Isaac Newton became a scientist in order to follow chastity not the other way round

“Forget about theory of relativity, if there were no laws of motion and universal gravitation by Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein couldn’t do much of what he did as theory of relativity is what made Albert Einstein confident enough to work further on his scientific endeavors”, said a good friend of mine who is one of the biggest fans of Sir Isaac Newton that you will ever meet.

I personally admire Sir Isaac Newton and I really believe that Newton could have formulated several more theories and invented many more things if he didn’t waste his precious time with the useless alchemy.

Although only 10% of Newton’s writings consist of alchemy, it really consumed as much as 30% of his work time.

A world-renowned and admired genius like Sir Isaac Newton not having any success with alchemy is the proof that alchemy is a complete nonsense.

I have studied Sir Isaac Newton thoroughly and my personal observation is that he never rejected the doctrine of the Trinity, he just wasn’t sure about it and anybody who even doubted the concept of trinity was perceived as someone who deny it back in that day.

In my personal study of Sir Isaac Newton, I have come to the conclusion that the younger Newton wasn’t as interested in science in his teenage but he was very much interested in practicing celibacy and chastity as preached by the Christian Church and he was willing to invest all his youthful energy and vigor into something that was both productive and indulging and he found no better option than scientific research and formulating theories. The young Isaac Newton had no idea that his path of chastity will take him too far.