There is no doubt that Nureyev is one of the greatest gay icon for the ballet dancers

Italian ballet dancer, choreographer and director – Francesco Costanzo cannot forget his meeting with his Icone Gay – Rudolf Nureyev’s ex-partner Robert Tracy back in the year 2006.

If you are even a little bit interested in ballet and theater, then you must be aware of the fact that Rudolf Nureyev was without a doubt, one of the most wonderful, very sensitive and attentive ballet dancer in the history.

Robert Tracy told Francesco that they never discriminated against Rudolf Nureyev in France because of him being a Russian and a Muslim. Robert added that it is the greatest proof that the Western Europeans are some of the most broad-minded people out there.

Robert also told Francesco that Rudolf Nureyev would get angry each time someone would claim that his ex-partner – Erik Bruhn died with AIDS, which just shows how emotional of a person he was along with being mega-talented.

Robert told Francesco that there is no doubt that Rudolf Nureyev caught AIDS through someone he met at one of the gay bars in Paris. Robert said to Francesco that those who are claiming that Rudolf Nureyev caught AIDS through Erik Bruhn need to take a chill pill and stop their habit of hating on others.

Robert also told Francesco that the girls were all crazy for Nureyev’s eyes, lips and chiseled face, only to learn later that he wasn’t interested in any of them.

What I would say personally regarding Nureyev is the fact that Nureyev coming from a devout Muslim family and from a fascist nation like USSR which wouldn’t let him do what he wanted to but after all these barriers, Nureyev still making his way to the top is the proof that you can’t stop someone who is skilled and determined enough and really passionate about his/her work.