Arizona Biohacker experiments all day with Biohacking while Financial Planners bring profits on her lap

Miriam is a 27 year young fitness freak. Miriam was born to an Arab mother and an American father in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Miriam currently lives in Arizona and she is loving her life more than ever before. For the past couple of weeks, Miriam has been spending most of her day in making a Youtube video. Miriam has been running a fitness Youtube channel for over a year now and she has been receiving nothing but positive comments and likes on almost all her videos from the very beginning. Her channel is really hopping but it is still far away from bringing enough profits on Miriam’s lap.

Since Miriam was 12, she has been experimenting with nootropics, biohacking and stuff like that. She spends most of her time researching on nootropics, biohacking, TRT, and other things like that.

Most of the 2014, Miriam experimented with living on a carnivorous diet. She only lived on meat plus water until she figured out that it was unhealthy.

All of 2015, she experimented with fasting. She tried juice fasting, diagnostic fasts, intermittent fasts, liquid protein fasts, partial fasts, cleansing fasts, absolute fasts, black fasts, Hebrew fasts, Hindu fasts, Islamic fasts, you name it. Result: She discovered fasting ain’t healthy and you should eat in moderation everyday rather.

In 2016, Miriam did a lot of experimenting with eating grains. She also avoided mint altogether in that year because she heard somewhere that it reduces estrogen.

One thing that Miriam hasn’t changed for years is walking her dog everyday and not eating processed foods at all.

So, you may be wondering now, when does Miriam work to make a living? She doesn’t work for making money at all. Her Youtube channel only makes her a couple hundred dollars a month which doesn’t even make up half of her electricity bills. Well, Miriam inherited a few hundred thousand dollars from her parents when they died and she did a prudent thing of investing most of that money in Financial Planner Prescott AZ. The financial planners do all the work for Miriam, while Miriam stays busy experimenting with her crazy biohacks, nootropics and strange diets.