To receive more compliments, Munich man bought Facebook Live viewers after getting a hair transplant

Liam Devos is a 43 year old German gentleman from Munich who believes that lack of money is the root of all evil. Liam wants to be capable of affording everything in the world. Liam was born in an Orthodox Christian environment and they told him the opposite there.

Liam recently married for the second time and his fiance wanted to wait for at least a couple of years before they get married. Meanwhile, Liam was busy working all the time and within this time, he became almost half bald. Liam’s fiance gave him an ultimatum and told him to get your hair back or forget about me.

Liam had no other way but a hair transplant to get the hair on his head back. He chose Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T from Turkey for the purpose. Liam booked an appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu for March of 2019 and everything went better than he expected.

Liam now thanks his then fiance and now wife’s demand to make him get his hair back so much. Now hair transplant after 3 months, he looks so dashing. He also did buy Facebook Live Viewers in order to expose himself more and receive more likes, love, etc.

Liam’s wife says that she wasn’t willing to get down to his level but rather pull him up to hers.

Liam’s wife is no controlling drama queen but she has a sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Whatever it is, it only results in the betterment of herself, her family and the people that she surrounds herself with in general most of the times.

Simple Origami makes you mentally fit and riding an Evolution SR Spin Bike keeps you physically fit

Maria Ahlberg used to believe that physical exercise is a waste of time. Her belief is that all the nerves in the arms, legs, abdomens are connected to the brain (which is true) and if you keep yourself mentally healthy, your physical body will be absolutely healthy, but then she read Evolution SR Spin Bikes Reviews at this website.

Maria for sure knows a lot of deal about hundreds of different subjects but I do not agree with this crazy belief of her that if you maintain an excellent mental health you don’t need to do any physical exercise.

Anyways, one of the exercises that Maria does to keep herself mentally fit is simple origami folding and to keep herself physically fit, she rides SR spin bikes all the time.

Maria is an orthodox Jew but she doubts her religious beliefs many times. Maria has this peculiar quality of staying happy during the toughest of times and she attributes this quality of hers to belief in god. Sometimes, I personally think that she believes in god only for that.

Maria’s one and only brother – Azriel. Azriel visualizes the face of his mother whom he loves the most whenever he feels like giving up. He is an atheist, therefore visualizing or praying to god is useless for him.

Azriel studied law in college and he is yet to get a case to fight. He has been making living selling stuff on eBay. He sells toys, clothing, imported watches from China, electronics and home appliances.

Azriel recently donated his pet horse because he couldn’t feed it anymore.

Azriel doesn’t believe that there is any such thing as god’s chosen people. In Hebrew language, each and every word has several meanings and Azriel thinks that it was something else that Abraham was trying to convey to the ‘children of Israel’.

This GP from Florence believes that you are crazy if you are above 40 and don’t use an Anti-Cellulite Cream

Dr Dwayne Abate is a General Physician from the city of Florence in Italy, who has always been a critic of the warmongers, especially in the medical field. He recently wrote a post on his blog mentioning that they successfully created nitrogen bomb a century ago but they are yet to find cure for many of the nitrogen related diseases. He added that they haven’t been able to create perfect drugs that inhibit or encourage nitrogen till date and he believes that they are not going to be able to do the same for at least 15 years from now. Dr Dwayne claims to have been working on finding such drugs but he doesn’t believe himself. He says that he is not too smart to create such drugs but he claims to know several doctors who can but he says that they are too busy doing other things that are irrelevant for the development of the medical science field.

Dr Dwayne Abate claims to be convinced on his blog about the notion that Jews are better doctors in general. He has started to believe that the way their brains function is quite different from the rest of the humankind. Dr Dwayne writes on his blog that if you know a good doctor who is a Jew, you better visit him than a doctor who belongs to some other race.

Dr Dwayne is still not sure whether the majority of the Ashkenazi Jews are a different race than the Sephardic and others. Dr Dwayne doubts that an empire like Khazaria existed in the past and he claims to have done a lot of research on the same.

Dr Dwayne believes that anti-cellulite cream (crema anticellulite) is one of the best things to have ever happened in the past few centuries and one must be crazy to not use the same if they are above 40 years old.

