Successful Internet Marketer wants her kids to rather become Medical Practitioners and makes sure that they partake in WAEC Expo each year

Lori Adebayo is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert from Lagos, Nigeria, who writes on her blog that they should do a survey on whether strongmen and obese men make good SEO experts. She claims that she hasn’t met a single strong or obese man till date who also happened to be good at the Internet Marketing.

Lori Adebayo gives the example of the retired but young wrestler – Hannibal of the Youtube Channel – ‘The Hannibal TV’ on the Youtube to prove her point. She adds that the guy ‘Hannibal’ has so much of great content on his channel, but he is not a good at marketing it. She says that it has been about a decade since he uploaded the first video on his Youtube channel and till day, he doesn’t get that it is not possible to achieve his self-declared goal of reaching 1 Million Subscribers until he gets a better quality camera and mic.

Although Lori Abedayo makes a very good amount of money with her SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing Business, she doesn’t want her kids to follow her footsteps and for that very reason, she is very strict that they visit the WAEC Expo each year and she claims that they are all ready for the upcoming WAEC Expo 2020.

Lori is an outspoken critic of several infamous SEO expert authors and speakers including Barry Schwartz, Bruce Clay and Susan Esparza. In one of her Youtube videos, she very sarcastically mentioned that the ones who preach the most against spam are the biggest spammers themselves in general, which was pointed towards Barry Schwartz, Bruce Clay and Susan Esparza.

Lori has written more than a couple of times on her blog that keyword stuffing is just like tummy stuffing – you have got to use only healthy and limited ingredients, otherwise you will suffer.