Vet from Joplin, MO, loves his wig as much as his 7 teacup dogs

Dr Simon Kent is a Veterinarian from Joplin, Missouri, who writes on the official blog of his practice that he is extremely happy about how far the cure and treatment for hydrophobia has come, but he believes that there’s still a lot to improve when it comes to the treatment and cure of hydrophobia. He is hopeful that the physicians working on finding better treatments for the hydrophobia will be successful and greatly so. He himself tries his best to find better cures or treatments for the diseases related to the pets, especially dogs. He is a firm believer of Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Dr Simon Kent claims that 1993-95 were the worst years for the canine coronavirus, but he is glad that everything has been almost roses in the regard, at least in the USA, ever since. He is very sad about the current coronavirus epidemic that has been going on in the Republic of China though.

Dr Simon Kent is a huge fan and lover of the teddybear puppies and that’s the reason why he owns 7 of those.

Dr Simon Kent has a bald-head and he takes it as a blessing, thanks to Dr Simon Kent says that he cannot imagine having hair as good naturally as the wig he bought with

Dr Simon Kent claims that teddybear puppies are least likely to suffer with the Canine Parvovirus, because of the great care that their owners generally take of them, including himself.

Dr Simon Kent claims that he takes more personal care of each of his teddybear puppies than he did of any of his 4 kids.

Dr Simon Kent writes on his blog that the best thing about being the owner of teddybear puppies is that they are the least likely to get any sort of fungal infections, especially the ones that are transferable to humans if you take good care of them. He adds that none of his puppies got any such infection ever.