Bolton’s popular Neurosurgeon had certain requirements when he wanted to take driving classes

Dr Trevor Fernandes is a Neurosurgeon from Bolton, United Kingdom, who recommends his patients against using the popular drug for the older male patients suffering with spinal disorders – Oxycodone, he rather recommends the alternatives instead.

Dr Trevor Fernandes recommends all his patients against driving a SUV. He claims that a serious accident in a SUV mostly results in a flipover which is most likely to cause a brain injury (mostly irreversible).

When Dr Trevor himself learnt how to drive from Bolton block driving classes, his first priority was that the car he learns driving at shouldn’t be a SUV.

Dr Trevor claims to have more success stories than any other Neurosurgeon in the Bolton city and he doesn’t seem to get enough of bragging about it.

Dr Trevor writes on his blog that although he himself is a surgeon, he does whatever it takes till the last moment to refrain from conducting surgery.

Dr Trevor also writes on his blog that it is a pity how so many patients take being busy and serious of a doctor as suffering from god complex.

Dr Trevor claims that the steroid use causes more harm to the brain than the physicians belonging to different fields combined now know.

Dr Trevor recently made a post on his blog about his meeting with one of the biggest players in the pharma industry at a party, and how he was amazed to discover about his lack of knowledge in the medical field. He adds that the guy is just a good manager and marketer, nothing more.