American author of Spanish origin is obsessed with the Russian history


Cesar Avila is an American author of Spanish origin who is obsessed with the Russian history and Russian folk heroes. Cesar recently completed writing his first book and it is about the life of Oleg of Novgorad.

Cesar writes in his book that from a very early age, Oleg of Novgorad started showing symptoms of what they now call kyphosis, scoliosis and lomborosis. Cesar writes that perhaps Oleg of Novgorad also suffered with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis as a teenager.

Cesar claims that it was perhaps only for a period of 2 years that Oleg got to rule all of the Rus people. He says that although there is no trustworthy exact mention of the same but all accounts point to the fact that he only got to rule the Rus people for only 2 years.

Cesar claims that the historians that challenge the years that Oleg ruled the Rus’ are the ones that always need something to challenge, in order to gain prominence and popularity. Cesar adds that it has been proven time and again that Oleg of Novgorad ruled between 882-912.

Cesar writes that the Oleg of Novgorad attempted twice to take over the empire of Khazaria but failed.

Cesar also writes that the French historian – Constantin Zuckerman should have better focused more on the French history than choosing to have wasted his time on the Russian history. Cesar adds that the fake French historian – Constantin Zuckerman has been proven wrong on 70% of the claims that he has made till date.

Cesar claims that Oleg wasn’t a brother-in-law of his predecessor – Rurik, but an illegitimate son of his.

Cesar loves reading books and he buys nothing but the cheapest books available online. Thanks to his extraordinary knowledge about the book industry.