel has been doing his best to not let Diandra realize the absence of a mother.

When Samuel was a teen, he got interested in eastern religions, mainly Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. He believes that Abrahamic religions play a lot of jugglery with words and Abrahamic religions and their chiefs are arrogant as well.

Diandra will be 10 on 27th December and Samuel is gifting her a vacation to Jogja on the precious event. He has already booked a Jogja car rental aka rental mobil Jogja.

Since Samuel became an adult, he never asked for any financial support from anyone including his parents and friends. He earned the recognition he has all by himself and he never believed any Christian dogma owing to the fear.

He is also going to gift Diandra a shipload of presents on the occasion of her birthday this year. He has always been doing his best to make everyday special for her since she lost her mother. Samuel is never going to marry again because he doesn’t trust stepmothers and he is not taking any chance with Diandra’s life and her upbringing.

Single Rize province father’s hair transplant got pretty successful

Omer Avni (name changed) is a 44 year old gentleman from the coastal city called Rize in Turkey’s Rize province. Omer already has plastic surgery done all over his body due to several different accidents and injuries. To add to all that, he also started having a disastrous hair loss in his late 30s. He got really hopeless by the time he was 43 and due to him being not so prosperous and filthy rich, he thought that he would never be able to get a hair transplant done on his head.

After Omer’s kids told him that hair transplant cost 2018 is not that much and hair transplants are pretty successful when done by an expert specialist, Omer decided to get one done on himself. He traveled all the way to Istanbul to get a hair transplant done by the best of the best doctors aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T. The transplant was pretty successful and Omer is so happy with his new hair.

Omer has been fulfilling his duties of being a single father greatly. Omer’s kids mother died only after 5 years of their marriage and within these 5 years they had 3 kids together (one son and two daughters). Omer never married again. The first thing that Omer does on a regular weekday after getting up is gets his kids ready to go to school. He has never let his kids miss the love of a mother and he always tries his best when it comes to parenting.

Omer has also been earning good karma for the judgement day. He does a lot of social volunteering online as he cannot afford to donate any money to a charity or some such thing.