Waitress got her stunning luxury wedding dress on a loan

Nguyet is a 26 years young waitress working at one of the most popular restaurants of the Hanoi city. I wouldn’t name the restaurant here, but I can give you a hint that it is in the Hoan Kiem area and its name starts with M. Okay, so our lovely Nguyet is getting married this year and she wanted a stunning bridal dress for her wedding day. Of course, she cannot buy it straight away, she will have to try thue vay cuoi, as they say in the Vietnamese language.

There is no discrimination made at the Fiance Bridal store of the Hanoi city whether you pay all the amount for your wedding dress in cash or you take a loan for it. The quality of the wedding dress is always top notch.

Let me just give you the example of how well they treated Nguyet. Nguyet just showed them the picture of the dress that she wanted and they designed her dress from the scratch, exclusively for her. She asked for some extra straps as well and they did it for her. It is basically a luxury sort of a wedding dress with Chiffon bridal skirt.

When the dress arrived at Nguyet’s house, it completely blew her mind away. Everyone on her special day was astonished at how can a waitress afford such a marvelous piece of design. She was looking nothing less than a princess and everyone was in an awe. Her parents are proud of her.

Many ladies were selling their used wedding dresses on the internet, on the Reddit and on the other websites, but Nguyet wanted something never worn and something made exclusively for her and she went for it. This is what we call willpower and where there is a will, there is a way.

Only listen to the professionals for best advice on hair loss

There is a notion that the teenagers in the older times used not lose their hair as the teenagers of 21st century do. This is absolutely false. There are several top actors of the 50s and 60s that were completely bald.

Take Yul Brynner for example. The dude started losing his hair when he was only 15. He dated and married several top beauties of the Hollywood though. How many more he could have if he was never bald!

People will tell you so many ways to get your hair back, but the best for hair loss tips can only be given by some professional only. Look for real medical professional’s advice when it comes to getting your hair back.

They will tell you which shampoo to use. See, medical professionals are very busy people. They do their best to ensure that people get knowledge without having to visit a doctor. One guy for example, he is still in college, he started losing his hair. He started crying and was so hesitant to go to the college too.

He started fearing to lose his girlfriend as well. Stupid adolescent guys! I have been there too. Anyways, his brother noticed his hair loss and he is an Internet marketing professional. So, the brother of the balding guy knew where to look for the right advice. He looked for the right advice on the right websites and he found out about a shampoo that really cured his younger brother of hair loss.

If you are looking for tips on anything, be it hair loss, skin problems, PCOD, PCOS, just anything, look at the right places, don’t fall for any website that you come across. Stay on the safe and progressive side, only trust reliable doctors’ websites.

Exercise Bike Company’s rags to riches story

R & R Sports Pvt Ltd (name changed) is a company based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, that started manufacturing exercise bikes the last year. They have great quality exercise bikes and they were very optimistic that they are going to be one of the most popular in the business soon enough. To their surprise, it wasn’t as easy as they expected it to be. Already there are thousands of companies that manufacture exercise bikes and only a handful of them are profitable.

The statistics made them very sad when they saw that only 2% of the companies in the business are making real profits, 80% of the companies make profit, but the margin is too low, and 18% of the companies are facing losses.

R & R Sports is a family business. One of the members of the family suggested looking for a marketing company that really does what it promises. They looked for a marketing company all over the internet. Checked thousands of those, but only mtsyconsulting facebook appealed to them.

R & R Sports got in touch with the marketing company. The marketing company quoted them a much lesser price than they expected. They went ahead with it, and within a couple of months, they started seeing themselves becoming more popular on the internet everyday.

R & R Sports had no idea that MTSY Consulting will be able to make them so popular in such a short span of time. R & R Sports thought that they are just another marketing company which MTSY is not.

Today, after about an year later, R & R Sports is one of the topmost exercise bikes manufacturer in the United States. They are so glad that they took the decision to outsource their marketing to MTSY and anybody who does the same will be glad in the future.

Young Air Stewardess enjoying her life more than ever

Sandra is a 25 years young air stewardess. Sandra’s dream was always to become an air-stewardess. When all of her friends were dreaming of becoming actresses, supermodels or doctors, Sandra dreamed of becoming an air-stewardess. To her good fortune, her dream became a reality.

