Full-Time Plumber and Part-Time Blogger shares his 2 decades of Plumbing Repairs on his Infamous Blog

Jeffrey Sullivan is a full-time plumber and part-time blogger who writes on his blog that he is extremely happy that the garbage disposals in the past 5-6 years have become so advanced and reliable that the topmost garbage disposals that sell for at least over US $150, don’t ever face jamming problem, which was the most popular issue with the full-fledged plumbers back when he started his own plumbing service, which was over 2 decades ago.

Jeffrey is highly critical of the plumbing companies that recruit nothing but beautiful females to work for them irrespective of whether they are skilled, experienced or competent. Their only eligibility for plumbing repairs is that they are good-looking females and that’s all, and some plumbing service agencies and sadly many clients as well, are perfectly happy and content with it.

Jeffrey writes on his blog that not a day has gone buy in the past 2 decades, since he got his own plumbing repair service, that during the winter seasons, he didn’t get a call to repair at least 2 water heaters in a day.

Jeffrey claims on his blog that corroded toilet handles are the most common repairs that a plumber is called out for, in every season.

Jeffrey writes that hose bibbs have improved a lot lately, although not even near as popular as they once used to be, they don’t corrode or leak as much as they once used to.

Jeffrey warns that one must not buy pipes imported from the Republic of China if they are concerned about the pipe joint damage, even one bit. He adds that 98% of the times, the issue of pipe joint damage issue occurs with the pipes that were made in the Republic of China.