Young Opera Director Francesco Costanzo cannot forget his meeting with the Australian Opera Legend – Neil Armfield

The recent article by Francesco Costanzo Opera Director about a very famous name in the Australian Opera – Neil Armfield was really worth a read whether you are an Opera lover or not.

In his article, Francesco writes that Neil Armfield is one of the most underrated Opera directors ever, not only in Australia but in the world. Francesco writes that there is no doubt that Neil is regarded as a great name in the Australian Opera but he is still underrated.

Francesco claims that roughly 50% of those that accused Neil of being a Tsarist after watching his play ‘Diary of a Madman’ didn’t even watch it and their only source of coming to that conclusion was the word that they heard on the street or through friends or family.

Francesco believes that the only play that has gotten the most appropriate response directed by Neil Armfield is ‘Summer of the Seventeenth Doll’. He believes that the rest of all the plays that he ever directed are extremely underrated.

Francesco writes that the play ‘No Sugar’ by Neil Armfield depicts how concerned he has always been about the Aboriginal families. He writes that some Aboriginal and even White people used to believe that Neil had no sympathy with the Aboriginal people of the Australian continent.

Francesco has also conducted an interview with Neil Armfield in the past in which Neil told Francesco that very little people do know that he proposed Katherine Thomson while they were creating the popular play ‘ Diving for Pearls’ together and he did it twice, expecting that she will agree the second time.

Neil also told Francesco that until he created ‘The Tempest’ by Shakespeare, everybody used to believe that he despises Shakespeare.

Neil Armfield honestly accepted to Francesco that the play Hamlet by him was definitely a blunder and it would have been much better for his self-image and self-respect if he didn’t create it.

Ever-growing Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo met Opera Legend – Stephen Barlow recently and all Stephen talked was Ruth Berghaus

One of my most favorites – Francesco Costanzo Opera Director recently met the Australian born London based Opera Director – Stephen Barlow who told Francesco that he misses, especially Melbourne each and every minute when he is away from it.

Most of their meeting constituted of Stephen telling Francesco about his nostalgic meetings with the German Opera Director – Ruth Berghaus, who is one of Stephen’s heroes and no more with us.

Stephen told Francesco that Ruth’s passion for life increased with age and her becoming a victim of cancer is one of the greatest reasons for many people to not believe in god. Stephen says that he is himself confused about the existence of god and many of his plays depict this very well.

Stephen also told Francesco that Ruth experimented with eating nothing but vegetarian food for her love for the animals and each time she would feel nauseous all day because her digestive system was that, she needed some meat at least a day.

Stephen also told Francesco that Ruth came in contact with several different Indian sages and practiced celibacy for periods of months only to find it extremely hard and even undoable many times but she tried next time nonetheless.

Stephen also told Francesco that Ruth always stayed silent about her religious beliefs with everyone in both public and private but her directing several ballets about Jewish messiahs made several Catholics campaigning to boycott her completely and they even were able to persuade some really into it which wasn’t easy as Ruth was on the peak of her career back then when her boycott by the Catholics happened.

Stephen also told Francesco that Ruth always wanted to create a play on the life and death of the German Fuhrer – Adolf Hitler but she didn’t because if she did, she would have also covered the positive aspects about the life of the Adolf Hitler and all the positive habits, attitudes and behavior of him which could have become fatal for her career and many would start thinking of her as a Neo-Nazi.

The most rapidly rising name in Opera Ballet Industry got to interview the British Opera Queen – Lucy Bailey

I believe that most of you have already read the post that mentioned Nijinsky Francesco Costanzo on my blog. Francesco recently got to interview the popular British Opera and Theater director – Lucy Bailey.

It was a very fun interview, in the interview, Lucy told Francesco that because of Lucy’s haircut and the way she looks overall, she is mistaken by many to be a bisexual/lesbian which has never disappointed Lucy but certainly gives her a good giggle.

