History Freak from Pleasanton makes money while pursuing his hobby of studying European History

Christopher Corpora from Pleasanton, California, is an Academician, who says he has been on every Academic related Discord server but his search to find a server that isn’t like a circle jerk fest or to the other extreme: intellectual wankery, hasn’t been over yet.

For 3 whole years, Christopher’s biggest hobby was studying Chinese history. He had a whole lot of time to pursue it as he used to Earn Money for Free back then.

Christopher never gets tired of repeating “Even though women make 49% of all population on earth, they are responsible for 100% crimes in space.”

Christopher is currently interested in contemporary European History with a focus on Great Britain’s relationship with Europe.

Christopher believes the theory that a significant number of the English died in 1347 (40-50%) and that created a shortage of serfs. The serfs then seized the opportunity and used their labor as a bargainingchip since the noblemen weren’t about to go out and plow their own land.

Christopher believes the beginning of the American Revolution should technically be 163, but it is a pity that the general public tend to only think about 1763-1793 as the era of the American revolution. He believes it ought to be replaced with 1763-1798 rather.

Christopher’s most favorite book ever is David Hume’s History of England. He says it is one of the best books for historiographical purposes and it’s amazing how accurate David was.

Glasgow IM Expert believes that watching Japanese dramas online is the best way to learn the Japanese language without a guru

Bruce Handler is an Internet Marketing and SEO Expert from Glasgow, England, who believes that the Macedonian SEO experts are extremely overrated. He says that he didn’t care about Macedonian SEO experts at all until he met some of those on Fiverr. He says that his experience has always been great with the experts on SEOClerks.com though.

Bruce has been trying to learn the Japanese language for a while now and he believes that there is nothing better and more entertaining than watching Japanese drama (nonton dorama jepang) for the same.

Bruce believes that India is one of the worst countries to be having to do with anything online, especially when you are an internet marketing expert. He says that both the clients and the internet marketing agencies there suck.

Bruce writes on his blog that anyone who claims to be a pro in ranking for the Google Images Results but says that cannot rank for Google Search Results is an obvious liar. He claims to have confronted several such so-called fake experts and still regularly does. He also says that his new and sometimes even old clients tell horror stories that have to do with such experts.

Bruce personally hates the behavioral search and personalization, but says that whoever invented it was a genius without a doubt. He believes that it wasn’t the idea of neither of the founders of Google – Sergey Brinn or Larry Page, but rather some female employee at Google Inc, who was thought of an average employee until she presented this idea of hers to the founders and she was ultimately promoted to a rank that she herself didn’t expect.

Will this SEO expert from Hanover be able to make his dream of owning an Automobile Company a Reality with the help of UX Blogs?

Tyler Callaghan is a SEO expert from Hanover, New Hampshire, whose wife owns and runs a clothing store which has a presence both online and offline – her website, her Amazon and eBay stores, and her brick and mortar store in Hanover, NH and she attributes it all to Tyler’s Internet Marketing and SEO knowledge and skills. She has 30 employees working for her full-time.

Tyler Callaghan believes that the Bing and Yahoo! should better focus on creating gadgets and something related, as he believes that the search engine is not their thing and he compliments the chiefs of many ex-online search industry giants that have quit the industry to do something else.

Tyler has been busy writing a fiction book nowadays, which he says could even be a true story without him knowing it. The book is also Tyler’s personal belief and that is that Hindu gods at one point of time existed and they were a bunch of immortal aliens.

Tyler writes on his SEO blog that for the first time in the history of the internet, industry-specific SEO is easier than the local SEO. He claims that he recently was able to rank the industry-specific websites of many of his clients with half of the SEO that he expected and it is the proof of his claim that the industry-specific SEO is now easier than the local SEO for the first time in the history of the internet.

Tyler is a regular reader of a blog o ux and he claims that it is one of the foremost factors behind his success in the business.

Tyler says that his dream is to have an automobile company of his own one day, which he believes that he is going to achieve sooner or later.

SEO Expert from Cincinnati had no Idea that his Dad wanted him to Succeed in his ‘Watch Business’ until they Played a Game of ‘Truth or Dare’ Together

Nathan Traylor is a SEO expert from Cincinnati, Ohio, who happened to get into the SEO business accidentally. He was instead learning coding in the University. He writes on his blog that if he didn’t know how to code, he could have never become a success in the SEO business. He claims to have never disappointed a local or international client of his, which is hard to believe for the most, but looking at the success of his business and his expensive Italian tailored suits, it seems believable for the most of the part.

Nathan claims that the Twitter ads have been serving far much greater ROI on an average than the Facebook ads for over past 3 years now. He adds that it used to be the opposite case until about 3 years ago.

Nathan’s father, who is no more now, used to own a pretty-well-known watch store in Cincinnati, OH, itself, which he put in the name of his daughter (Nathan’s half-sister), before his death. Nathan had no idea that his father wanted him to succeed him in his watch business until they played the game of ‘Truth or Dare’ once and his father accepted this. Nathan loves to play the game of Truth or Dare with almost everyone that he is familiar with, be it his friends, family, girlfriend, he perhaps know each and every website that has some ‘Good Dares Over Text Message‘ in the English language.

Nathan has already written 3 free eBooks on the SEO and Internet Marketing and from the next week on, he is going to start to write the fourth one from the first week of the next month (April, 2020) on.

Successful Internet Marketer wants her kids to rather become Medical Practitioners and makes sure that they partake in WAEC Expo each year

Lori Adebayo is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert from Lagos, Nigeria, who writes on her blog that they should do a survey on whether strongmen and obese men make good SEO experts. She claims that she hasn’t met a single strong or obese man till date who also happened to be good at the Internet Marketing.

Lori Adebayo gives the example of the retired but young wrestler – Hannibal of the Youtube Channel – ‘The Hannibal TV’ on the Youtube to prove her point. She adds that the guy ‘Hannibal’ has so much of great content on his channel, but he is not a good at marketing it. She says that it has been about a decade since he uploaded the first video on his Youtube channel and till day, he doesn’t get that it is not possible to achieve his self-declared goal of reaching 1 Million Subscribers until he gets a better quality camera and mic.

Although Lori Abedayo makes a very good amount of money with her SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing Business, she doesn’t want her kids to follow her footsteps and for that very reason, she is very strict that they visit the WAEC Expo each year and she claims that they are all ready for the upcoming WAEC Expo 2020.

