Single father from Ohio going to Jogja to celebrate his daughter’s birthday

Samuel Mizrachi (name changed) is a single father to his one and only daughter whose name is Diandra. Samuel was raised by a single father himself and he says that it is one of the toughest job to be a good single parent.

Samuel was born and grew up in the Bethany neighborhood of Nebraska but he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio when he was 25 and where he met the mother of his only child. She died in a car accident when Diandra was only 2. Since then Samuel has been doing his best to not let Diandra realize the absence of a mother.

When Samuel was a teen, he got interested in eastern religions, mainly Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. He believes that Abrahamic religions play a lot of jugglery with words and Abrahamic religions and their chiefs are arrogant as well.

Diandra will be 10 on 27th December and Samuel is gifting her a vacation to Jogja on the precious event. He has already booked a Jogja car rental aka rental mobil Jogja.

Since Samuel became an adult, he never asked for any financial support from anyone including his parents and friends. He earned the recognition he has all by himself and he never believed any Christian dogma owing to the fear.

He is also going to gift Diandra a shipload of presents on the occasion of her birthday this year. He has always been doing his best to make everyday special for her since she lost her mother. Samuel is never going to marry again because he doesn’t trust stepmothers and he is not taking any chance with Diandra’s life and her upbringing.