Glasgow IM Expert believes that watching Japanese dramas online is the best way to learn the Japanese language without a guru

Bruce Handler is an Internet Marketing and SEO Expert from Glasgow, England, who believes that the Macedonian SEO experts are extremely overrated. He says that he didn’t care about Macedonian SEO experts at all until he met some of those on Fiverr. He says that his experience has always been great with the experts on though.

Bruce has been trying to learn the Japanese language for a while now and he believes that there is nothing better and more entertaining than watching Japanese drama (nonton dorama jepang) for the same.

Bruce believes that India is one of the worst countries to be having to do with anything online, especially when you are an internet marketing expert. He says that both the clients and the internet marketing agencies there suck.

Bruce writes on his blog that anyone who claims to be a pro in ranking for the Google Images Results but says that cannot rank for Google Search Results is an obvious liar. He claims to have confronted several such so-called fake experts and still regularly does. He also says that his new and sometimes even old clients tell horror stories that have to do with such experts.

Bruce personally hates the behavioral search and personalization, but says that whoever invented it was a genius without a doubt. He believes that it wasn’t the idea of neither of the founders of Google – Sergey Brinn or Larry Page, but rather some female employee at Google Inc, who was thought of an average employee until she presented this idea of hers to the founders and she was ultimately promoted to a rank that she herself didn’t expect.