Lori is an outspoken critic of several infamous SEO expert authors and speakers including Barry Schwartz, Bruce Clay and Susan Esparza. In one of her Youtube videos, she very sarcastically mentioned that the ones who preach the most against spam are the biggest spammers themselves in general, which was pointed towards Barry Schwartz, Bruce Clay and Susan Esparza.

Lori has written more than a couple of times on her blog that keyword stuffing is just like tummy stuffing – you have got to use only healthy and limited ingredients, otherwise you will suffer.

Flourishing Computer Peripheral Company from the Indian Subcontinent relies on Integral-Concepts for Statistical Analysis

Tigoxeronics started off as a software development company, but today it is one of the greatest computer peripheral manufacturers in the Indian subcontinent.

The founders at the Tigoxeronics claim on the company’s official blog that no matter how big their company becomes, they are never going to pay a celebrity for their brand’s advertisement or endorsement of any other sort. They believe that paying a celebrity for a brand’s endorsement in this age of the internet and when there are 10, 000 more productive and different ways to promote your brand, which even employees tons of people.

The founders at the Tigoxeronics believe that using celebrities is a sign of the chiefs of a company being lazy enough to not using any innovative methods to promote their brand. They add that it is also shows how much of their precious revenue or capital money such brands are willing to throw away on advertisements rather than using the same to improve their product or for better Statistical Analysis.

Tigoxeronics aims to become the next Apple Inc. in terms of the innovation and the vision, and the founding family is confident that they are greater of a visionary than the Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak combined. They say that the reason why they haven’t become as big of a success as an Apple Inc., is because they aren’t an American company. Otherwise, their innovations could have achieved the same popularity as the Apple inc.

Tigoxeronics recently established manufacturing unit in the nation of Albania as well. The founder of Tigoxeronics believes that Albania holds a great future which the mainstream media and most industrialists and business people don’t acknowledge, which is good for themselves as it gives them an edge over the competition.

Dentist from Lancashire fears his wife like a plaque and those expensive black glass radiator covers in her kitchen are the proof

Dr Scott Newsom is a Dentist from Lancashire, England, who claims on his blog that low-sugar diet is literally overrated when it comes to preventing dental problems.

Dr Scott Newsom also claims on his blog that the cops are more prone to tooth loss on an average but they are 3 times less likely to get Gingival diseases compared to the people belonging to other professions. Dr Scott Newsom claims that he gives 50% off to the cops with Gingival diseases, because he really respects the cops and care for them.

Dr Scott Newsom claims that using Arabic Miswak serves great benefits to your teeth like no other and the great tooth health of the Arabs is the proof. He adds that whereas inbred people generally have very bad teeth in general and roughly as much as 50% of the Arab population is inbred, their tooth health speaks otherwise. He further adds that out of all the Arab world, people of Oman have the best dental health.

Dr Scott Newsom is an idol family-man and recently when his wife demanded that he get the silver radiator cover in the kitchen replaced with black glass radiator covers, he did it almost instantly, and chose nothing but UK’s No.1 company for the purpose.

Dr Scott Newsom loves to read and study history as well and he was shocked to learn that in the prehistoric times and even in the ancient times, many dental diseases were believed to be a sign of the upcoming plague, especially in what is today called the Eastern Europe.

Dr Scott Newsom has some weird personal beliefs as well, including that the light-skinned people are more creative, intelligent and focused during the afternoons, but it is the opposite for the dark-skinned people. Although I don’t agree with him on this statement of Dr Scott Newsom, I am still going to read the upcoming ones by him, because they are very entertaining at the least.

Full-Time Plumber and Part-Time Blogger shares his 2 decades of Plumbing Repairs on his Infamous Blog

Jeffrey Sullivan is a full-time plumber and part-time blogger who writes on his blog that he is extremely happy that the garbage disposals in the past 5-6 years have become so advanced and reliable that the topmost garbage disposals that sell for at least over US $150, don’t ever face jamming problem, which was the most popular issue with the full-fledged plumbers back when he started his own plumbing service, which was over 2 decades ago.

Jeffrey is highly critical of the plumbing companies that recruit nothing but beautiful females to work for them irrespective of whether they are skilled, experienced or competent. Their only eligibility for plumbing repairs is that they are good-looking females and that’s all, and some plumbing service agencies and sadly many clients as well, are perfectly happy and content with it.

Jeffrey writes on his blog that not a day has gone buy in the past 2 decades, since he got his own plumbing repair service, that during the winter seasons, he didn’t get a call to repair at least 2 water heaters in a day.

Jeffrey claims on his blog that corroded toilet handles are the most common repairs that a plumber is called out for, in every season.

Jeffrey writes that hose bibbs have improved a lot lately, although not even near as popular as they once used to be, they don’t corrode or leak as much as they once used to.

Jeffrey warns that one must not buy pipes imported from the Republic of China if they are concerned about the pipe joint damage, even one bit. He adds that 98% of the times, the issue of pipe joint damage issue occurs with the pipes that were made in the Republic of China.

Podiatrist from Tampa suggested his wife to work from home, she listened to it and she can’t thank him enough for the same

Dr Mateo Hellwig is a Podiatrist from Tampa, Florida, who is extremely outspoken on the official website of his practice.

Dr Mateo claims on his blog that the Parliamentarians are more likely to get foot disorders compared to the men and women belonging to other professions. He adds that it is not sarcasm, lie, taunt, or anything similar, but a fact.

Dr Mateo claims on his blog that the veterans who fought in the Vietnam war have many unidentified foot disorders and it is a pity that most of the Podiatrists and their unions don’t seem much concerned about identifying those diseases and find a cure for the same, because it doesn’t serve much business. In fact, it will cost the government and the medical field more than what it would bring.

Dr Mateo claims on his blog that the people who work at gas stations are very likely to get foot disorders, especially after the age of 40, and that’s the reason he set his wife a work from home business, which has been fetching her 15 times the money that she made working at a gas station, and she is extremely happy and proud about being her own boss now, the comfort and luxury that comes with it and not to mention that she can now spend as much time as she wants with her kids.

Dr Mateo claims on his blog that the news reporters are very likely to get different foot disorders but the case is just the opposite for the news anchors.

Dr Mateo applauds the Orthopedic surgeons for bringing such great advancements in the field, which literally saves lives every year.

Dr Mateo has also been demanding death penalty for the Podiatrists and Orthopedic Surgeons with fake degrees for 3 years now, but it feels like this dream of his will remain a dream.

