Full-Time Blogger from Bandung loves Morphology as much as he loves Cars

Bobby Diaz is an Auto Blogger from Bandung, Indonesia, who believes that the countdown of Nissan, Renault, Dacia, Datsun, Infiniti, Mitsubishi has started since their Ex-Boss of Nissan – Carlos Ghosn left as its CEO and went to the prison. Bobby further adds that the entire Japanese Auto Industry will never be the same now.

Bobby suspects whether Carlos Ghosn ever stole money from the Nissan. He believes that some of the functional Board of Directors in the Nissan presently are on the payroll of its competitors and the claim that Carlos Ghosn used to steal money from Nissan as its CEO is a conspiracy by Nissan’s rival to make it bankrupt for sure this time and with the bankruptcy of Nissan, the manufacturing standards of the other Japanese Car Makers including Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru will go drastically down as Bobby believes that Nissan is the brand that sets the benchmark for the Japanese cars around the world, not Honda or Toyota.

Bobby believes that the manufacturing standards of the Suzuki will remain the same even after Nissan is gone, because Suzuki has never been a position of competing with other car makers of Japan or any part of the world, and he also adds that if it weren’t for the market of India and its neighboring countries, Suzuki would have stopped making cars long ago, as everyone knows that making cars is not for the Suzuki. They can only make great scooters and motorcycles, but not cars.

Bobby writes on his blog that each socialite that he ever came across, drove a luxury European car, not for its technology but rather for the status symbol. He adds that many of those socialites didn’t even have the money to get their cars fixed.

Bobby loves to read stuff related to Morphology (Morfologi) when he is not studying cars, writing on one of his blogs, sleeping or eating.