Everything was going well. Sandra was enjoying her life to the fullest and each day was a day in paradise for her until she lost a tooth. All of Sandra’s confidence went down the drain. She was scared of opening her mouth. She would think all the time what the others are thinking about her. Are they laughing on her back?

When the passengers would laugh talking to each other, Sandra would think that they are laughing looking at her missing tooth. When 2 female passengers would laugh chatting, Sandra thought that they are laughing at Sandra’s missing tooth and would get furious but control her anger.

Sandra once called her father while she was in France and told him the whole story. Her father laughed at her and said “What is there to worry about? Just come back and we will get you dental implants Mill Creek WA.”

Sandra listened to her father’s advice and did what he told her to. She went to Mill Creek, Washington, the moment she reached back to the United States and got the implants done. Everything is great now. Her implanted tooth even looks better than what the original one used to.

Sandra is now more confident and feels more precious than ever. She is even planning to start her own little school where she would guide the aspiring stewardesses.

Sandra has also got a couple of proposals from some self-made millionaires to marry her, but she is not interested currently. She wants to focus on her work only.

Sandra has a couple of hobbies though, her favorite one being fishing and she never forgets to take along one of the best spinning reels that she has.

Ford Car Dealership salesman turned into the owner of his own second hand car dealership

A Ford dealership in Malaysia was celebrating selling 10, 000 cars in less than a decade, but an employee  (we will call him Aryan here) was hating his life more than ever on that occasion. He was rejected by a girl who worked with her at the dealership and he loved him so much. To make him jealous further, she started a relationship with Aryan’s best friend. The relationship soon turned into a marriage and Aryan was invited but he didn’t go there.

He drank all that night and cried. Aryan called one of his best friends and told him that he wanted to end his life. Aryan’s friend told him “Don’t worry, I am coming to your home.”

Aryan’s best friend reached his home and offered him some Ubat Kuat. Aryan took that and he forgot all about that girl and understood what is life and the meaning of it for the very first time.

Aryan started making more sales at the dealership than any other salesman. He was getting bonuses. He was getting raises. He was on top of the world. He even planned to start his own second hand cars dealership in partnership with one of his best friends.

Aryan is now spending all of his time after coming back home from work in planning the best location, advertisement and other stuff required to start his own second hand cars dealership. Before, he used to spend all the time after coming back home to play video games or watch television. He has finished each GTA game over 100 times and he used to be very proud of that.

Egyptian Plastic Toy Companies getting their products manufactured at Dongguan

Asyut Air Toys (name changed) is an Egyptian toy company that used to manufacture its own toys until the year 2016. The company was suffering huge losses and the chiefs were planning to shut down the company forever until a nephew of the chairman told him that Republic of China is the place where they can outsource the plastic mold work to and keep the distribution and sales stuff in their own hands.

The chairman gave the task to his nephew to find the perfect plastic mold company to keep the company running. The nephew (we will call him Khufu here although his real name is different), went to China the next week to look for the perfect manufacturer for his uncle’s company.

Khufu checked most of the plastic molding companies in major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Taipei, Guangzhou, and Tianjin, but didn’t find the quality to be even near to what he expected.

The Asyut Air Toys perhaps produces the best quality plastic toys in the country of Egypt or maybe the whole Arab world. Khufu didn’t want to go back and answer his uncle that he came back disappointed, so he started researching the internet. He came across a factory in the city of Dongguan that looked very professional to him. He called up on the given number and fixed a meeting with them. Khufu was in Taipei at the time, he took a flight to Dongguan straight and reached there just to find out that some of the top American and European toy companies too are getting their toys manufactured there.

Khufu was sure that he has found the perfect manufacturer for his uncle’s products. Khufu ordered them the first 10, 000 units and went back to Egypt with a couple of prototypes. Khufu’s uncle was more than happy to see the prototypes, and now within 2 years of dealing with that Dongguan manufacturer, they are back to where they were in the year 2010. The days of glory and profits!