Francesco asked Lucy about the rumors of the relationship between her and Bunny Christie. Lucy told Francesco that they are mere rumors and there is no reality to it. She told him that they never had any sort of relationship other than their platonic normal friendship that they developed working together for years.

Lucy told Francesco that she is not happy with the Print Room’s revenues and she really thinks that it is an underrated value.

Lucy is also disappointed that neither of her 2 sons is interested in Opera direction, acting, production or writing.

Lucy told Francesco that she visits The Oxford Playhouse whenever she can in order to relive the 1980s again. She says that although she was struggling back then, it was the best time of her life nonetheless.

Lucy Bailey told Francesco that she got goosebumps when she produced Julius Caesar as it also happens to be her most favorite character in the real life.

Lucy Bailey also told Francesco that she has always regretted studying the English language and she says that her heart would always tell her that she had made a wrong decision but she is still glad about one thing that she could discover her passion in Opera and Theater only through her command in the English language, indirectly though.

Opera Director Francesco Costanzo’s article about the life of Franco Zeffirelli is really worth a read

I don’t know if you have read the recently published very long article by the popular Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo about the life of a legendary Opera Director – Franco Zeffirelli.

In his article, Francesco Costanzo says that the claim that Franco Zeffirelli is a descendant of one of Leonardo Vinci’s siblings is a complete baseless theory which was created to glorify Franco. Francesco further adds that the Italian researches that claimed to have discovered that Franco was one of the very few descendants of one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s brothers were each paid tens of thousands of dollars for creating this baseless theory.

Francesco says that one of the reasons why Franco used to case Richard Burton in so many movies was that Franco was infatuated with him; that baritone voice of Richard Burton and his Welsh accent really used to drive Franco crazy and Richard Burton knew it, which many times used to scare Richard Burton of Franco Zeffirilli but because Richard loved to work with Franco in so many other ways, especially for the creativity that Franco used to put in his movies, would make Richard Burton work for him each time Franco asked.

Francesco wrote in his article that the belief that Franco’s mother was quite fond of the ‘little breezes’ aka Zeffiretti as mentioned in Mozart’s opera Idomeneo is an exaggerated and distorted version of the real story. In reality, it was one of the friends of Franco’s mother who suggested the surname for Franco – Zeffirelli.

Francesco also claims that the allegation that Franco Zeffirelli molested Leonard Whiting regularly on the days when they were shooting Romeo and Juliet is completely baseless.

Bahamas has definitely got talent but this Edmonton Digital Marketing company is even more talented

You have heard me saying so many times that Bahamas has got talent but this time I am going to say that the city of Edmonton in Canada has got the realest of the talent. So, I was talking to this clothing store owner friend of mine from the city of Edmonton in Canada whose name is Edyta Sierka. Edyta told me that she is extremely impressed with this company that she used for her business’ digital marketing in Edmonton.

Edyta has a very popular and interesting blog on her very interesting and popular clothing store’s official website. Edyta once wrote that if you cater to almost all sizes, tall, short, curvy, plus, etc and have an amazing digital marketing company by your side, then your business’ success is virtually guaranteed. She claims that not only does it help in catering to different customers, but your chances of earning customer recommendation, repeat buyers, great offline and online reviews and finally the same buyers buying multiple quantities are also quite high.

Edyta recently made a post showing her fear about the jumpsuits and rompers going extinct. Edyta says that the jumpsuits and rompers gained a lot of popularity in the 2000s and the early 2010s but looking at the stability for their demand for quite a while, it looks like they will soon be out of demand altogether.

Edyta also fears all the time that the brick and mortar chain stores are going to go extinct in a short while. Although Edyta doesn’t own a chain and she doesn’t plan to have one but she certainly feels for them due to the hard work their chiefs do and the kind of investment they put into the business.

Author trusts none other than this Kentucky based company when it comes to buying books for her college kids

Joel Cooper is an author and blogger from Indianapolis, Indiana who has been writing a book on the life and death of one of the most popular Persian polymaths ever – Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi.

Joel has already revealed many of the excerpts from her book on her blog.