Vet from Joplin, MO, loves his wig as much as his 7 teacup dogs

Dr Simon Kent is a Veterinarian from Joplin, Missouri, who writes on the official blog of his practice that he is extremely happy about how far the cure and treatment for hydrophobia has come, but he believes that there’s still a lot to improve when it comes to the treatment and cure of hydrophobia. He is hopeful that the physicians working on finding better treatments for the hydrophobia will be successful and greatly so. He himself tries his best to find better cures or treatments for the diseases related to the pets, especially dogs. He is a firm believer of Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Dr Simon Kent claims that 1993-95 were the worst years for the canine coronavirus, but he is glad that everything has been almost roses in the regard, at least in the USA, ever since. He is very sad about the current coronavirus epidemic that has been going on in the Republic of China though.

Dr Simon Kent is a huge fan and lover of the teddybear puppies and that’s the reason why he owns 7 of those.

Dr Simon Kent has a bald-head and he takes it as a blessing, thanks to wigstoreonline.com. Dr Simon Kent says that he cannot imagine having hair as good naturally as the wig he bought with wigstoreonline.com

Dr Simon Kent claims that teddybear puppies are least likely to suffer with the Canine Parvovirus, because of the great care that their owners generally take of them, including himself.

Dr Simon Kent claims that he takes more personal care of each of his teddybear puppies than he did of any of his 4 kids.

Dr Simon Kent writes on his blog that the best thing about being the owner of teddybear puppies is that they are the least likely to get any sort of fungal infections, especially the ones that are transferable to humans if you take good care of them. He adds that none of his puppies got any such infection ever.

Full-Time Blogger from Bandung loves Morphology as much as he loves Cars

Bobby Diaz is an Auto Blogger from Bandung, Indonesia, who believes that the countdown of Nissan, Renault, Dacia, Datsun, Infiniti, Mitsubishi has started since their Ex-Boss of Nissan – Carlos Ghosn left as its CEO and went to the prison. Bobby further adds that the entire Japanese Auto Industry will never be the same now.

Bobby suspects whether Carlos Ghosn ever stole money from the Nissan. He believes that some of the functional Board of Directors in the Nissan presently are on the payroll of its competitors and the claim that Carlos Ghosn used to steal money from Nissan as its CEO is a conspiracy by Nissan’s rival to make it bankrupt for sure this time and with the bankruptcy of Nissan, the manufacturing standards of the other Japanese Car Makers including Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru will go drastically down as Bobby believes that Nissan is the brand that sets the benchmark for the Japanese cars around the world, not Honda or Toyota.

Bobby believes that the manufacturing standards of the Suzuki will remain the same even after Nissan is gone, because Suzuki has never been a position of competing with other car makers of Japan or any part of the world, and he also adds that if it weren’t for the market of India and its neighboring countries, Suzuki would have stopped making cars long ago, as everyone knows that making cars is not for the Suzuki. They can only make great scooters and motorcycles, but not cars.

Bobby writes on his blog that each socialite that he ever came across, drove a luxury European car, not for its technology but rather for the status symbol. He adds that many of those socialites didn’t even have the money to get their cars fixed.

Bobby loves to read stuff related to Morphology (Morfologi) when he is not studying cars, writing on one of his blogs, sleeping or eating.

Podiatrist from Navi Mumbai prioritizes watching 123Movies with the Family over his Patients

Dr Ravindra Bains is a Podiatrist from Navi Mumbai, India, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that all the new and young Podiatrists in India are starting their practices in the areas, towns and cities, where already many Podiatrists have their clinics established, because they are too cautious that if there are too many Podiatrists here, then the common belief among them becomes that the business must be booming there. Dr Ravindra adds that they have no idea about the fact that how much they need Podiatrists in the remote areas of India.

I talked to Ravindra personally a couple of times and each time, I asked him about “Why doesn’t he start a clinic in one of those remote areas himself?” Each time he replies, “Because his family is not willing to leave Navi Mumbai.” Then I asked him “What is more important to you, your family or patients?” He replied, “Of course, my family. I work for them only. I love making love to my wife, playing with my kids, watching 123movies with them, etc.”

In my arrogant personal opinion, Podiatrists like Dr Ravindra Bains do not have the right to put the fingers on other similar practitioners, given that they themselves give priority to watching movies with the family over looking after their patients.

GP from Chandigarh Cares about the Environment and he buys Everything Automatic, be it Cars or Gates

Dr Vikram Jain is a General Practitioner from the Union Territory of Chandigarh, India, who recently posted on his blog that he was extremely worried about the increasing air pollution all over the world, especially India and it stayed the same until the Tesla cars made their debut and even became popular, but it all changed after the launch of Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Ioniq, Hyundai Kona and others.

Although, Dr Vikram Jain is not happy with the fact that the Nissan hasn’t launched their Leaf in India yet, and he is also not happy with the numbers that the Hyundai Kona has sold, but he writes that he still has a major hope that the Indians will care about their environment and will buy nothing but electric cars in the future. He himself owns a Reva Electric Car, a Hyundai Kona and a Tata Tigor EV, all of which are electric vehicles. He claims that he bought all these 3 cars not to save the money in the long run, bur to rather save the environment. He loves it when each of his cars are welcomed by the automatic gates of his clinic which were built by one of the most reputed Automatic Gate Manufacturers in India.

Dr Vikram Jain writes on his blog that he is not happy with the hygiene conditions of the hospitals anywhere in the world, be it the first, second or third world.

Dr Vikram Jain has a programmer nephew and a programmer niece, with the help of whom, he has been working on to create a crowdfunding platform mainly targeted on collecting funds for the diseased and better ways and technology to cure the diseases.

This GP from Tangerang is not a Capitalist but she can’t seem to get enough of her Bisnis Online

Dr Ratu Zaira Siddique is a General Practitioner from Tangerang, Indonesia, who along with a few other doctors from Indonesia, has been working to create a foolproof, side-effect free method to grow height after the growth plates close naturally. She really believes that the group is going to achieve success in its endeavor within less than 7 years.

Dr Ratu Zaira Siddique claims on her blog that wearing gray clothes is highly beneficial for you, irrespective of your gender, which part of the world you live in and what season is it or what kind of weather. She further claims that she hasn’t worn any other color for over 5 years for the very same reason.

Dr Ratu Zaira Siddique doesn’t agree with the claim that keeping a healthy weight and being physically active helps lower the chance of getting any sort of cancer. She writes that if it were true, then all the fit actors, athletes, pro-wrestlers, etc, would have never caught any sort of cancer, but rather the opposite is true in their case. She claims that they are the people most prone to getting cancer, and it all happens because they get punished for their deeds by a superior power that rules and owns the world.

