Ex-Victoria Secret Model got hair transplant done in Istanbul, Turkey

River Horvath (name changed) is a 38 year old Slovakian woman who used to be a model in her early 20s. River modeled for several magazines, Victoria’s secret, Fendi and several other international brands throughout that short span of 5 years and some months.

River has always been an extremely beauty conscious woman since her early teens. She was one of the most beautiful girls in her school and had all the guys drooling for her and all the girls jealous of her.

River never married but had several boyfriends. Her current boyfriend is a Slovakian tycoon and he is madly in love with River. When River told him that she is losing hair on her head and wants to get a hair transplant, her boyfriend gave his secretaries the task to find out the best hair transplant clinic in the world. After 6 days, the secretaries came back with the information that Istanbul, Turkey is where the best hair transplant (Haartransplantation) specialists are located and Dr T Hair Clinic is the king of them all.

River’s boyfriend booked the most expensive package for both of them to the Istanbul, Turkey so that River can get her hair transplant done and they both can enjoy a little honeymoon in Turkey as well. Everything went as planned in advance. Today, River has more and better quality hair than ever before and she has always had some of the most gorgeous hair naturally. More women are envious of her today than ever before and she grabs more attention of men than she ever did before.