Joel wrote that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi moving to Baghdad to study and practice at a hospital proves that Babylonians were a great civilization along with being great warriors. Joel also clarifies that she doesn’t justify the ancient Babylonian atrocities in any way by claiming this and she criticizes the acts of ancient Babylonian cruelties including them killing hundreds of thousands of Jews and enslaving the rest of the Kingdom of Judah.

In her book, Joel also writes that there is no denying that Muhammad ibn Zariya al-Razi was a pioneer of ophthalmology but the belief that he was the first to recognize the reaction of the eye’s pupil to light is totally wrong. Joel claims that many Chinese masters had already observed the same long ago.

Joel also writes that Zakariya being the author of the first book on pediatrics is the proof enough about how much he loved the humanity and innocent human beings. Joel writes that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi is blamed for being a misanthrope till date but he loved the children more than most other people of his times. Joel claims that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi believed that the cultural, traditional and religious brainwashing was mostly responsible for killing the human soul.

Joel recently ordered a College Student Textbook for her elder son from a Kentucky based company that goes by the same name. They sometimes sell books for as low as 5% of the original price. It is amazing how hard these guys work to bring those expensive books at affordable price to your kids’ table.

Trilingual conspiracy theorist turned makeup artist – Emma Swayze is now on Youtube as well

Emma Swayze is an independent conspiracy theorist and political analyst who has been writing on her blog for the past 10 years but achieved mainstream popularity after she started uploading her Youtube videos that are not only limited to the conspiracy theories and political analysis anymore but include topics like how to get rid of expression lines (como acabar com as linhas de expressão) as well. Emma is a trilingual who speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish. One of the reasons why her videos are so getting such vast popularity is that each of the videos is available in three different languages.

Emma’s conspiracy theories are very interesting and although some accuse her for making those up, Emma posts those nonetheless. Emma claims to be a Che Guevara’s biggest fan for a lot of reasons including his great looks, his style, his attitude, the cause that he spent almost all his life for but says that she doesn’t agree with Che Guevara’s belief that monopoly form of capitalism is better than the perfect competition and she claims that she has plenty of examples to prove it.

Emma claims that Muhammad Amin-al-Husayni was an American-Israeli agent and the reason why Israel won the 1948 Arab-Israeli war was this Muhammad Amin-al-Husayni only as he was playing all the cards wrong on the orders of the American and Israeli governments and also was passing out all the information he had of the 5 Arabic nations to the Americans and the Israelis. Emma says one of the absolute proofs that Muhammad Amin-al-Husayni was an American and Israeli agent is that he didn’t let Nasser enter the camp when he was much needed for a lame excuse.

Sayulita’s most famous bird shop owner is about to have her own bird boarding service in Puerto Vallarta and she has already ordered the hosting for its official domain

Belicia Acaya owns the most popular bird shop in the village of Sayulita in Mexico that is involved in breeding and selling birds belonging to 60 different species. Belicia’s shop also carries and sells 10 rarest of the rare imported bird breeds that cost at least 5000 US Dollar per piece.

On her bird shop’s official blog, Belicia claims to provide the best food and care to all the birds in her shop.

Belicia also sells toys, supplies, food, perches through her shop, her shop’s website, on eBay, Amazon and several other websites.

Belicia claims to love birds so much that she claims to have never eaten any bird meat including chicken or eggs. Belicia’s friends and family find her weird for this and they have even tried to persuade her to eat some in the past and they continue to do so and she is certain that they will continue on doing so in the future as well but she is determined to never eat any in her life.

Belicia is nowadays working on building a boarding service specifically for birds in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta with her best friend who also happens to be a bird lover. Belicia always wanted to build one but she witnessed several bird shops getting bankrupt due to starting a boarding service. Belicia adds that it is too much of work and a lot of headache for the money. She also says that in Mexico where there are not as many bird lovers as in the United States, it is a lot of work to find genuine bird lovers who agree to work on the specified salary.

