This GP from Tangerang is not a Capitalist but she can’t seem to get enough of her Bisnis Online

Dr Ratu Zaira Siddique is a General Practitioner from Tangerang, Indonesia, who along with a few other doctors from Indonesia, has been working to create a foolproof, side-effect free method to grow height after the growth plates close naturally. She really believes that the group is going to achieve success in its endeavor within less than 7 years.

Dr Ratu Zaira Siddique claims on her blog that wearing gray clothes is highly beneficial for you, irrespective of your gender, which part of the world you live in and what season is it or what kind of weather. She further claims that she hasn’t worn any other color for over 5 years for the very same reason.

Dr Ratu Zaira Siddique doesn’t agree with the claim that keeping a healthy weight and being physically active helps lower the chance of getting any sort of cancer. She writes that if it were true, then all the fit actors, athletes, pro-wrestlers, etc, would have never caught any sort of cancer, but rather the opposite is true in their case. She claims that they are the people most prone to getting cancer, and it all happens because they get punished for their deeds by a superior power that rules and owns the world.

Dr Ratu Zaira Siddique along with a niece of hers, has been pursuing a serious career in Bisnis Online, which has been making her almost half the amount of money that she makes with her medical practice. She attributes this also to the grace of the all-merciful – Allah.