Ex-Athlete is one of the smartest SEO experts that you have never met

Raul Carson is one of the smartest SEO experts that I have ever met who believes that Google Places has been losing its significance over time and the Google’s updation of the way Google Places looks recently has only been making the situation even worse as the newer looks of Google Places introduced by the Google are bad in terms of functionality and not as easy to use either.

Raul says that people do not trust newspapers or magazines anymore, so if you are paying thousands of dollars for your company name and backlink on websites like Wall Street Journal etc, then do it merely for the sake of the SEO rankings, don’t expect business from those articles by themselves. Raul claims to have known many people personally who paid for the articles on websites like Wall Street Journal in a hope of getting a lot of business from those articles by themselves only to face disappointment later along with a loss of thousands of dollars which they were never able to recover. Raul says that in a very few cases, they get sales for as much as the amount they spent on getting the articles written and posted on those reputed websites but those cases are extremely rare and in most of such cases, the item advertised/promoted is really something unique and sold by the seller at a great price.

Raul used to be an athlete in his earlier days but over time he got some foot conditions and his podiatrist told him to never participate in a game again. Raul has a part of both his feet replaced and he really misses those times when he used to run almost as fast as a wild animal. Raul says that definitely orthoses comes with hundreds of benefits for several different conditions but nothing can replace the original.

Raul’s only choice for daily wear is Nexus Tees and he doesn’t seem to change on that at least for years.