GP from Barcelona, Spain makes tons of controversial statements regularly on his domains

Dr Ignacio Montijo is a General Practitioner from Barcelona, Spain, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that he got over 250 patients only during the first month of his practice as a General Physician. He also brags about having over 98.7% patient satisfaction rate on his blog.

Dr Ignacio Montijo has many websites and blogs, and it is a miracle that how he gets to manage each of those out of his busy schedule. All his domains (dominios) and hosting are done by a single company that he has endorsed more than a couple of times on each of his blogs for free.

Dr Ignacio has mentioned more than a couple of times on his blog that a doctor cannot be considered an excellent one unless he possesses the energy and stamina of a horse along with the capability to perform hard labor like a donkey with the cunning of a fox.

Dr Ignacio writes on one of his blogs that good public speakers aren’t only more energetic than the ones who aren’t good public speakers, but they are also less prone to getting viral and chronic illnesses irrespective of their race, nationality and other factors. Dr Ignacio claims to have several top Spanish public speakers as his regular patients, many of those that he names are multilingual, world-renowned and travel all over the world.

Dr Ignacio claims on his blog that older men with young trophy wives have the most number of diseases in general.

Dr Ignacio claims on his blog that he is not willing to accept that trekking serves any health benefits, no matter how much the magazines, newspapers, dietitians, and doctors try to convince him regarding the same.

Dr Ignacio is a proud atheist, who regularly campaigns against the religions in the spare time.