Dr Ratu Zaira Siddique along with a niece of hers, has been pursuing a serious career in Bisnis Online, which has been making her almost half the amount of money that she makes with her medical practice. She attributes this also to the grace of the all-merciful – Allah.

Toy store owner hopes for someone to build toys that make learning plant classification easy

Anita Alam is a 32 year old woman from Bandung, Indonesia, who has been running a toy store of her own in Cinunuk, Cileunyi, Bandung, for the past 3 years now, which has gone pretty popular within the time period.

Anita writes on her toy store’s official blog that it is a pity that even the kids of the gardeners don’t like toys related to gardening. One of her cousins is a gardener, whose family she visits frequently. Once when she brought some gardening related toys to their home as gift, both the kids of her cousin hated it. She adds that they don’t even know about the classification of plants (Klasifikasi Tanaman).

Anita also writes on her blog that it is also sad that the kids don’t show as much interest in the car toys as they once used to and the declining sales of the Hot Wheels is one of the biggest proofs. She adds that the sales of the Hot Wheels Helicopter sets has been the same though.

Anita claims that the children with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) show a completely different taste in toys than the kids who don’t suffer with such a disorder. She adds that the situation applies to both boy and girl kids.

Anita writes on her blog that the people have been buying creativity and IQ increasing toys for their kids like never before and Apple Inc mainly deserves the credits for the same. They made such products hot in the late 1990s and there seems to be no looking back now, their popularity has been growing at exponential rates ever since.

Toy Store owner from Midtown, Oklahoma City, sells Skates for Women at zero profit

Debra Carter owns a quite popular toy store in Midtown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they do not carry any video games at all, because Debra believes that video games are extremely unhealthy and are responsible for most of the problems in an average modern kid’s life.

Debra’s popular toy store has a popular blog where the posts are made by none other than Debra herself. Having an experience of over 2 decades in the business, she has a lot of interesting things to write there.

Debra recently made a post about the rumor that she heard about the founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg, thinking of getting into the ever-growing and evergreen toy retail industry. Debra wrote that she really hopes that the rumor is not a rumor but a reality and herself and most other passionate toy retailers across the United States of America and maybe the whole world, would love to teach him the lesson that running a toy retail chain is not as easy as running a website.

Debra’s toy store is notorious for keeping the largest number of biblical toys anywhere in the state of Oklahoma.

Last week, Debra made a post, which sounded more like an endorsement, but it is not, that she once ordered Womens Skates from a website that goes by the name NettRacing.com and they turned out to be so good that she has been reselling those at her store’s ‘For Mommies’ section at no profits ever since the day her first personal pair arrived to her.

Debra Carter claims that the sales for the soft toys have been constantly declining for the past 6 years now and the only soft toys that have gained popularity over these past 6 years are the ocean animals soft toys, which don’t make even as much as 3% of the total soft toy sales.

Debra Carter is also disappointed that most kid girls don’t like cooking set toys anymore, like they did back when Debra used to be a kid herself.

GP from Barcelona, Spain makes tons of controversial statements regularly on his domains

Dr Ignacio Montijo is a General Practitioner from Barcelona, Spain, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that he got over 250 patients only during the first month of his practice as a General Physician. He also brags about having over 98.7% patient satisfaction rate on his blog.

Dr Ignacio Montijo has many websites and blogs, and it is a miracle that how he gets to manage each of those out of his busy schedule. All his domains (dominios) and hosting are done by a single company that he has endorsed more than a couple of times on each of his blogs for free.

Dr Ignacio has mentioned more than a couple of times on his blog that a doctor cannot be considered an excellent one unless he possesses the energy and stamina of a horse along with the capability to perform hard labor like a donkey with the cunning of a fox.

Dr Ignacio writes on one of his blogs that good public speakers aren’t only more energetic than the ones who aren’t good public speakers, but they are also less prone to getting viral and chronic illnesses irrespective of their race, nationality and other factors. Dr Ignacio claims to have several top Spanish public speakers as his regular patients, many of those that he names are multilingual, world-renowned and travel all over the world.

Dr Ignacio claims on his blog that older men with young trophy wives have the most number of diseases in general.

Dr Ignacio claims on his blog that he is not willing to accept that trekking serves any health benefits, no matter how much the magazines, newspapers, dietitians, and doctors try to convince him regarding the same.

Dr Ignacio is a proud atheist, who regularly campaigns against the religions in the spare time.

Successfully American Republican participates in nothing other than Korean online gaming communities

Mark Newman is a 35 year old man who has become very successful at a very young age. Mark was only 20 when he started his first successful online second hand products marketplace. The marketplace was nothing like eBay or any other big second hand marketplace available online but it made Mark a lot of profit and also gave him a lot of confidence.

When Mark was 21, he started flipping domain names as well. Buying domain names at low prices and selling them at as much 15 times the price that he bought them for.

Mark’s father was a philosopher and a clothing store owner. Both father and son used to be great Phil Collins fan, and they can’t forget the day when they traveled all the way to the London from the Kansas City in the 1991 to visit his concert.

A dedicated Republican, Mark tries to promote the Republican party as much as he can. At the same time, when Mark started his own small brewery in the Laramie, Wyoming, he ordered all the brewing equipment from a Korean company based in the beautiful and colorful port industrial city that goes by the name Busan.

Thanks to Mark’s command in the Korean language. He was able to get the best prices possible from his Korean supplier. Mark loves the Korean language and that’s the reason why he participates in nothing but 우아미넷  (a Korean online game community) when it comes to the gaming talk. Mark is the prime example that successful people like online gaming more than their unsuccessful counterparts.

Isn’t it contradictory? While the Republicans try their hardest to lower down the ever-growing Korean economy, they still can’t resist buying the Korean products. This is how most Republicans are like, they are all “hypocrites.”

Mark’s wife Samantha has recently got interested in “Nudism” and she walks around naked all the time. She says that clothes are unnatural and try her best to convince Mark also to go nudist. She also takes a bath 3 times a day.

Mark has been focusing fully on his newly opened brewery because each day he has 90 minutes extra now. His orthopedist has asked him not to do any exercise for the next 6 months after he got a fracture in his leg.

Japanese automaker relies on this one blog when it comes to making their vehicles gas mileage friendly

Most of the automotive components nowadays are made up of aluminium. If you are an automobile manufacturing company, it is very crucial for you to find the best of the best aluminium die cast manufacturing company.

I personally know several men and women working in the automotive industry and they tell it is very hard to decide which company to choose and which not. Most of the Japanese, American and European car manufacturers nowadays are relying on the Chinese industries located in the city of Dongguan for their products.

