Ex-Victoria Secret Model got hair transplant done in Istanbul, Turkey

River Horvath (name changed) is a 38 year old Slovakian woman who used to be a model in her early 20s. River modeled for several magazines, Victoria’s secret, Fendi and several other international brands throughout that short span of 5 years and some months.

River has always been an extremely beauty conscious woman since her early teens. She was one of the most beautiful girls in her school and had all the guys drooling for her and all the girls jealous of her.

River never married but had several boyfriends. Her current boyfriend is a Slovakian tycoon and he is madly in love with River. When River told him that she is losing hair on her head and wants to get a hair transplant, her boyfriend gave his secretaries the task to find out the best hair transplant clinic in the world. After 6 days, the secretaries came back with the information that Istanbul, Turkey is where the best hair transplant (Haartransplantation) specialists are located and Dr T Hair Clinic is the king of them all.

River’s boyfriend booked the most expensive package for both of them to the Istanbul, Turkey so that River can get her hair transplant done and they both can enjoy a little honeymoon in Turkey as well. Everything went as planned in advance. Today, River has more and better quality hair than ever before and she has always had some of the most gorgeous hair naturally. More women are envious of her today than ever before and she grabs more attention of men than she ever did before.

Yogyakarta is one of the most underrated honeymoon destinations

In developing countries like the countries of Indian subcontinent, a woman believes her life is done once she gets married and a man believes that his life is done when he gets a job/inherits a small business or start making money in any immoral way.

Rajesh Tripathi (name changed) is a 35 year old Indian man who was born in New Delhi and shifted to Bengaluru, Karnataka just about 4 years ago. Rajesh got married to his second cousin when he was 26. That’s how it works in South India, most marriages are held between the first and second cousins. Maybe more than 40%.

Rajesh Tripathi used to be a freeloader raccoon before getting married. His parents were always worried about him and his one and only sister too would always taunt him in order to make him find a job or start a small business.

Rajesh Tripathi went to Yogyakarta for the honeymoon with his wife. They found the best paket wisata jogja company (Jogja tour package company) and their honeymoon couldn’t have been better.

Rajesh’s wife was pregnant by the time they came back from the honeymoon. The news of becoming a father literally made Rajesh jumping to and fro in excitement. Before Rajesh just used to know how to function and how to operate, that’s all. He had no creative potential. He used to be a spectator, that’s all.

Rajesh experienced very extreme pains, rejection and tough times throughout his teen life and that’s what made him dull. Rajesh has some stupid beliefs and he believes that killing plants is murder. During his teenage years, he used to live next to a slaughterhouse, he couldn’t breathe the air there, the river was so polluted as well. He considers that to be one of the worst times in his life.

Private Chemistry Tutor in Adelaide, South Australia lost weight magically

Onika is a private chemistry tutor in Adelaide aka South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital. Onika has been teaching chemistry privately for over 8 years now. As much as Onika cares about her students and loves the chemistry, she does care about her appearance and loves to see herself getting better-looking only. But unfortunately, Onika gained a lot of weight after giving birth to her first child and she would do anything to get back to her previous shape. So, she hired a personal trailer Adelaide and would you be surprised to know that she successfully lost half of the weight and fat she gained only within 3 months?

Onika once used to teach this teenager whose crazy and filthy rich parents used to bug, wiretap and monitor Onika. Onika always had an idea that something is wrong but she discovered what was going too late. She had no proof of it so that she could sue them.

Onika traveled to India during the winters of 2017. She loved the Marina Beach of Chennai and Kovalam Beach of Thiruvananthapuram.

Onika says that the private tuition industry has been experience a much slower growth rate compared to most other industries and she needs to either do something very creative or start another business in order to make a more comfortable living.

Onika has some crazy beliefs including (i) Flying saucers exist, (ii) Dictatorship is preferable over democracy and monarchy, (iii) The world is nothing but a dog-eat-dog society, (iv) The men with muscle and money are better in almost every field than the men who don’t possess muscle and money, (v) Universe is always expanding, (vi) Tough-talking gentlemen are the best lovers.

Scranton City Small Businessman turned into a millionaire overnight

Garry is a strongman who is very strong physically, morally, psychologically, mentally and now financially too. Garry very firmly believes that weak people have no chance in the world. Garry is originally from the Scranton city in Pennsylvania but living in the gorgeous coastal city called Olinda in Brazil for the past 6 and a half years.

Garry used to own a grocery store in Scranton, Pennsylvania inherited from his grandfather. He sold that grocery store after running it for a couple of years to a very large grocery store chain that was interested in buying Garry’s store. It was a very popular store in the center of one of the oldest downtown markets of Scranton city. Garry’s grandfather opened the store back in 1965 when Scranton was like a village. Anyways, after selling the store out, Garry traveled to Olinda, Brazil and opened a department store there. The store was rented and had 9 employees working. Garry bought the store in the April of this year and no, the money didn’t come from the income generated from the department store but a few million Brazilian Reals that he won at Rio de Prêmios (River of Awards).

Garry is also getting an Igloo style house built with the remaining money. It is amazing how money can change your life in such a short span of time and make you so happy. Garry hates it when people become morally corrupt after becoming rich overnight. It has been opposite with Garry. He has been doing a lot of charity work since he earned those millions. He recently donated to an organization that does welfare work for the lepers.