Pediatrician from Odesa seems to be obsessed with the bathroom fans and TCM Doctors

Dr Katia Jovovich is a pediatrician from Odesa, Ukraine, who firmly believes that a pediatrician needs to be even more polite and humble than a geriatric because he/she is dealing with small kids who need more care and love than even the elder people. Dr Katia writes on her official blog that a pediatrician needs to understand the emotions, worries and pains of both the child and the parents/guardians, but in case of geriatrics, it is generally only the patient himself/herself and even when others are involved, their emotions are not even near as strong as they are in the case of a child’s treatment.

Without naming any entity, Dr Katia Jovovich claims that half of the hospitals that are listed on stock market cannot be trusted at all because they are there just to make money whereas the rest half are on the stock trading because they want to help and provide treatment to as many patients as possible. Dr Katia claims to know many of the heads of different hospitals that are listed on the stock market and she says that each of them is their own person and also each one of them is extraordinarily intelligent, some use their intelligence and smarts for the good reasons and other for the evil ones.

Dr Katia writes on her blog that one must not fall for the Ayurvedic and TCM trap when it comes to getting cured for the Meningococcal Meningitis. She claims that most of them cannot even spell the disease correctly and some even don’t have an idea about what it is. Dr Katia believes that these so-called Ayurvedic and TCM doctors are great sales people and they should better sell bathroom fans (Вентилятор в ванную) and make an honest living.

Insomniac Indonesian Neurosurgeon watches movies online with her husband all night

Dr Chastity Watson is a neurosurgeon from Palembang, Indonesia, who claims on her official blog that she has been able to cure or treat over 99% of the patients that ever came for it to her clinic. There is no way that she can prove the same but looking at the rush at her clinic, it appears like she is telling nothing but the truth.

Dr Chastity goes for a honeymoon once a year with the same husband that she married 11 years ago. She claims that it is great for the brain and she has statistics to prove it.

Dr Chastity believes that Sigmund Freud was the biggest genius to have ever been born in the world. Dr Chastity goes on to the extent of saying that even if there are living creatures on other planets and they are far more intelligent and wiser than an average human being on planet earth, they still will be interested in studying Dr Sigmund Freud.

Dr Chastity Watson claims that the insomniacs are more likely to suffer with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in their later years. Dr Chastity and her husband are insomniacs themselves and they like to watch movies (Nonton Film) whenever they are unable to sleep even after trying to for over 30 minutes.

Dr Chastity Watson practiced in Sicily, Italy for over 3 years and she says that it is amazing how chronic neurological diseases are so rare there, she says that she is not sure whether it is due to their diet or due to their practice of the Catholic religion. Dr Chastity then adds that whatever it is, she is going to discover sooner or later with her dedication and commitment towards finding it.

This George Town coffee shop is extremely popular with the international celebrities, thanks to the Malaysian freelancers

Wan Zainuddin owns a very popular coffee shop in George Town, Malaysia, where the waitresses are dressed up as angels and the waiters are dressed up as devils. The idea hasn’t been complimented by most but it definitely drives more business as per the claim of Wan Zainuddin.

Wan Zainuddin’s coffee shop is also the most favorite of the famous Taoist master – Mantak Chia in entire Malaysia. Mantak Chia claims to have discovered the coffee shop through an online search. Wan Zainuddin claims that most of the famous people that ever visit his coffee shop come to know about it through the internet, thanks to the great SEO done by freelance Malaysia.

Wan writes on his blog that once his coffee shop became popular with a mafia gang and then he used his friends in the police department to get rid of them from coming to his coffee shop which really worked like magic.

Due to the more feminine ambiance of the coffee shop, it is far more popular with the ladies than it is with the men. Wan claims to have been trying to make it more popular with the men without upsetting his female clientele.

Wan’s coffee shop stopped serving cakes in the June of this year because they want to make the place limited to health freaks only. Wan says that he admits that he kind of feels that he has started hating those who do not care about their health much since he started caring a lot about his own.

There is no smoking allowed at all at Wan’s coffee shop. They used to have an outdoor smoking area at Wan’s coffee shop, but they have transformed it into something else.

Plant Nursery owner from Antwerp sold all his 4 cars to use unbelievably convenient modern taxi services

Shaun Keuilian owns a plant nursery in Antwerp, Belgium. Shaun is extremely passionate about his business and one of the proofs is the official blog of his plant nursery that he has been maintaining for years where he has not failed to make at least one blog post per day till date.