For example, one of the oldest Japanese car manufacturers has been buying Pan Oil Upper from a Aluminium die casting manufacturing company located in Dongguan. The Japanese car manufacturer is more than happy with the product and the company doesn’t think that they will ever have to buy from someone else if the quality, punctuality and discipline from the die casting manufacturing company’s part remains the same.

This Japanese car manufacturing company is notorious for producing cars that are unparalleled when it comes to the gas mileage and most are surprised to learn that they get all their ideas in this regard from a US blog. While most take such blogs for granted, the chiefs of this automaker do not, the ones who take such blogs for granted are suffering losses or going bankrupt while this Japanese automaker has been expanding like crazy.

Most of the top two wheeler manufacturing companies are today buying two wheeler assemblies, cylinder heads, alloy wheels, crank case covers, crank cases, bottom cases, etc, all from the same Chinese company.

It is like Republic of China is the secret land for you if you are an industrialist and you want success in business. You cannot be successful buying the manufacturing products from your own home country when your competitor is buying much better quality of the same product at lesser than half the price from a Chinese manufacturer. This is how the Rat Race works, you have to be the fastest, most efficient and most effective in order to win. You cannot win without all these qualities and the ones buying aluminium die casting manufacturing products from the Chinese companies possess all these qualities. Be smart, buy aluminium die casting manufacturing products from the Republic of China only.

I am waiting for someone who can perform Boris Kniaseff’s floor barre method better than Francesco Costanzo

I was in the New York City on first July of this year and was really surprised to see an unbelievably number of Boris Kniaseff fans (mostly dance enthusiasts and choreographers) celebrating his birthday. I knew the name already but I didn’t know that the man had such a great following. I was very glad to see that all of Boris’s fans looked and spoke like they possess great intellectual and moral tendencies along with passion for life. Also, it looked to me like Boris himself, most of his fans hate sexual perversion as well. They all looked good and chaste.

The head of the crowd was a Boris Kniaseff’s student’s descendant, who has been running dance schools all over the states of New York and New Jersey after Boris’s name, as a tribute to him. I got a chance to talk to him personally as well and he told me that he wants to expand into a theater school.

I don’t have the statistics to prove it, but I personally believe that no other nations have contributed to the ballet as much as the Poland and Russia combined. And these 2 nations were the ones that were most against such form of an entertainment, if we don’t take the Islamic nations into consideration. This fact proves that nothing in this world can stop a talented and passionate man/woman who is determined.

All this celebration, glory and crowd for the man called Boris Kniaseff made me do a little research on him and I came across several little known interesting facts about him. Like Boris Kniaseff’s most favorite animal was Coyote and he saw one for the first time when he was 16.

I was surprised to learn that Boris Kniaseff had a thing for the pro-wrestling before pro-wrestling was a thing. Boris could have been Vince McMahon of his era if he could have found enough time to contribute for his pro-wrestling fantasies.

One thing that I find most fascinating about Boris is that the man never cared about the accolades, the accolades just followed him wherever he went.

Boris preferred listening to the classical music during solitude over any other genre, and it was surprising for me to learn that Boris sometimes would feel that he liked listening to the music more than he liked to dance, but then when he used to enter the state of nirvana while performing a dance session, he would think otherwise later on. He literally used to enter the state of no-mind while dancing.

Boris used to have this wonderful habit of consulting with his friends before making a major decision. The best thing about this habit of Boris was that he literally would do what his friends would advise him to do, unlike most others, who take the advise of others but don’t take the decision accordingly. And when with friends, Boris liked to laugh a lot, no matter how serious their talks were.

Boris Kniaseff was a very health conscious gentleman and it is a pity that a health conscious man like him couldn’t live up to the mark that he set up for himself and that is the age of 90. His friends and family were surprised that Boris couldn’t live up to 90, they all used to believe that he would live even longer.

I am not a flexible person, but the legend called Boris Kniaseff has really made me consider participating into the ballet since the day I saw that crowd for him in the New York City. I am mainly obsessed with his floor barre method and after doing a thorough research on the same, I have discovered that Boris Kniaseff Francesco Costanzo is the best teacher for the same. I don’t know Italian and I don’t have any plan or money to go there, but I have been trying my best to make it to there. No matter how many choreographers on the Youtube or elsewhere you come across who tell you that they are the best gurus for Boris Kniaseff’s floor barre method, they are all nothing compared to Francesco Costanzo who walks the talk, in reality, he doesn’t talk much because he is always busy dancing and teaching, and doesn’t like to waste his precious time on petty things like talking.

12 year old Indonesian Benjamin feels lost without his ornamental fishes

Benjamin is a very intelligent and smart 12-year old boy. He always does great in school. He is also very good in sports. But since the death of his uncle Eduardo in a car accident, he didn’t speak to anybody much and lost his appetite too. He even lost his interest in sports. He is a great basketball and football player and all his friends keep calling to go with them for a match but he sometimes wouldn’t even answer their calls and kept staring at the phone with frozen eyes. He even started watching Youtube videos of the Indian gurus and mystics who would tell that life has no meaning, no purpose and we are all sinners.

One day his father went to the home of his best friend and discussed with him what he could do to get the old Benjamin back. His father asked his best friend about his schedule and everything that he did for some leisure. He told Benjamin’s father everything that he does on the weekdays and the weekends. He told him that the best part of his week is when he plays the game Robux on Saturdays, all day long and gets to see his jenis ikan hias air tawar.

Benjamin’s father asked him “where he could get free robux”? Benjamin’s best friend then explained everything to him, how to install it, how to get free robux, etc

Benjamin’s father installed the game as soon as he reached his home and invited Benjamin to play with him, but Benjamin refused initially. It is funny how after only a few hours of playing it, Benjamin’s father got addicted to the game, then after seeing his father enjoy the game so much, Benjamin sat next to his father and then again his father offered him to play the game and Benjamin agreed. Since then, Benjamin is out of depression and is enjoying is life like usual.

Skirt company killing it with the right marketing

Urbantopbottom (name changed) is a skirt manufacturing company that started off in the year 2016. The company was founded by two designer brother and sister. They both used to work as designers for one of the top clothing brands in the United States.

After starting their own clothing brand, the brother and sister started creating more beautiful designs than ever before. All their skirts looked stunning and so innovative. They tried selling it on the eBay, Amazon, and other clothing websites available throughout the United States, but made very little sales. The revenues weren’t even enough to keep the factory running.

They were now confused whether to go back to their jobs or stick to manufacturing their own skirts. They were suffering huge losses and they couldn’t go on like this for long. They needed to find a way to turn losses into profits.

