Flourishing Computer Peripheral Company from the Indian Subcontinent relies on Integral-Concepts for Statistical Analysis

Tigoxeronics started off as a software development company, but today it is one of the greatest computer peripheral manufacturers in the Indian subcontinent.

The founders at the Tigoxeronics claim on the company’s official blog that no matter how big their company becomes, they are never going to pay a celebrity for their brand’s advertisement or endorsement of any other sort. They believe that paying a celebrity for a brand’s endorsement in this age of the internet and when there are 10, 000 more productive and different ways to promote your brand, which even employees tons of people.

The founders at the Tigoxeronics believe that using celebrities is a sign of the chiefs of a company being lazy enough to not using any innovative methods to promote their brand. They add that it is also shows how much of their precious revenue or capital money such brands are willing to throw away on advertisements rather than using the same to improve their product or for better Statistical Analysis.

Tigoxeronics aims to become the next Apple Inc. in terms of the innovation and the vision, and the founding family is confident that they are greater of a visionary than the Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak combined. They say that the reason why they haven’t become as big of a success as an Apple Inc., is because they aren’t an American company. Otherwise, their innovations could have achieved the same popularity as the Apple inc.

Tigoxeronics recently established manufacturing unit in the nation of Albania as well. The founder of Tigoxeronics believes that Albania holds a great future which the mainstream media and most industrialists and business people don’t acknowledge, which is good for themselves as it gives them an edge over the competition.

Dentist from Lancashire fears his wife like a plaque and those expensive black glass radiator covers in her kitchen are the proof

Dr Scott Newsom is a Dentist from Lancashire, England, who claims on his blog that low-sugar diet is literally overrated when it comes to preventing dental problems.

Dr Scott Newsom also claims on his blog that the cops are more prone to tooth loss on an average but they are 3 times less likely to get Gingival diseases compared to the people belonging to other professions. Dr Scott Newsom claims that he gives 50% off to the cops with Gingival diseases, because he really respects the cops and care for them.

Dr Scott Newsom claims that using Arabic Miswak serves great benefits to your teeth like no other and the great tooth health of the Arabs is the proof. He adds that whereas inbred people generally have very bad teeth in general and roughly as much as 50% of the Arab population is inbred, their tooth health speaks otherwise. He further adds that out of all the Arab world, people of Oman have the best dental health.

Dr Scott Newsom is an idol family-man and recently when his wife demanded that he get the silver radiator cover in the kitchen replaced with black glass radiator covers, he did it almost instantly, and chose nothing but UK’s No.1 company for the purpose.

Dr Scott Newsom loves to read and study history as well and he was shocked to learn that in the prehistoric times and even in the ancient times, many dental diseases were believed to be a sign of the upcoming plague, especially in what is today called the Eastern Europe.

Dr Scott Newsom has some weird personal beliefs as well, including that the light-skinned people are more creative, intelligent and focused during the afternoons, but it is the opposite for the dark-skinned people. Although I don’t agree with him on this statement of Dr Scott Newsom, I am still going to read the upcoming ones by him, because they are very entertaining at the least.

Full-Time Plumber and Part-Time Blogger shares his 2 decades of Plumbing Repairs on his Infamous Blog

Jeffrey Sullivan is a full-time plumber and part-time blogger who writes on his blog that he is extremely happy that the garbage disposals in the past 5-6 years have become so advanced and reliable that the topmost garbage disposals that sell for at least over US $150, don’t ever face jamming problem, which was the most popular issue with the full-fledged plumbers back when he started his own plumbing service, which was over 2 decades ago.

Jeffrey is highly critical of the plumbing companies that recruit nothing but beautiful females to work for them irrespective of whether they are skilled, experienced or competent. Their only eligibility for plumbing repairs is that they are good-looking females and that’s all, and some plumbing service agencies and sadly many clients as well, are perfectly happy and content with it.

Jeffrey writes on his blog that not a day has gone buy in the past 2 decades, since he got his own plumbing repair service, that during the winter seasons, he didn’t get a call to repair at least 2 water heaters in a day.

Jeffrey claims on his blog that corroded toilet handles are the most common repairs that a plumber is called out for, in every season.

Jeffrey writes that hose bibbs have improved a lot lately, although not even near as popular as they once used to be, they don’t corrode or leak as much as they once used to.

Jeffrey warns that one must not buy pipes imported from the Republic of China if they are concerned about the pipe joint damage, even one bit. He adds that 98% of the times, the issue of pipe joint damage issue occurs with the pipes that were made in the Republic of China.

