Toy Store owner from Midtown, Oklahoma City, sells Skates for Women at zero profit

Debra Carter owns a quite popular toy store in Midtown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they do not carry any video games at all, because Debra believes that video games are extremely unhealthy and are responsible for most of the problems in an average modern kid’s life.

Debra’s popular toy store has a popular blog where the posts are made by none other than Debra herself. Having an experience of over 2 decades in the business, she has a lot of interesting things to write there.

Debra recently made a post about the rumor that she heard about the founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg, thinking of getting into the ever-growing and evergreen toy retail industry. Debra wrote that she really hopes that the rumor is not a rumor but a reality and herself and most other passionate toy retailers across the United States of America and maybe the whole world, would love to teach him the lesson that running a toy retail chain is not as easy as running a website.

Debra’s toy store is notorious for keeping the largest number of biblical toys anywhere in the state of Oklahoma.

Last week, Debra made a post, which sounded more like an endorsement, but it is not, that she once ordered Womens Skates from a website that goes by the name and they turned out to be so good that she has been reselling those at her store’s ‘For Mommies’ section at no profits ever since the day her first personal pair arrived to her.

Debra Carter claims that the sales for the soft toys have been constantly declining for the past 6 years now and the only soft toys that have gained popularity over these past 6 years are the ocean animals soft toys, which don’t make even as much as 3% of the total soft toy sales.

Debra Carter is also disappointed that most kid girls don’t like cooking set toys anymore, like they did back when Debra used to be a kid herself.