Both the brother and sister created a Shopify website after a long struggle and it took them 40 days to make it running and workable. They knew that they will need someone to do SEO for their website, so they turned to a local SEO company which costed them $700 US Dollar per month. They had no issues paying that much money, only they needed to be on the first page as soon as possible.

It had already been 6 months after the website was created and they were not on page one on any of the keywords. They stopped paying the SEO company and looked for a better digital marketing company on the internet. They were lucky to have come across Joko Warino Blog. Joko Warino Blog transformed their online visibility really and within a matter of months they appeared on the first page of most of the major search engines including Google and Yahoo. Not only that, Joko Warino also personally made them a household name in many areas by giving them a designer touch.

Bolton’s popular Neurosurgeon had certain requirements when he wanted to take driving classes

Dr Trevor Fernandes is a Neurosurgeon from Bolton, United Kingdom, who recommends his patients against using the popular drug for the older male patients suffering with spinal disorders – Oxycodone, he rather recommends the alternatives instead.

Dr Trevor Fernandes recommends all his patients against driving a SUV. He claims that a serious accident in a SUV mostly results in a flipover which is most likely to cause a brain injury (mostly irreversible).

When Dr Trevor himself learnt how to drive from Bolton block driving classes, his first priority was that the car he learns driving at shouldn’t be a SUV.

Dr Trevor claims to have more success stories than any other Neurosurgeon in the Bolton city and he doesn’t seem to get enough of bragging about it.

Dr Trevor writes on his blog that although he himself is a surgeon, he does whatever it takes till the last moment to refrain from conducting surgery.

Dr Trevor also writes on his blog that it is a pity how so many patients take being busy and serious of a doctor as suffering from god complex.

Dr Trevor claims that the steroid use causes more harm to the brain than the physicians belonging to different fields combined now know.

Dr Trevor recently made a post on his blog about his meeting with one of the biggest players in the pharma industry at a party, and how he was amazed to discover about his lack of knowledge in the medical field. He adds that the guy is just a good manager and marketer, nothing more.

To receive more compliments, Munich man bought Facebook Live viewers after getting a hair transplant

Liam Devos is a 43 year old German gentleman from Munich who believes that lack of money is the root of all evil. Liam wants to be capable of affording everything in the world. Liam was born in an Orthodox Christian environment and they told him the opposite there.

Liam recently married for the second time and his fiance wanted to wait for at least a couple of years before they get married. Meanwhile, Liam was busy working all the time and within this time, he became almost half bald. Liam’s fiance gave him an ultimatum and told him to get your hair back or forget about me.

Liam had no other way but a hair transplant to get the hair on his head back. He chose Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T from Turkey for the purpose. Liam booked an appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu for March of 2019 and everything went better than he expected.

Liam now thanks his then fiance and now wife’s demand to make him get his hair back so much. Now hair transplant after 3 months, he looks so dashing. He also did buy Facebook Live Viewers in order to expose himself more and receive more likes, love, etc.

Liam’s wife says that she wasn’t willing to get down to his level but rather pull him up to hers.

Liam’s wife is no controlling drama queen but she has a sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Whatever it is, it only results in the betterment of herself, her family and the people that she surrounds herself with in general most of the times.

Simple Origami makes you mentally fit and riding an Evolution SR Spin Bike keeps you physically fit

Maria Ahlberg used to believe that physical exercise is a waste of time. Her belief is that all the nerves in the arms, legs, abdomens are connected to the brain (which is true) and if you keep yourself mentally healthy, your physical body will be absolutely healthy, but then she read Evolution SR Spin Bikes Reviews at this website.

Maria for sure knows a lot of deal about hundreds of different subjects but I do not agree with this crazy belief of her that if you maintain an excellent mental health you don’t need to do any physical exercise.

Anyways, one of the exercises that Maria does to keep herself mentally fit is simple origami folding and to keep herself physically fit, she rides SR spin bikes all the time.

Maria is an orthodox Jew but she doubts her religious beliefs many times. Maria has this peculiar quality of staying happy during the toughest of times and she attributes this quality of hers to belief in god. Sometimes, I personally think that she believes in god only for that.

Maria’s one and only brother – Azriel. Azriel visualizes the face of his mother whom he loves the most whenever he feels like giving up. He is an atheist, therefore visualizing or praying to god is useless for him.

Azriel studied law in college and he is yet to get a case to fight. He has been making living selling stuff on eBay. He sells toys, clothing, imported watches from China, electronics and home appliances.

Azriel recently donated his pet horse because he couldn’t feed it anymore.

Azriel doesn’t believe that there is any such thing as god’s chosen people. In Hebrew language, each and every word has several meanings and Azriel thinks that it was something else that Abraham was trying to convey to the ‘children of Israel’.

This GP from Florence believes that you are crazy if you are above 40 and don’t use an Anti-Cellulite Cream

Dr Dwayne Abate is a General Physician from the city of Florence in Italy, who has always been a critic of the warmongers, especially in the medical field. He recently wrote a post on his blog mentioning that they successfully created nitrogen bomb a century ago but they are yet to find cure for many of the nitrogen related diseases. He added that they haven’t been able to create perfect drugs that inhibit or encourage nitrogen till date and he believes that they are not going to be able to do the same for at least 15 years from now. Dr Dwayne claims to have been working on finding such drugs but he doesn’t believe himself. He says that he is not too smart to create such drugs but he claims to know several doctors who can but he says that they are too busy doing other things that are irrelevant for the development of the medical science field.

Dr Dwayne Abate claims to be convinced on his blog about the notion that Jews are better doctors in general. He has started to believe that the way their brains function is quite different from the rest of the humankind. Dr Dwayne writes on his blog that if you know a good doctor who is a Jew, you better visit him than a doctor who belongs to some other race.

Dr Dwayne is still not sure whether the majority of the Ashkenazi Jews are a different race than the Sephardic and others. Dr Dwayne doubts that an empire like Khazaria existed in the past and he claims to have done a lot of research on the same.

Dr Dwayne believes that anti-cellulite cream (crema anticellulite) is one of the best things to have ever happened in the past few centuries and one must be crazy to not use the same if they are above 40 years old.

Pediatrician from Odesa seems to be obsessed with the bathroom fans and TCM Doctors

Dr Katia Jovovich is a pediatrician from Odesa, Ukraine, who firmly believes that a pediatrician needs to be even more polite and humble than a geriatric because he/she is dealing with small kids who need more care and love than even the elder people. Dr Katia writes on her official blog that a pediatrician needs to understand the emotions, worries and pains of both the child and the parents/guardians, but in case of geriatrics, it is generally only the patient himself/herself and even when others are involved, their emotions are not even near as strong as they are in the case of a child’s treatment.