Financial Analysts are drooling over this guide on how to sell on Amazon

Do you know a financial analyst personally? If the answer is yes, then you must be well aware of the fact that financial analysts just experiment their ideas on you and they don’t know of any certain money making method. I know several of those financial analysts personally and they do nothing but experiment their ideas upon you, if the idea works, they pop up as your competitor after a while and if it doesn’t work, then they don’t tell that idea to anyone else. If you don’t know any financial analyst personally and you have a little bit of intelligence, the first question that must come to your mind is if they knows so much and is certain about their ideas so much and knows how to make it work, why don’t they use it for themselves?

One such financial analyst was Rashmi Chadha. After losing her job at one of the top pension funds company, Rashmi was hopeless. After staying idle for a month, she decided to become an independent financial analyst. She struggled to get a client for 3 months, but failed. Went into depression and subscribed to r/depression as well.

She mentioned her story in the r/depression and one of the random Reddit members who wanted to help her, sent her the guide on how to sell on Amazon for beginners. Rashmi had some bitcoins which she could cash out to invest in starting an Amazon business. She read the guide very carefully and with full concentration. She discovered that it is too easy to sell on Amazon. She started buying cheap toys for kids from India and started selling them on Amazon USA. Now, she is making double the amount of money that she did while working on her financial analyst job.

Don’t take loan for a Macbook, there are better options under 1000 USD

If you are an engineering student, you definitely need a laptop. Most engineering students look for a laptop that is cheap to buy along with great functionality, reliability (you don’t want to lose your important saved files), longevity, and nice build quality (durability).

You don’t have to worry about buying a laptop that would be rightly functional according to the needs of your job once you get employed, the IT companies issue their employees a suitable laptop according to the needs of the job.

If you look for the answers on websites like Reddit or Quora, they will mostly suggest you a Macbook. Macbook is good, but it is extremely expensive and not worth the price. Most engineering students cannot afford it and the guys or girls that you see in your college carrying one are either very rich or bought one on a loan. If you are already reading this post, there is no need for you to buy a Macbook if you don’t have budget over 1000 US Dollars. We are going to tell you about the best laptop for engineering students under 1000. So just keep reading.

Toy Store Owner making a prosperous living with the help of radar detector


Anthony is a delivery boy working for his own online toy retailing company that he started in 2014. Anthony lives in Indianapolis and his company also delivers toys to Indianapolis only. He has a low budget and prefers to do the delivery himself. The main selling point of his toys is the delivery within 24 hours guarantee. Anthony also owns a toy store in the Shadeland Ave. His brick and mortar toy store is only able to pay up the rent and electricity bill that it generates each month. Anthony’s online business is the only thing that makes him money and he saves a lot by delivering the products himself. Anthony wouldn’t have been able to give 24 hours delivery guarantee if it wasn’t for the wonderful radar detector that he bought through get10best. He delivers them toys like a genie.

Anthony only started getting these crazy sales in the year 2017. Before that, he used to make only enough to survive. Anthony used to be single and that also helped him survive in the business. Before the May of 2017, Anthony used to deliver the toys within 5 days and that’s what was written on all the pages of his website that the products would be delivered to you within 5 days of the order date. He would get very less orders due to this and it took him almost 2 years to understand the fact why it was so and another few months to get a solution to the problem.

Since, he got the new radar detector, he has been driving his Ford truck without any worries at the speed required to deliver the toys to the kids. Anthony now makes the kids and himself as happy as he could. He also has a girlfriend now.

Using Streaming Websites to learn French language will take you a long way


Learning a new language through going to a language school is an outdated method. Modern people are learning new languages through streaming vf websites and they are loving it. You just need an internet connection, no tuition fees, no need to be on time, just go to the streaming website and start learning immediately. This is very unfortunate for the language teachers, but customer (learner) is the king and he has chosen streaming websites over the teacher here.

I know the language teachers are suffering, but what can we do. The streaming websites are so good at what they do. You can have a good time and learn a new language simultaneously. Who would want to escape that for a boring language class?

The genius level people take only a few months to learn an extra language using streaming websites. For example, if you speak German already, then it shouldn’t take you more than 4-5 months to learn French using streaming websites if you watch your favorite TV programs in the French language for 2-3 hours a day.

Streaming websites are unmatched when it comes to learning while having fun.