Scoring the right H1B job is easy, you just need to be eligible and take the right advice from the experts

There are more opportunities in the USA than in any part of the world and it seems like it will remain the same for the upcoming 4-5 decades, and that’s the reason why New Delhi’s Punjabi boy – Saket Kamra always had a dream to go and settle in the USA since his childhood. Saket is yet to be a citizen of the United States of America but he has successfully scored one of the H1B jobs USA as a security manager.

Saket like most others believe that never before, the job market was more competitive. Although there are more vacancies in the job market than ever before but the competence required to score a good job cannot be underestimated either.

Saket also believes that good looks never mattered as much as before for scoring a job than it does in the current day and age. Saket says that scoring a good job is not for the average Joe anymore, you need to be an overall above average person with an above average intelligence, shrewdness and smarts.

Saket watched several Youtube videos before giving interview for this security management job only to find almost all the videos being in conflict with each other and the worst thing was that, all the videos that appeared on the top of the Youtube were by the amateurs who Saket believes that never ever could score a good job in a large company themselves. Saket only found the videos by Don Georgevich to be helpful and the best among all that he watched.

Saket has an advice for all those seeking job and want to take some advice from the experts. Saket says that you should only take advice from someone who has given many interviews at different large corporations and was successful almost every time or someone who is from the HR background, otherwise don’t expect the advice to be something helpful.