Podiatrist from Tampa suggested his wife to work from home, she listened to it and she can’t thank him enough for the same

Dr Mateo Hellwig is a Podiatrist from Tampa, Florida, who is extremely outspoken on the official website of his practice.

Dr Mateo claims on his blog that the Parliamentarians are more likely to get foot disorders compared to the men and women belonging to other professions. He adds that it is not sarcasm, lie, taunt, or anything similar, but a fact.

Dr Mateo claims on his blog that the veterans who fought in the Vietnam war have many unidentified foot disorders and it is a pity that most of the Podiatrists and their unions don’t seem much concerned about identifying those diseases and find a cure for the same, because it doesn’t serve much business. In fact, it will cost the government and the medical field more than what it would bring.

Dr Mateo claims on his blog that the people who work at gas stations are very likely to get foot disorders, especially after the age of 40, and that’s the reason he set his wife a work from home business, which has been fetching her 15 times the money that she made working at a gas station, and she is extremely happy and proud about being her own boss now, the comfort and luxury that comes with it and not to mention that she can now spend as much time as she wants with her kids.

Dr Mateo claims on his blog that the news reporters are very likely to get different foot disorders but the case is just the opposite for the news anchors.

Dr Mateo applauds the Orthopedic surgeons for bringing such great advancements in the field, which literally saves lives every year.

Dr Mateo has also been demanding death penalty for the Podiatrists and Orthopedic Surgeons with fake degrees for 3 years now, but it feels like this dream of his will remain a dream.

Vet from Joplin, MO, loves his wig as much as his 7 teacup dogs

Dr Simon Kent is a Veterinarian from Joplin, Missouri, who writes on the official blog of his practice that he is extremely happy about how far the cure and treatment for hydrophobia has come, but he believes that there’s still a lot to improve when it comes to the treatment and cure of hydrophobia. He is hopeful that the physicians working on finding better treatments for the hydrophobia will be successful and greatly so. He himself tries his best to find better cures or treatments for the diseases related to the pets, especially dogs. He is a firm believer of Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Dr Simon Kent claims that 1993-95 were the worst years for the canine coronavirus, but he is glad that everything has been almost roses in the regard, at least in the USA, ever since. He is very sad about the current coronavirus epidemic that has been going on in the Republic of China though.

Dr Simon Kent is a huge fan and lover of the teddybear puppies and that’s the reason why he owns 7 of those.

Dr Simon Kent has a bald-head and he takes it as a blessing, thanks to wigstoreonline.com. Dr Simon Kent says that he cannot imagine having hair as good naturally as the wig he bought with wigstoreonline.com

Dr Simon Kent claims that teddybear puppies are least likely to suffer with the Canine Parvovirus, because of the great care that their owners generally take of them, including himself.

Dr Simon Kent claims that he takes more personal care of each of his teddybear puppies than he did of any of his 4 kids.

Dr Simon Kent writes on his blog that the best thing about being the owner of teddybear puppies is that they are the least likely to get any sort of fungal infections, especially the ones that are transferable to humans if you take good care of them. He adds that none of his puppies got any such infection ever.

Full-Time Blogger from Bandung loves Morphology as much as he loves Cars

Bobby Diaz is an Auto Blogger from Bandung, Indonesia, who believes that the countdown of Nissan, Renault, Dacia, Datsun, Infiniti, Mitsubishi has started since their Ex-Boss of Nissan – Carlos Ghosn left as its CEO and went to the prison. Bobby further adds that the entire Japanese Auto Industry will never be the same now.

Bobby suspects whether Carlos Ghosn ever stole money from the Nissan. He believes that some of the functional Board of Directors in the Nissan presently are on the payroll of its competitors and the claim that Carlos Ghosn used to steal money from Nissan as its CEO is a conspiracy by Nissan’s rival to make it bankrupt for sure this time and with the bankruptcy of Nissan, the manufacturing standards of the other Japanese Car Makers including Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru will go drastically down as Bobby believes that Nissan is the brand that sets the benchmark for the Japanese cars around the world, not Honda or Toyota.

Bobby believes that the manufacturing standards of the Suzuki will remain the same even after Nissan is gone, because Suzuki has never been a position of competing with other car makers of Japan or any part of the world, and he also adds that if it weren’t for the market of India and its neighboring countries, Suzuki would have stopped making cars long ago, as everyone knows that making cars is not for the Suzuki. They can only make great scooters and motorcycles, but not cars.

Bobby writes on his blog that each socialite that he ever came across, drove a luxury European car, not for its technology but rather for the status symbol. He adds that many of those socialites didn’t even have the money to get their cars fixed.

Bobby loves to read stuff related to Morphology (Morfologi) when he is not studying cars, writing on one of his blogs, sleeping or eating.