Young Opera Director Francesco Costanzo cannot forget his meeting with the Australian Opera Legend – Neil Armfield

The recent article by Francesco Costanzo Opera Director about a very famous name in the Australian Opera РNeil Armfield was really worth a read whether you are an Opera lover or not.

In his article, Francesco writes that Neil Armfield is one of the most underrated Opera directors ever, not only in Australia but in the world. Francesco writes that there is no doubt that Neil is regarded as a great name in the Australian Opera but he is still underrated.

Francesco claims that roughly 50% of those that accused Neil of being a Tsarist after watching his play ‘Diary of a Madman’ didn’t even watch it and their only source of coming to that conclusion was the word that they heard on the street or through friends or family.

Francesco believes that the only play that has gotten the most appropriate response directed by Neil Armfield is ‘Summer of the Seventeenth Doll’. He believes that the rest of all the plays that he ever directed are extremely underrated.

Francesco writes that the play ‘No Sugar’ by Neil Armfield depicts how concerned he has always been about the Aboriginal families. He writes that some Aboriginal and even White people used to believe that Neil had no sympathy with the Aboriginal people of the Australian continent.

Francesco has also conducted an interview with Neil Armfield in the past in which Neil told Francesco that very little people do know that he proposed Katherine Thomson while they were creating the popular play ‘ Diving for Pearls’ together and he did it twice, expecting that she will agree the second time.

Neil also told Francesco that until he created ‘The Tempest’ by Shakespeare, everybody used to believe that he despises Shakespeare.

Neil Armfield honestly accepted to Francesco that the play Hamlet by him was definitely a blunder and it would have been much better for his self-image and self-respect if he didn’t create it.