Materialism is better than spiritualism so just focus on your business and don’t bother about spirituality – Floor Sisinis

Floor Sisinis (name changed) used to have very high regards for the Hinduism until she went to India herself. Floor stayed in India for 3 complete months in hope to get enlightened by the grace of Indian yogis, naga babas and aghoris. Floor didn’t get enlightened but a few of those attempted to rape her.

All the meditations, yoga and chanting that Floor did has proven to be useless for Floor’s spiritual goals. Floor went to India hoping that the yogis will give her some sort of mantras that will help her transforming her one store small business into one of the largest electronic and gadgets store chains in the United States, but to her bad luck it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, Floor is still managing her one and only electronic retail store in the downtown area of Houston. Within the 3 months that she spent in India, Floor’s store was left far behind her competitors, after she went back to Houston, she was hopeless but as they say god is watching, by Yahweh’s grace, she came across¬†texnologia,¬†a tech news portal that helped Floor choose nothing but the best products for her store and even helped her predicting what is going to be outdated soon enough so that she only buys in large quantities of what is going to stay in the market and not what is going to be replaced within a matter of months and sometimes even weeks.

Thousands of White people travel to India each year hoping that they will get some sort of enlightenment or mantras or both that will enable them to remote view, astral project and do all sorts of occultist practices successfully. I know thousands of talented and highly skilled young people that have destroyed their lives hoping to become a superhuman with those fraudulent fake avatars’ grace.