Without naming any entity, Dr Katia Jovovich claims that half of the hospitals that are listed on stock market cannot be trusted at all because they are there just to make money whereas the rest half are on the stock trading because they want to help and provide treatment to as many patients as possible. Dr Katia claims to know many of the heads of different hospitals that are listed on the stock market and she says that each of them is their own person and also each one of them is extraordinarily intelligent, some use their intelligence and smarts for the good reasons and other for the evil ones.

Dr Katia writes on her blog that one must not fall for the Ayurvedic and TCM trap when it comes to getting cured for the Meningococcal Meningitis. She claims that most of them cannot even spell the disease correctly and some even don’t have an idea about what it is. Dr Katia believes that these so-called Ayurvedic and TCM doctors are great sales people and they should better sell bathroom fans (Вентилятор в ванную) and make an honest living.

Insomniac Indonesian Neurosurgeon watches movies online with her husband all night

Dr Chastity Watson is a neurosurgeon from Palembang, Indonesia, who claims on her official blog that she has been able to cure or treat over 99% of the patients that ever came for it to her clinic. There is no way that she can prove the same but looking at the rush at her clinic, it appears like she is telling nothing but the truth.

Dr Chastity goes for a honeymoon once a year with the same husband that she married 11 years ago. She claims that it is great for the brain and she has statistics to prove it.

Dr Chastity believes that Sigmund Freud was the biggest genius to have ever been born in the world. Dr Chastity goes on to the extent of saying that even if there are living creatures on other planets and they are far more intelligent and wiser than an average human being on planet earth, they still will be interested in studying Dr Sigmund Freud.

Dr Chastity Watson claims that the insomniacs are more likely to suffer with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in their later years. Dr Chastity and her husband are insomniacs themselves and they like to watch movies (Nonton Film) whenever they are unable to sleep even after trying to for over 30 minutes.

Dr Chastity Watson practiced in Sicily, Italy for over 3 years and she says that it is amazing how chronic neurological diseases are so rare there, she says that she is not sure whether it is due to their diet or due to their practice of the Catholic religion. Dr Chastity then adds that whatever it is, she is going to discover sooner or later with her dedication and commitment towards finding it.

This George Town coffee shop is extremely popular with the international celebrities, thanks to the Malaysian freelancers

Wan Zainuddin owns a very popular coffee shop in George Town, Malaysia, where the waitresses are dressed up as angels and the waiters are dressed up as devils. The idea hasn’t been complimented by most but it definitely drives more business as per the claim of Wan Zainuddin.

Wan Zainuddin’s coffee shop is also the most favorite of the famous Taoist master – Mantak Chia in entire Malaysia. Mantak Chia claims to have discovered the coffee shop through an online search. Wan Zainuddin claims that most of the famous people that ever visit his coffee shop come to know about it through the internet, thanks to the great SEO done by freelance Malaysia.

Wan writes on his blog that once his coffee shop became popular with a mafia gang and then he used his friends in the police department to get rid of them from coming to his coffee shop which really worked like magic.

Due to the more feminine ambiance of the coffee shop, it is far more popular with the ladies than it is with the men. Wan claims to have been trying to make it more popular with the men without upsetting his female clientele.

Wan’s coffee shop stopped serving cakes in the June of this year because they want to make the place limited to health freaks only. Wan says that he admits that he kind of feels that he has started hating those who do not care about their health much since he started caring a lot about his own.

There is no smoking allowed at all at Wan’s coffee shop. They used to have an outdoor smoking area at Wan’s coffee shop, but they have transformed it into something else.

Plant Nursery owner from Antwerp sold all his 4 cars to use unbelievably convenient modern taxi services

Shaun Keuilian owns a plant nursery in Antwerp, Belgium. Shaun is extremely passionate about his business and one of the proofs is the official blog of his plant nursery that he has been maintaining for years where he has not failed to make at least one blog post per day till date.

Shaun once wrote on his blog that it is a pity that they are hiring immigrants who are willing to work for very low wages with no knowledge of planting, nursery, gardening, etc instead of the people that have a great knowledge on the subject of planting, nursery, gardening, etc, just to save some Euro bills. Shaun claims to have the best workforce at this plant nursery and says that he is willing to donate all he has if someone can prove to him that there is a nursery that has a better workforce than his own.

Shaun is never tired of repeating on his blog that family run plant nurseries are generally more successful compared to any other, just like the taxi antwerpen is more successful and better than any other. Shaun has fallen in love so strongly with this one taxi company from Antwerpen city that he has sold all his 4 cars believing that he doesn’t need those anymore since he has found such a great taxi service.

Shaun claims that he spends at least 3 hours a day studying plants, gardening, etc. He claims that he reads books, journals, newspapers, magazines, almost everything that includes some knowledge regarding the subject which might even include watching Youtube videos at times. Shaun really believes that there is a shortage of knowledgeable planting and gardening Youtubers and he has been willing to become one for a long time but he finds himself short of time for the same. Shaun is also camera-shy. Shaun agrees on the fact that there are a few pretty knowledgeable planting and nursery Youtubers but he finds them unpresentable with bad communication skills and bad cameramen.

Top Pediatrician from Naxxar, Malta believes that there is more money in selling T-Shirts than practicing Pediatrics

Dr Tim Cook is a very outspoken pediatrician from Naxxar, Malta. Dr Tim Cook is one of the most popular and wealthiest private medical practitioners in the nation of Malta due to his outspokenness

Dr Tim Cook claims to have been working on finding a permanent cure for the children who stay constipated and without any side-effects. Dr Tim believes that he will be done by the end of 2021 with the same.

Dr Tim likes to advise the fellow medical practitioners a lot on his blog and he always tells them to hire the best possible front desk staff and they won’t regret it. Dr Tim believes that the patient of today has become too particular about the way he/she gets treated by the employees of the doctor.

Dr Tim believes that with all the expectations that the patients have with a doctor, the doctors belonging to almost every medical specialty are extremely underpaid and that’s the reason why Dr Tim has decided to start a t-shirt business, where he will import merchandise from a T-Shirts Manufacturer Company in Bangladesh and sell the same in all over Malta.

Dr Tim Cook finds the pediatricians unethical who charge additional for writing a detailed letter. Dr Tim Cook has been doing the same for free for each of the patients that ever visit. Dr Tim Cook claims to be the first medical practitioner in the nation of Malta to do so.

