Mr Alba wants to create the most feasible high-tech gardening tools before Apple and Sony

Mickey Alba manufactures gardening tools and has been doing so for over past one decade but now he has some innovative plans in his mind. Mickey has no tech background but he wants to get into creating the most high-tech feasible gardening tools before the top tech companies like Sony or Apple do so.

Mickey has a very special place for gardens and gardening in his heart which he says that can never be replaced. Mickey inherited this from his family as he inherited this gardening tool business from his father who also loved gardens and gardening and Mickey’s father inherited his business from his father who too loved gardens and gardening more than anything. Mickey says that gardening is in his blood and that’s the reason why he is so much confident about his plan to create the most feasible and most high-tech gardening tools ever seen before anyone else. Mickey says that other tech companies may be smarter, more experienced and stronger than him but what Mickey has cannot be bought or transferred and it is called passion and love.

Mickey feels pity for those that don’t know or care about the benefits of herbs. Mickey says that most people believe that herbs are to be taken only when some doctor prescribes them the same but it is not that. Mickey claims that herbs are as essential as nutritious food.

Mickey lives in a huge mansion and the sofa sets all around his house are in the shape of a plant, mostly cactus. The outside paint color of his mansion is green as well. His house resembles a forest to be honest.

Mickey believes that the astronauts should make a hard effort to grow plants and trees on the other planets in order to bring life into existence there.