Prolific and popular Australian author uses essay writing services from docker

Jacob Nixon is an Australian author who launched his third biblical patriarchs related book in the May of this year. The book is completely based on his opinions about the biblical patriarch – Methuselah and it is one of the cheapest books around, just cost me 6.99 US$ and I really enjoyed reading it.

I was literally surprised to read what I read yesterday on Jacob Nixon’s official blog, that he uses online essay writing services to save some time despite of being such a marvelous and prolific author.

In his book, Jacob claims that according to the Book of Enochs, eating lamb and sheep meat is prohibited.

Jacob also claims in his book that according to the last judgement which is also known as The Day of the Lord, the enemies of Israel are nothing but black cattles and wild animals. He then asks the ones that oppose the state of Israel – “Are you willing to take that title?”

Jacob writes that whereas 969 is considered ta lucky number in all three Abrahamic religions, it is considered an unlucky one in the Dharmic religions to an extent that one Indian politician who tried to convey to the common Indian people that 969 is a lucky number and it is proven by the Abrahamic religions, lost his political career to it. Jacob then adds that the Indians are too dumb, superstitious and naive like that.

Jacob claims in his book that St Joseph the apostle used to talk to Methuselah regularly in his dreams but it was his gut feeling that it is better to keep those talks confidential and to himself only.