Insomniac Indonesian Neurosurgeon watches movies online with her husband all night

Dr Chastity Watson is a neurosurgeon from Palembang, Indonesia, who claims on her official blog that she has been able to cure or treat over 99% of the patients that ever came for it to her clinic. There is no way that she can prove the same but looking at the rush at her clinic, it appears like she is telling nothing but the truth.

Dr Chastity goes for a honeymoon once a year with the same husband that she married 11 years ago. She claims that it is great for the brain and she has statistics to prove it.

Dr Chastity believes that Sigmund Freud was the biggest genius to have ever been born in the world. Dr Chastity goes on to the extent of saying that even if there are living creatures on other planets and they are far more intelligent and wiser than an average human being on planet earth, they still will be interested in studying Dr Sigmund Freud.

Dr Chastity Watson claims that the insomniacs are more likely to suffer with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in their later years. Dr Chastity and her husband are insomniacs themselves and they like to watch movies (Nonton Film) whenever they are unable to sleep even after trying to for over 30 minutes.

Dr Chastity Watson practiced in Sicily, Italy for over 3 years and she says that it is amazing how chronic neurological diseases are so rare there, she says that she is not sure whether it is due to their diet or due to their practice of the Catholic religion. Dr Chastity then adds that whatever it is, she is going to discover sooner or later with her dedication and commitment towards finding it.