Turkey Hair Transplant (türkei haartransplantation)

Celil Dede (name changed) says that the world will be full of apatheists, pantheists, agnostics and atheists soon enough. Celil says that all the religious virtues, no matter which religion they belong to are nothing but bullshit in the modern era.

Celil rejects the claim that all the sexually abstinent people are geniuses without any exception, Celil says that all the sexually abstinent people whom he met in the real life were all religious fanatics without any exception.

Celil recently enjoyed a trip to the Indian subcontinent and he says that the people of the Indian subcontinent are some of the most narrow minded that he has ever met. He says that the people of Pakistan like to call Sindh ‘Mehran’ because it is an Islamic name despite of the fact that this people is called Sind or Sindh since time unknown. He says that the people of India are not good either, they are renaming the Christian and Islamic cities, towns and even monuments with Hindu names.

Celil says that the bordering people living in Gujarat and Rajasthan are always filled with fury against the Pakistan. The Rajasthanis and Gujaratis claim that the Mohenjodaro and Harappa belong to them and the Pakistani Muslims have no right on those 2 places.

Celil has visited almost each and every UNESCO World Heritage site and he says that these World Heritage sites are extremely overrated.

Celil says that religions are responsible for the riots all over the world and those who die in the riots are the innocent people 99% of the time.

Celil is a real nationalist and he volunteers for the best thing that Turkey has to offer and that is türkei haartransplantation all the time – both online and offline.