SEO Expert from Cincinnati had no Idea that his Dad wanted him to Succeed in his ‘Watch Business’ until they Played a Game of ‘Truth or Dare’ Together

Nathan Traylor is a SEO expert from Cincinnati, Ohio, who happened to get into the SEO business accidentally. He was instead learning coding in the University. He writes on his blog that if he didn’t know how to code, he could have never become a success in the SEO business. He claims to have never disappointed a local or international client of his, which is hard to believe for the most, but looking at the success of his business and his expensive Italian tailored suits, it seems believable for the most of the part.

Nathan claims that the Twitter ads have been serving far much greater ROI on an average than the Facebook ads for over past 3 years now. He adds that it used to be the opposite case until about 3 years ago.

Nathan’s father, who is no more now, used to own a pretty-well-known watch store in Cincinnati, OH, itself, which he put in the name of his daughter (Nathan’s half-sister), before his death. Nathan had no idea that his father wanted him to succeed him in his watch business until they played the game of ‘Truth or Dare’ once and his father accepted this. Nathan loves to play the game of Truth or Dare with almost everyone that he is familiar with, be it his friends, family, girlfriend, he perhaps know each and every website that has some ‘Good Dares Over Text Message‘ in the English language.

Nathan has already written 3 free eBooks on the SEO and Internet Marketing and from the next week on, he is going to start to write the fourth one from the first week of the next month (April, 2020) on.