Chaste catholic young man is learning simple origami for his future kids

Alex Ahlman is a catholic Swede who never married and is still a virgin and claims that he will remain a virgin until he gets married but he wants to marry an unchaste woman in the future. Alex thinks about his marriage, his future wife and kids all the time. He has already started practicing the art of simple origami which he will teach his kids and play with them to help develop their cognitive abilities faster.

Alex is not lazy but he has a very bad addiction of procrastinating things since he was little. He is a little weird sometimes as well. Once he decided to learn stenography, he started going to a steno school that taught Pitman shorthand, the complete course was 6 months long, only after 15 days, Alex felt like he was wasting his time doing the course and stopped going there altogether. The same thing happened when he decided to learn website designing. The complete website designing course was 3 month long, Alex went to the school for 1 month and after 1 month he decided that it would be stupid to go there anymore, he wasn’t able to learn and apply any of that information and thought that it would be easier for him to create websites with weebly.

Alex’s brother Patrick is quite the opposite of Alex. Patrick is a go-getter. He already has a wife, 3 kids and he is very vigilant and concerned about his family. He only puts wallpapers on his computer and mobile phones that remind him about his family responsibilities all the time. He jumps right into a business that seems profitable and requires little or no investment and doesn’t stop working hard on it unless he becomes successful.

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