Another thing that was discouraging her to start a bird boarding service was reading Google reviews of some of the boarding services that she happened to visit personally during her time in Dallas, Texas. Belicia says that she was astonished to see such great care being taken of the birds in those Dallas bird boarding services but still most of the pet owners wrote nothing but bad reviews for the place on their Google Maps listing.

It was Belicia’s friend – Elizabeth who finally persuaded Belicia to have her own bird boarding service. They have already ordered a domain and web hosting in Mexico (hospedaje web en méxico) for their upcoming bird boarding service and they cannot wait for it to get done.

Marxist Indonesian blogger of Indian origin loves Bayu Angora more than Che Guevara

Ramit Sethi is an Indonesian blogger of Indian origin who claims that Bolivia is still completely run by the CIA and that’s why you don’t see many Bolivian drug lords featured in the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list. Ramit further claims that the Bolivian drug lords are further overlooked although Bolivia has some of the wealthiest of those fellows.

Ramit is a great fan of Che Guevara who claims that Che Guevara was the son of Ernesto Guevara Lynch and Celia de la Serna y Liasa only. Ramit claims that the birth date of Che Guevara on his birth certificate is absolutely correct and the claim that he was born right after 6 months of his parents’ marriage is a conspiracy to defame Che. Ramit says that the one who is making claim – John Lee Anderson should be read properly to find out who he really is. Ramit claims that John Lee Anderson is a stooge of CIA who writes book on their behalf and is then called upon TV channels for the interviews so that they can make him popular.

Ramit claims that the Anti-American forces are behind making the photograph titled – Guerrillero Heroico so popular and if they didn’t touch it, it would have remained just another photograph of Che Guevara.

Ramit says that he agrees with the claim that Che was obstinate and domatic but Ramit adds that if he didn’t possess these qualities, he couldn’t have achieved such greatness and being obstinate and dogmatic only proved to be pluses in his particular case.

Although Ramit is a great fan of Che Guevara, he is even a bigger fan of the Freethinker Indonesia Blogger – Bayu Angora. He can recite all his poems that are available on his website without reading a single word.

Pediatrician wife and Weight loss surgeon husband only rely on Bomiklan for online advertising

Dr Raya Bolat is a pediatrician from the city of Bandung in Indonesia whose blog is more popular than most of the pediatricians, not only when compared to other Indonesian pediatricians but the pediatricians from around the world.

Dr Raya writes on her blog that it is very well known that the television, video games and internet have been causing a social decline in the lifestyle of the kids but the social decline can prove to be a curse or a boon for the kid depending upon what channels, video games or internet videos he stumbles upon regularly. Dr Raya further says that it is surprising and contrary to the popular belief that her personal experience says that the television, video games and internet have proven to be rather better for the kids than bad.

Dr Raya does not believe in the US healthcare system and she says that no matter which healthcare policy in the USA arrives, USA can never become another Scandinavia in this regard and that’s the reason why Dr Raya doesn’t support any insurance because she wants to provide the best possible healthcare to the kids personally.

Dr Raya claims that the medical field, especially pediatrics requires the doctor to be extremely compassionate and that’s the reason why she behaves with her patients with as much compassion as possible.

Dr Raya’s husband is a weight loss surgeon who claims that the type 2 diabetes resolve studies through weight loss surgery show a percentage far greater than it really is with some studies showing as much as three times the percentage than it really is.

He further adds that physiological evaluation is far more important than psychological evaluation for surgical readiness and post-operative success but the focus is on the opposite lately.

Dr Raya and her husband, both only use one particular website when it comes to free advertising (Iklan Gratis) online.

Ex-Athlete is one of the smartest SEO experts that you have never met

Raul Carson is one of the smartest SEO experts that I have ever met who believes that Google Places has been losing its significance over time and the Google’s updation of the way Google Places looks recently has only been making the situation even worse as the newer looks of Google Places introduced by the Google are bad in terms of functionality and not as easy to use either.

