Toy store owner hopes for someone to build toys that make learning plant classification easy

Anita Alam is a 32 year old woman from Bandung, Indonesia, who has been running a toy store of her own in Cinunuk, Cileunyi, Bandung, for the past 3 years now, which has gone pretty popular within the time period.

Anita writes on her toy store’s official blog that it is a pity that even the kids of the gardeners don’t like toys related to gardening. One of her cousins is a gardener, whose family she visits frequently. Once when she brought some gardening related toys to their home as gift, both the kids of her cousin hated it. She adds that they don’t even know about the classification of plants (Klasifikasi Tanaman).

Anita also writes on her blog that it is also sad that the kids don’t show as much interest in the car toys as they once used to and the declining sales of the Hot Wheels is one of the biggest proofs. She adds that the sales of the Hot Wheels Helicopter sets has been the same though.

Anita claims that the children with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) show a completely different taste in toys than the kids who don’t suffer with such a disorder. She adds that the situation applies to both boy and girl kids.

Anita writes on her blog that the people have been buying creativity and IQ increasing toys for their kids like never before and Apple Inc mainly deserves the credits for the same. They made such products hot in the late 1990s and there seems to be no looking back now, their popularity has been growing at exponential rates ever since.

Toy Store owner from Midtown, Oklahoma City, sells Skates for Women at zero profit

Debra Carter owns a quite popular toy store in Midtown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they do not carry any video games at all, because Debra believes that video games are extremely unhealthy and are responsible for most of the problems in an average modern kid’s life.

Debra’s popular toy store has a popular blog where the posts are made by none other than Debra herself. Having an experience of over 2 decades in the business, she has a lot of interesting things to write there.

Debra recently made a post about the rumor that she heard about the founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg, thinking of getting into the ever-growing and evergreen toy retail industry. Debra wrote that she really hopes that the rumor is not a rumor but a reality and herself and most other passionate toy retailers across the United States of America and maybe the whole world, would love to teach him the lesson that running a toy retail chain is not as easy as running a website.

Debra’s toy store is notorious for keeping the largest number of biblical toys anywhere in the state of Oklahoma.

Last week, Debra made a post, which sounded more like an endorsement, but it is not, that she once ordered Womens Skates from a website that goes by the name and they turned out to be so good that she has been reselling those at her store’s ‘For Mommies’ section at no profits ever since the day her first personal pair arrived to her.

Debra Carter claims that the sales for the soft toys have been constantly declining for the past 6 years now and the only soft toys that have gained popularity over these past 6 years are the ocean animals soft toys, which don’t make even as much as 3% of the total soft toy sales.

Debra Carter is also disappointed that most kid girls don’t like cooking set toys anymore, like they did back when Debra used to be a kid herself.

GP from Barcelona, Spain makes tons of controversial statements regularly on his domains

Dr Ignacio Montijo is a General Practitioner from Barcelona, Spain, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that he got over 250 patients only during the first month of his practice as a General Physician. He also brags about having over 98.7% patient satisfaction rate on his blog.

Dr Ignacio Montijo has many websites and blogs, and it is a miracle that how he gets to manage each of those out of his busy schedule. All his domains (dominios) and hosting are done by a single company that he has endorsed more than a couple of times on each of his blogs for free.

Dr Ignacio has mentioned more than a couple of times on his blog that a doctor cannot be considered an excellent one unless he possesses the energy and stamina of a horse along with the capability to perform hard labor like a donkey with the cunning of a fox.

Dr Ignacio writes on one of his blogs that good public speakers aren’t only more energetic than the ones who aren’t good public speakers, but they are also less prone to getting viral and chronic illnesses irrespective of their race, nationality and other factors. Dr Ignacio claims to have several top Spanish public speakers as his regular patients, many of those that he names are multilingual, world-renowned and travel all over the world.

Dr Ignacio claims on his blog that older men with young trophy wives have the most number of diseases in general.

Dr Ignacio claims on his blog that he is not willing to accept that trekking serves any health benefits, no matter how much the magazines, newspapers, dietitians, and doctors try to convince him regarding the same.

Dr Ignacio is a proud atheist, who regularly campaigns against the religions in the spare time.

Successfully American Republican participates in nothing other than Korean online gaming communities

Mark Newman is a 35 year old man who has become very successful at a very young age. Mark was only 20 when he started his first successful online second hand products marketplace. The marketplace was nothing like eBay or any other big second hand marketplace available online but it made Mark a lot of profit and also gave him a lot of confidence.

When Mark was 21, he started flipping domain names as well. Buying domain names at low prices and selling them at as much 15 times the price that he bought them for.

Mark’s father was a philosopher and a clothing store owner. Both father and son used to be great Phil Collins fan, and they can’t forget the day when they traveled all the way to the London from the Kansas City in the 1991 to visit his concert.

A dedicated Republican, Mark tries to promote the Republican party as much as he can. At the same time, when Mark started his own small brewery in the Laramie, Wyoming, he ordered all the brewing equipment from a Korean company based in the beautiful and colorful port industrial city that goes by the name Busan.

Thanks to Mark’s command in the Korean language. He was able to get the best prices possible from his Korean supplier. Mark loves the Korean language and that’s the reason why he participates in nothing but 우아미넷  (a Korean online game community) when it comes to the gaming talk. Mark is the prime example that successful people like online gaming more than their unsuccessful counterparts.

