Flourishing Computer Peripheral Company from the Indian Subcontinent relies on Integral-Concepts for Statistical Analysis

Tigoxeronics started off as a software development company, but today it is one of the greatest computer peripheral manufacturers in the Indian subcontinent.

The founders at the Tigoxeronics claim on the company’s official blog that no matter how big their company becomes, they are never going to pay a celebrity for their brand’s advertisement or endorsement of any other sort. They believe that paying a celebrity for a brand’s endorsement in this age of the internet and when there are 10, 000 more productive and different ways to promote your brand, which even employees tons of people.

The founders at the Tigoxeronics believe that using celebrities is a sign of the chiefs of a company being lazy enough to not using any innovative methods to promote their brand. They add that it is also shows how much of their precious revenue or capital money such brands are willing to throw away on advertisements rather than using the same to improve their product or for better Statistical Analysis.

Tigoxeronics aims to become the next Apple Inc. in terms of the innovation and the vision, and the founding family is confident that they are greater of a visionary than the Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak combined. They say that the reason why they haven’t become as big of a success as an Apple Inc., is because they aren’t an American company. Otherwise, their innovations could have achieved the same popularity as the Apple inc.

Tigoxeronics recently established manufacturing unit in the nation of Albania as well. The founder of Tigoxeronics believes that Albania holds a great future which the mainstream media and most industrialists and business people don’t acknowledge, which is good for themselves as it gives them an edge over the competition.