Raul says that people do not trust newspapers or magazines anymore, so if you are paying thousands of dollars for your company name and backlink on websites like Wall Street Journal etc, then do it merely for the sake of the SEO rankings, don’t expect business from those articles by themselves. Raul claims to have known many people personally who paid for the articles on websites like Wall Street Journal in a hope of getting a lot of business from those articles by themselves only to face disappointment later along with a loss of thousands of dollars which they were never able to recover. Raul says that in a very few cases, they get sales for as much as the amount they spent on getting the articles written and posted on those reputed websites but those cases are extremely rare and in most of such cases, the item advertised/promoted is really something unique and sold by the seller at a great price.

Raul used to be an athlete in his earlier days but over time he got some foot conditions and his podiatrist told him to never participate in a game again. Raul has a part of both his feet replaced and he really misses those times when he used to run almost as fast as a wild animal. Raul says that definitely orthoses comes with hundreds of benefits for several different conditions but nothing can replace the original.

Raul’s only choice for daily wear is Nexus Tees and he doesn’t seem to change on that at least for years.

Germany has been doing a marvelous job in the Database Management lately and nobody can deny it

I used to believe that the Database Management industry will only see improvement, more safety, security and reliability but my view and opinion completely changed about it after I started using Windows 10. There is no reliability, security or safety for your data guaranteed while you use that Windows 10. Windows 10 automatically deletes random files saved in your computer during updates, which is not only scary but can cost you a lot sometimes if you don’t save the important data belonging to you somewhere else as well. What is even scarier is that you cannot even find those automatically deleted files in the recycle bin most of the times.

Nobody can deny the contribution of IBM in the field of Database Management but they have been pretty much absent from the Database Management scene in the recent times which really makes us doubt the quality of management at the IBM.

In the past, it was England that had always been far ahead all the European countries when it came to the Database Management and gave the world geniuses like E.F. Codd but it is Germany that has been doing a remarkable job in the field of Database Management lately.

I really believe with all my heart that employees that work in the field of Database Management deserve much better salaries than they get on an average as it is a very complex job that requires huge dedication and hard-work. Another thing that I believe is that the hierarchical and network model for databases will never die no matter what.

I used to outsource a lot of data entry business to the Indian freelancers and companies that were involved full-time in this business and let me tell you that gone are the days when data entry businesses used to cost the least in India; With the very much grown up Indian economy, the raised living standards there and the inflation, India is not the most feasible option for outsourcing data entry jobs anymore but it is Moldova that has the most efficient and least costing data entry operators and assistants now. Many of these data entry operators and assistants from Moldova offer their services on different freelancing websites and you can definitely check out the quality of the work that they offer at the price yourself.

Innovative and Creative SEO Agency Owner Recovered Lost Bitcoins with Assured Recover

Francesco Jenkins owns a very popular SEO agency in San Diego, California and having been in the SEO industry for over a decade now, Francesco thinks of himself as an ‘expert’ in the word’s truest sense when it comes to the SEO but all his pride almost came to an end when he lost hundreds of bitcoins due to the mismanagement and ignorance of 24option – a Forex/CFDs trading company that claims to be one of the world’s leading as well. Francesco had no idea that he could recover lost bitcoins with the help of a genius company run by a genius founder that goes by the name Assured Recover.

Francesco even stopped his popular SEO blog which he founded back in the early 2008 and has been growing ever since. Francesco’s blog has been receiving thousands of unique visitors each week for the past 4-5 years and Francesco is really proud of it and claims that it is one of the things that keeps Francesco really enthusiastic about life.

On his blog Francesco claims that the Google hasn’t been playing its cards right lately and 2019 may be the year of the beginning of end of arguably the greatest website ever known to the mankind and it goes by the name Google.

Francesco himself has many projects ongoing and he has been working on creating what he calls the greatest music search engine to be in the history ever. Francesco says that Pandora will look like nothing in front of it.

Francesco is also working on creating a social media website exclusively for the pets, the name of which Francesco has been hiding from everyone unfamiliar and familiar till now. I am certain that he is not going to name it PetBook no matter what.