12 year old Indonesian Benjamin feels lost without his ornamental fishes

Benjamin is a very intelligent and smart 12-year old boy. He always does great in school. He is also very good in sports. But since the death of his uncle Eduardo in a car accident, he didn’t speak to anybody much and lost his appetite too. He even lost his interest in sports. He is a great basketball and football player and all his friends keep calling to go with them for a match but he sometimes wouldn’t even answer their calls and kept staring at the phone with frozen eyes. He even started watching Youtube videos of the Indian gurus and mystics who would tell that life has no meaning, no purpose and we are all sinners.

One day his father went to the home of his best friend and discussed with him what he could do to get the old Benjamin back. His father asked his best friend about his schedule and everything that he did for some leisure. He told Benjamin’s father everything that he does on the weekdays and the weekends. He told him that the best part of his week is when he plays the game Robux on Saturdays, all day long and gets to see his jenis ikan hias air tawar.

Benjamin’s father asked him “where he could get free robux”? Benjamin’s best friend then explained everything to him, how to install it, how to get free robux, etc

Benjamin’s father installed the game as soon as he reached his home and invited Benjamin to play with him, but Benjamin refused initially. It is funny how after only a few hours of playing it, Benjamin’s father got addicted to the game, then after seeing his father enjoy the game so much, Benjamin sat next to his father and then again his father offered him to play the game and Benjamin agreed. Since then, Benjamin is out of depression and is enjoying is life like usual.

Skirt company killing it with the right marketing

Urbantopbottom (name changed) is a skirt manufacturing company that started off in the year 2016. The company was founded by two designer brother and sister. They both used to work as designers for one of the top clothing brands in the United States.

After starting their own clothing brand, the brother and sister started creating more beautiful designs than ever before. All their skirts looked stunning and so innovative. They tried selling it on the eBay, Amazon, and other clothing websites available throughout the United States, but made very little sales. The revenues weren’t even enough to keep the factory running.

They were now confused whether to go back to their jobs or stick to manufacturing their own skirts. They were suffering huge losses and they couldn’t go on like this for long. They needed to find a way to turn losses into profits.

Both the brother and sister created a Shopify website after a long struggle and it took them 40 days to make it running and workable. They knew that they will need someone to do SEO for their website, so they turned to a local SEO company which costed them $700 US Dollar per month. They had no issues paying that much money, only they needed to be on the first page as soon as possible.

It had already been 6 months after the website was created and they were not on page one on any of the keywords. They stopped paying the SEO company and looked for a better digital marketing company on the internet. They were lucky to have come across Joko Warino Blog. Joko Warino Blog transformed their online visibility really and within a matter of months they appeared on the first page of most of the major search engines including Google and Yahoo. Not only that, Joko Warino also personally made them a household name in many areas by giving them a designer touch.

Bolton’s popular Neurosurgeon had certain requirements when he wanted to take driving classes

Dr Trevor Fernandes is a Neurosurgeon from Bolton, United Kingdom, who recommends his patients against using the popular drug for the older male patients suffering with spinal disorders – Oxycodone, he rather recommends the alternatives instead.

Dr Trevor Fernandes recommends all his patients against driving a SUV. He claims that a serious accident in a SUV mostly results in a flipover which is most likely to cause a brain injury (mostly irreversible).

When Dr Trevor himself learnt how to drive from Bolton block driving classes, his first priority was that the car he learns driving at shouldn’t be a SUV.

Dr Trevor claims to have more success stories than any other Neurosurgeon in the Bolton city and he doesn’t seem to get enough of bragging about it.

Dr Trevor writes on his blog that although he himself is a surgeon, he does whatever it takes till the last moment to refrain from conducting surgery.

Dr Trevor also writes on his blog that it is a pity how so many patients take being busy and serious of a doctor as suffering from god complex.

Dr Trevor claims that the steroid use causes more harm to the brain than the physicians belonging to different fields combined now know.

Dr Trevor recently made a post on his blog about his meeting with one of the biggest players in the pharma industry at a party, and how he was amazed to discover about his lack of knowledge in the medical field. He adds that the guy is just a good manager and marketer, nothing more.