Shaun once wrote on his blog that it is a pity that they are hiring immigrants who are willing to work for very low wages with no knowledge of planting, nursery, gardening, etc instead of the people that have a great knowledge on the subject of planting, nursery, gardening, etc, just to save some Euro bills. Shaun claims to have the best workforce at this plant nursery and says that he is willing to donate all he has if someone can prove to him that there is a nursery that has a better workforce than his own.

Shaun is never tired of repeating on his blog that family run plant nurseries are generally more successful compared to any other, just like the taxi antwerpen is more successful and better than any other. Shaun has fallen in love so strongly with this one taxi company from Antwerpen city that he has sold all his 4 cars believing that he doesn’t need those anymore since he has found such a great taxi service.

Shaun claims that he spends at least 3 hours a day studying plants, gardening, etc. He claims that he reads books, journals, newspapers, magazines, almost everything that includes some knowledge regarding the subject which might even include watching Youtube videos at times. Shaun really believes that there is a shortage of knowledgeable planting and gardening Youtubers and he has been willing to become one for a long time but he finds himself short of time for the same. Shaun is also camera-shy. Shaun agrees on the fact that there are a few pretty knowledgeable planting and nursery Youtubers but he finds them unpresentable with bad communication skills and bad cameramen.

Top Pediatrician from Naxxar, Malta believes that there is more money in selling T-Shirts than practicing Pediatrics

Dr Tim Cook is a very outspoken pediatrician from Naxxar, Malta. Dr Tim Cook is one of the most popular and wealthiest private medical practitioners in the nation of Malta due to his outspokenness

Dr Tim Cook claims to have been working on finding a permanent cure for the children who stay constipated and without any side-effects. Dr Tim believes that he will be done by the end of 2021 with the same.

Dr Tim likes to advise the fellow medical practitioners a lot on his blog and he always tells them to hire the best possible front desk staff and they won’t regret it. Dr Tim believes that the patient of today has become too particular about the way he/she gets treated by the employees of the doctor.

Dr Tim believes that with all the expectations that the patients have with a doctor, the doctors belonging to almost every medical specialty are extremely underpaid and that’s the reason why Dr Tim has decided to start a t-shirt business, where he will import merchandise from a T-Shirts Manufacturer Company in Bangladesh and sell the same in all over Malta.

Dr Tim Cook finds the pediatricians unethical who charge additional for writing a detailed letter. Dr Tim Cook has been doing the same for free for each of the patients that ever visit. Dr Tim Cook claims to be the first medical practitioner in the nation of Malta to do so.

Dr Tim Cook writes on his blog that since the patients and their parents can now leave reviews for the pediatricians on several different websites, it is advisable for a pediatrician to stay home if they are in a bad mood or something like that.

Ophthalmologist from Naples says that it is better to rely on an alloy for the treatment of your eye than to rely on unethical doctors for the same

Dr Ricardo Oloarte is an Ophthalmologist from Naples, Florida, who has been working to find a painless removal for the chalazion for the past 16 months now. Dr Ricardo claims that he will be done with it by the December of 2019.

Dr Ricardo finds it stupid that some ophthalmologists brag about their so-called stunning art gallery on their practice’s website. Dr Ricardo finds it unethical along with stupid.

Dr Ricardo Oloarte says that some ophthalmologists, especially the ones whose main specialty lies in doing cosmetic procedures are unbelievably unethical both in person and on their websites. Dr Ricardo adds that relying on this rare metal alloy that changes its shape in the magnetic field is better than relying on such unethical doctors for your treatment.

Dr Ricardo claims that long-term amphetamine use causes cataract and also claims that there is amphetamine present in several different energy drinks and also in some expensive sodas. Dr Ricardo claims to have received death threats for exposing these energy drinks and sodas but he says that nothing is strong enough to stop him from telling the truth publicly.

Dr Ricardo claims to have been working on finding a non-surgical cataract solution that will cure all sorts of cataracts.

Dr Ricardo has made a lot of controversial posts regarding cataracts till date, one of those was that men with low-sperm count are more likely to get cataract at a younger age than their high-sperm counterparts. How Dr Ricardo Oloarte came to this conclusion, nobody knows, but he sounds so certain and confident while making a statement, that it is inevitable that it feels like you better start believing him for everything he says.