Dentist from Lancashire fears his wife like a plaque and those expensive black glass radiator covers in her kitchen are the proof

Dr Scott Newsom is a Dentist from Lancashire, England, who claims on his blog that low-sugar diet is literally overrated when it comes to preventing dental problems.

Dr Scott Newsom also claims on his blog that the cops are more prone to tooth loss on an average but they are 3 times less likely to get Gingival diseases compared to the people belonging to other professions. Dr Scott Newsom claims that he gives 50% off to the cops with Gingival diseases, because he really respects the cops and care for them.

Dr Scott Newsom claims that using Arabic Miswak serves great benefits to your teeth like no other and the great tooth health of the Arabs is the proof. He adds that whereas inbred people generally have very bad teeth in general and roughly as much as 50% of the Arab population is inbred, their tooth health speaks otherwise. He further adds that out of all the Arab world, people of Oman have the best dental health.

Dr Scott Newsom is an idol family-man and recently when his wife demanded that he get the silver radiator cover in the kitchen replaced with black glass radiator covers, he did it almost instantly, and chose nothing but UK’s No.1 company for the purpose.

Dr Scott Newsom loves to read and study history as well and he was shocked to learn that in the prehistoric times and even in the ancient times, many dental diseases were believed to be a sign of the upcoming plague, especially in what is today called the Eastern Europe.

Dr Scott Newsom has some weird personal beliefs as well, including that the light-skinned people are more creative, intelligent and focused during the afternoons, but it is the opposite for the dark-skinned people. Although I don’t agree with him on this statement of Dr Scott Newsom, I am still going to read the upcoming ones by him, because they are very entertaining at the least.