Single Rize province father’s hair transplant got pretty successful

Omer Avni (name changed) is a 44 year old gentleman from the coastal city called Rize in Turkey’s Rize province. Omer already has plastic surgery done all over his body due to several different accidents and injuries. To add to all that, he also started having a disastrous hair loss in his late 30s. He got really hopeless by the time he was 43 and due to him being not so prosperous and filthy rich, he thought that he would never be able to get a hair transplant done on his head.

After Omer’s kids told him that hair transplant cost 2018 is not that much and hair transplants are pretty successful when done by an expert specialist, Omer decided to get one done on himself. He traveled all the way to Istanbul to get a hair transplant done by the best of the best doctors aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T. The transplant was pretty successful and Omer is so happy with his new hair.

Omer has been fulfilling his duties of being a single father greatly. Omer’s kids mother died only after 5 years of their marriage and within these 5 years they had 3 kids together (one son and two daughters). Omer never married again. The first thing that Omer does on a regular weekday after getting up is gets his kids ready to go to school. He has never let his kids miss the love of a mother and he always tries his best when it comes to parenting.

Omer has also been earning good karma for the judgement day. He does a lot of social volunteering online as he cannot afford to donate any money to a charity or some such thing.