Emotionally abused in the childhood, left home at age 19 and now everyday is a lucky day for him

Chizkiyahu Flecker (name changed) believes that he is the most important person in the world. I have personally observed that most of the people on the face of this earth live with the same belief but just don’t talk it, but as they say “Actions speak louder than the words”. But Chizkiyahu openly talks about being the most important person on the earth and that gets him into trouble several times.

Chizkiyahu is an ardent believer of fate and luck and his belief in fate and luck makes him play the game lucky day aka dia de sorte over and over again, and the most surprising thing is that he wins it over and over again. Chizkiyahu’s winning the lucky day game has only made his belief in the luck stronger.

The relationships in Chizkiyahu’s life only gave him pain. Chizkiyahu always used to be a fun and jolly kid, he was really the soul of his home but his emotionally torturous wouldn’t let him live peacefully. That really made Chizkiyahu hate his life when he was a kid and also during his teens as well until he finally moved out. Those events really made Chizkiyahu very strong emotionally.

Chizkiyahu was on the threshold of becoming mad after he moved out because he didn’t find any job but then he said to himself “I won’t let a lack of petty 9-5 job in my life kill me. I am too strong for that.” That was probably the start of his illusion of being really special and being sent for a special mission. Whatever! I love Chizkiyahu for his originality and a generous heart and after seeing where he has come from, it is amazing how he didn’t only survived but thrived.