Isn’t it contradictory? While the Republicans try their hardest to lower down the ever-growing Korean economy, they still can’t resist buying the Korean products. This is how most Republicans are like, they are all “hypocrites.”

Mark’s wife Samantha has recently got interested in “Nudism” and she walks around naked all the time. She says that clothes are unnatural and try her best to convince Mark also to go nudist. She also takes a bath 3 times a day.

Mark has been focusing fully on his newly opened brewery because each day he has 90 minutes extra now. His orthopedist has asked him not to do any exercise for the next 6 months after he got a fracture in his leg.

Japanese automaker relies on this one blog when it comes to making their vehicles gas mileage friendly

Most of the automotive components nowadays are made up of aluminium. If you are an automobile manufacturing company, it is very crucial for you to find the best of the best aluminium die cast manufacturing company.

I personally know several men and women working in the automotive industry and they tell it is very hard to decide which company to choose and which not. Most of the Japanese, American and European car manufacturers nowadays are relying on the Chinese industries located in the city of Dongguan for their products.

For example, one of the oldest Japanese car manufacturers has been buying Pan Oil Upper from a Aluminium die casting manufacturing company located in Dongguan. The Japanese car manufacturer is more than happy with the product and the company doesn’t think that they will ever have to buy from someone else if the quality, punctuality and discipline from the die casting manufacturing company’s part remains the same.

This Japanese car manufacturing company is notorious for producing cars that are unparalleled when it comes to the gas mileage and most are surprised to learn that they get all their ideas in this regard from a US blog. While most take such blogs for granted, the chiefs of this automaker do not, the ones who take such blogs for granted are suffering losses or going bankrupt while this Japanese automaker has been expanding like crazy.

Most of the top two wheeler manufacturing companies are today buying two wheeler assemblies, cylinder heads, alloy wheels, crank case covers, crank cases, bottom cases, etc, all from the same Chinese company.

It is like Republic of China is the secret land for you if you are an industrialist and you want success in business. You cannot be successful buying the manufacturing products from your own home country when your competitor is buying much better quality of the same product at lesser than half the price from a Chinese manufacturer. This is how the Rat Race works, you have to be the fastest, most efficient and most effective in order to win. You cannot win without all these qualities and the ones buying aluminium die casting manufacturing products from the Chinese companies possess all these qualities. Be smart, buy aluminium die casting manufacturing products from the Republic of China only.

I am waiting for someone who can perform Boris Kniaseff’s floor barre method better than Francesco Costanzo

I was in the New York City on first July of this year and was really surprised to see an unbelievably number of Boris Kniaseff fans (mostly dance enthusiasts and choreographers) celebrating his birthday. I knew the name already but I didn’t know that the man had such a great following. I was very glad to see that all of Boris’s fans looked and spoke like they possess great intellectual and moral tendencies along with passion for life. Also, it looked to me like Boris himself, most of his fans hate sexual perversion as well. They all looked good and chaste.

The head of the crowd was a Boris Kniaseff’s student’s descendant, who has been running dance schools all over the states of New York and New Jersey after Boris’s name, as a tribute to him. I got a chance to talk to him personally as well and he told me that he wants to expand into a theater school.

I don’t have the statistics to prove it, but I personally believe that no other nations have contributed to the ballet as much as the Poland and Russia combined. And these 2 nations were the ones that were most against such form of an entertainment, if we don’t take the Islamic nations into consideration. This fact proves that nothing in this world can stop a talented and passionate man/woman who is determined.

All this celebration, glory and crowd for the man called Boris Kniaseff made me do a little research on him and I came across several little known interesting facts about him. Like Boris Kniaseff’s most favorite animal was Coyote and he saw one for the first time when he was 16.

I was surprised to learn that Boris Kniaseff had a thing for the pro-wrestling before pro-wrestling was a thing. Boris could have been Vince McMahon of his era if he could have found enough time to contribute for his pro-wrestling fantasies.

One thing that I find most fascinating about Boris is that the man never cared about the accolades, the accolades just followed him wherever he went.

Boris preferred listening to the classical music during solitude over any other genre, and it was surprising for me to learn that Boris sometimes would feel that he liked listening to the music more than he liked to dance, but then when he used to enter the state of nirvana while performing a dance session, he would think otherwise later on. He literally used to enter the state of no-mind while dancing.

Boris used to have this wonderful habit of consulting with his friends before making a major decision. The best thing about this habit of Boris was that he literally would do what his friends would advise him to do, unlike most others, who take the advise of others but don’t take the decision accordingly. And when with friends, Boris liked to laugh a lot, no matter how serious their talks were.

Boris Kniaseff was a very health conscious gentleman and it is a pity that a health conscious man like him couldn’t live up to the mark that he set up for himself and that is the age of 90. His friends and family were surprised that Boris couldn’t live up to 90, they all used to believe that he would live even longer.

I am not a flexible person, but the legend called Boris Kniaseff has really made me consider participating into the ballet since the day I saw that crowd for him in the New York City. I am mainly obsessed with his floor barre method and after doing a thorough research on the same, I have discovered that Boris Kniaseff Francesco Costanzo is the best teacher for the same. I don’t know Italian and I don’t have any plan or money to go there, but I have been trying my best to make it to there. No matter how many choreographers on the Youtube or elsewhere you come across who tell you that they are the best gurus for Boris Kniaseff’s floor barre method, they are all nothing compared to Francesco Costanzo who walks the talk, in reality, he doesn’t talk much because he is always busy dancing and teaching, and doesn’t like to waste his precious time on petty things like talking.