Pediatrician from Odesa seems to be obsessed with the bathroom fans and TCM Doctors

Dr Katia Jovovich is a pediatrician from Odesa, Ukraine, who firmly believes that a pediatrician needs to be even more polite and humble than a geriatric because he/she is dealing with small kids who need more care and love than even the elder people. Dr Katia writes on her official blog that a pediatrician needs to understand the emotions, worries and pains of both the child and the parents/guardians, but in case of geriatrics, it is generally only the patient himself/herself and even when others are involved, their emotions are not even near as strong as they are in the case of a child’s treatment.

Without naming any entity, Dr Katia Jovovich claims that half of the hospitals that are listed on stock market cannot be trusted at all because they are there just to make money whereas the rest half are on the stock trading because they want to help and provide treatment to as many patients as possible. Dr Katia claims to know many of the heads of different hospitals that are listed on the stock market and she says that each of them is their own person and also each one of them is extraordinarily intelligent, some use their intelligence and smarts for the good reasons and other for the evil ones.

Dr Katia writes on her blog that one must not fall for the Ayurvedic and TCM trap when it comes to getting cured for the Meningococcal Meningitis. She claims that most of them cannot even spell the disease correctly and some even don’t have an idea about what it is. Dr Katia believes that these so-called Ayurvedic and TCM doctors are great sales people and they should better sell bathroom fans (Вентилятор в ванную) and make an honest living.