Podiatrist from Navi Mumbai prioritizes watching 123Movies with the Family over his Patients

Dr Ravindra Bains is a Podiatrist from Navi Mumbai, India, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that all the new and young Podiatrists in India are starting their practices in the areas, towns and cities, where already many Podiatrists have their clinics established, because they are too cautious that if there are too many Podiatrists here, then the common belief among them becomes that the business must be booming there. Dr Ravindra adds that they have no idea about the fact that how much they need Podiatrists in the remote areas of India.

I talked to Ravindra personally a couple of times and each time, I asked him about “Why doesn’t he start a clinic in one of those remote areas himself?” Each time he replies, “Because his family is not willing to leave Navi Mumbai.” Then I asked him “What is more important to you, your family or patients?” He replied, “Of course, my family. I work for them only. I love making love to my wife, playing with my kids, watching 123movies with them, etc.”

In my arrogant personal opinion, Podiatrists like Dr Ravindra Bains do not have the right to put the fingers on other similar practitioners, given that they themselves give priority to watching movies with the family over looking after their patients.