Dr Tim Cook writes on his blog that since the patients and their parents can now leave reviews for the pediatricians on several different websites, it is advisable for a pediatrician to stay home if they are in a bad mood or something like that.

Ophthalmologist from Naples says that it is better to rely on an alloy for the treatment of your eye than to rely on unethical doctors for the same

Dr Ricardo Oloarte is an Ophthalmologist from Naples, Florida, who has been working to find a painless removal for the chalazion for the past 16 months now. Dr Ricardo claims that he will be done with it by the December of 2019.

Dr Ricardo finds it stupid that some ophthalmologists brag about their so-called stunning art gallery on their practice’s website. Dr Ricardo finds it unethical along with stupid.

Dr Ricardo Oloarte says that some ophthalmologists, especially the ones whose main specialty lies in doing cosmetic procedures are unbelievably unethical both in person and on their websites. Dr Ricardo adds that relying on this rare metal alloy that changes its shape in the magnetic field is better than relying on such unethical doctors for your treatment.

Dr Ricardo claims that long-term amphetamine use causes cataract and also claims that there is amphetamine present in several different energy drinks and also in some expensive sodas. Dr Ricardo claims to have received death threats for exposing these energy drinks and sodas but he says that nothing is strong enough to stop him from telling the truth publicly.

Dr Ricardo claims to have been working on finding a non-surgical cataract solution that will cure all sorts of cataracts.

Dr Ricardo has made a lot of controversial posts regarding cataracts till date, one of those was that men with low-sperm count are more likely to get cataract at a younger age than their high-sperm counterparts. How Dr Ricardo Oloarte came to this conclusion, nobody knows, but he sounds so certain and confident while making a statement, that it is inevitable that it feels like you better start believing him for everything he says.

Orthopedic surgeon from India claims that he couldn’t have come this far in 6 years if he didn’t do his MBBS from Bangladesh

Dr Suyesh Chandra is an orthopedic surgeon who has been practicing in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, for the past 6 years now. Dr Suyesh has a website where he regularly makes blog posts and other stuff to help the common people, patients and other medical practitioners. His blog posts are full of interesting stuff, sometimes even controversial, but it is always worth reading.

In one of his blog posts, Dr Suyesh mentioned that the best feeling in the world for him is when a fellow medical practitioner comes to him and after the treatment, tells him that he owes his active life to Dr Suyesh Chandra. Dr Suyesh adds that it is a great achievement for someone who has only been active in the field of orthopedics for 6 years, sometimes it takes 40 years to reach the level where other medical practitioners start recommending or trusting you.

Dr Suyesh once wrote that it is very hard to satisfy an athlete patient but it gives you immense satisfaction once you are able to do it nonetheless.

Dr Suyesh claims that not a single patient that he ever treated has ever left unsatisfied. He says that he clearly tells his patients when he cannot treat/cure a condition unlike some other orthopedic doctors who take their patients for a long ride.

One of Dr Suyesh Chandra’s popular quotes is “An orthopedic surgeon without humility is like a rat without any teeth.”

Dr Suyesh believes that multi-specialty doctors are the thing of the future, he claims that they will be the ones doing the most of researches, discoveries and inventions in the medical arena in the future, just like MBBS in Bangladesh is the future for most of the medical students in the Indian subcontinent. Dr Suyesh himself completed his MBBS from Bangladesh and he believes that it is one of the best decisions he ever made. Dr Suyesh goes to the extent of saying that he wouldn’t have been able to achieve what he has in such a short span of 6 years, if he completed his MBBS from somewhere else.

Author stopped writing books since he learnt how to make money with his blog

Vincent Taylor is an Australian author who recently completed writing a book on another Russian historical character – Yaroslav the Wise. Vincent was generous enough to provide me a free copy of the book.

In his book, Vincent writes that Yaroslav was as vigorous and courageous as he was wise and there are many documented incidents that prove the same.

Vincent writes that Yaroslav even showed is wisdom when it came the time for him to get married. He didn’t marry Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden for her beauty but rather for the political reasons. Vincent adds that a powerful man like Yaroslav the Wise shouldn’t have showed such desperation for the political reasons but rather beauty, but he was Yaroslav the Wise after all.

Vincent agrees with the historians who claim that Yaroslav the Wise never took an action without careful planning.

Vincent writes that Yaroslav was a great time manager as well. Vincent writes that Yaroslav could give any of the current billionaires a run for their money when it comes to the time management.

Vincent writes in his book that Yaroslav’s most favorite story was that of Delilah and Samson. Vincent would ask his court poets to recite him different poems about Delilah and Samson at least 4 times in a week.

In his book, Vincent claims that Yaroslav’s only hero in his life was his great-grandmother – Saint Olga. Vincent writes that nobody could influence Yaroslav the Wise, the way his great-grandmother Saint Olga did.

Vincent has made another claim in his book that Yaroslav hated his communication skills and envied his son-in-law – King Harald III of Norway’s communication skills and asked him to teach him as well, which Harald III always took as a joke and never serious.

Vincent finds that writing books is not enough for him to make a living in a country like Australia and therefore, last week he announced on his blog that this was the last book that he ever wrote and from now on, he is going to make money using his blogs since he believes that he has read adequate number free and paid books about how to make money from your blog.

Optometrist from Troy, Michigan is extremely happy about the renovation of his clinic with some fine art

Adam Welton is an optometrist from Troy, Michigan, who is very outspoken on his blog about his field and sometimes even his personal life.

Adam claims that the communist Russia had a great potential of creating some of the most advanced state-of-the-art equipments but they missed on it. Adam really believes that the communist Russia was better than the so-called democratic and capitalist Russia. Adam also hates both Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin.

Adam believes that soon enough they will be able to get rid of myopia with mere medications and it won’t require any sort of surgery. Adam adds that he will be glad to go out of the business if he goes out of the business if he goes out of the business because they found out a cure for the disease that Adam hates the most.

Adam claims on his blog that babies born to older and teen fathers are very likely to get cataract at birth when compared to the babies born to parents between the age of 20-45.

Adam claims that the rape victims and the rape convicts are both equally likely to suffer with rare eye disorders in the later lives. Adam adds that it is a pity that they haven’t been committing enough research on this subject.

Adam writes that it is a pity that most of the optometrists have been choosing to become one because it is one of the very few medical fields where your practice is least likely to go bankrupt. Adam adds that it is even a bigger pity that they use the term “business” to refer to optometry.

Adam recently got his practice in Troy, Michigan renovated with some of the best looking Large Format Printing art.