Waitress got her stunning luxury wedding dress on a loan

Nguyet is a 26 years young waitress working at one of the most popular restaurants of the Hanoi city. I wouldn’t name the restaurant here, but I can give you a hint that it is in the Hoan Kiem area and its name starts with M. Okay, so our lovely Nguyet is getting married this year and she wanted a stunning bridal dress for her wedding day. Of course, she cannot buy it straight away, she will have to try¬†thue vay cuoi, as they say in the Vietnamese language.

There is no discrimination made at the Fiance Bridal store of the Hanoi city whether you pay all the amount for your wedding dress in cash or you take a loan for it. The quality of the wedding dress is always top notch.

Let me just give you the example of how well they treated Nguyet. Nguyet just showed them the picture of the dress that she wanted and they designed her dress from the scratch, exclusively for her. She asked for some extra straps as well and they did it for her. It is basically a luxury sort of a wedding dress with Chiffon bridal skirt.

When the dress arrived at Nguyet’s house, it completely blew her mind away. Everyone on her special day was astonished at how can a waitress afford such a marvelous piece of design. She was looking nothing less than a princess and everyone was in an awe. Her parents are proud of her.

Many ladies were selling their used wedding dresses on the internet, on the Reddit and on the other websites, but Nguyet wanted something never worn and something made exclusively for her and she went for it. This is what we call willpower and where there is a will, there is a way.