Mormon Salesperson hates Shower Soap Scums

Amelia loves to make arguments and she loves drama. Amelia is always busy upgrading. Amelia too badly wants to go back to the 18th century. Amelia’s parents worked at a factory. Amelia was born in a Mormon family and she has been continuing the tradition.

Amelia recently went to India and she thinks it is a shit hole. She stayed in a 3 star hotel in New Delhi and there were soap scums everywhere in the shower. Luckily, at her home, Amelia uses the best of the best shower soap scum remover. Amelia doesn’t like to travel internationally because she suffers from height phobia but she traveled to India believing that she will have some extraordinary spiritual experience. She didn’t have any spiritual experience of any sort, just bad experience.

Amelia hates the Larry King live interviews and she doesn’t understand what people like about that show. Amelia strongly believes that modern audience is the culprit for poor television dramas and reality shows. She says that the sponsors should completely eliminate investing in television and reality shows.

Amelia’s father used to be a bureaucrat. Amelia works for one of the topmost marketing companies in the United States and she is one of the top 5% salesperson in her company.

Amelia recently broke up with her long term boyfriend. They used to live in a live-in relationship before it all went downhill. Amelia is planning to open her department store in the downtown area of her city. There is so much money in the department industry, it is a big commercial game and Amelia really thinks that she can make it there. Her success in the company she works at has really raised up her confidence to a new level which is a great thing but I personally think that she is being overconfident here.

Des Moines Man traveled all the way to Istanbul for Hair Transplant

Phil’s grandfather used to be a popular B Movie Director and Phil hates B movies. Phil’s grandmother sometimes used to write dialogue for Phil’s grandfather’s movies and she did a better job than most professionals. She was only moody but extremely creative. She would only write when she was really in the mood for it.

Phil’s father was always too much concerned with the financial security. Phil’s grandfather wanted his son to become a film actor but he wasn’t interested. Phil loves to prank everyone.

Phil has this peculiar quality of predicting weather that astonishes almost everyone. Whenever Phil finds himself in a chaotic situation, he likes to eat an ice cream.

One thing that was putting this always happy gentleman Phil into depression was his hair loss. From the age of 22, Phil started witnessing hair loss which was bothering him a lot. At the age of 36, he decided to get a hair transplant done. He was almost bald when he opted for a hair transplant, but if you see his hair transplant before and after 5000 grafts pictures, you will be astonished.

Phil lives in the Des Moines city and the capital of Iowa state of United States. He was about to go for the transplant to a Des Moines doctor who is very popular on the Youtube as well until Phil’s best friend Maria told him about the Dr T Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Phil thought of enjoying a vacation along with the transplant by the best in the field doctor is a good idea. He went for it and here he is. You won’t believe that it’s the same person. He looks amazing after getting the transplant done.

Arizona Biohacker experiments all day with Biohacking while Financial Planners bring profits on her lap

Miriam is a 27 year young fitness freak. Miriam was born to an Arab mother and an American father in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Miriam currently lives in Arizona and she is loving her life more than ever before. For the past couple of weeks, Miriam has been spending most of her day in making a Youtube video. Miriam has been running a fitness Youtube channel for over a year now and she has been receiving nothing but positive comments and likes on almost all her videos from the very beginning. Her channel is really hopping but it is still far away from bringing enough profits on Miriam’s lap.

Since Miriam was 12, she has been experimenting with nootropics, biohacking and stuff like that. She spends most of her time researching on nootropics, biohacking, TRT, and other things like that.

Most of the 2014, Miriam experimented with living on a carnivorous diet. She only lived on meat plus water until she figured out that it was unhealthy.

All of 2015, she experimented with fasting. She tried juice fasting, diagnostic fasts, intermittent fasts, liquid protein fasts, partial fasts, cleansing fasts, absolute fasts, black fasts, Hebrew fasts, Hindu fasts, Islamic fasts, you name it. Result: She discovered fasting ain’t healthy and you should eat in moderation everyday rather.

In 2016, Miriam did a lot of experimenting with eating grains. She also avoided mint altogether in that year because she heard somewhere that it reduces estrogen.

One thing that Miriam hasn’t changed for years is walking her dog everyday and not eating processed foods at all.

So, you may be wondering now, when does Miriam work to make a living? She doesn’t work for making money at all. Her Youtube channel only makes her a couple hundred dollars a month which doesn’t even make up half of her electricity bills. Well, Miriam inherited a few hundred thousand dollars from her parents when they died and she did a prudent thing of investing most of that money in Financial Planner Prescott AZ. The financial planners do all the work for Miriam, while Miriam stays busy experimenting with her crazy biohacks, nootropics and strange diets.

Saintly Young Man from Lucknow studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Dhruv is a very chaste, noble and decent young guy from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Dhruv hates the teenagers who text and change music while driving. He considers tobacco and nicotine as the gateway drugs and never tried any of it. He doesn’t even drink any sort of caffeinated products including tea, coffee, pepsi, diet coca cola, etc.

Dhruv took Biology with Physics and Chemistry in the senior high school and tried his best to get an admission in a medical college in India but couldn’t get it, so he had to go study MBBS in Bangladesh.

Dhruv doesn’t like yelling at a cloud but recently he had a brawl with his roommate who owns his own car. This roommate of Dhruv was checking his Instagram while driving and was about to cross a red light, Dhruv started yelling at him and the fight began. They are finding it hard to live in the same room together now.

Dhruv does his laundry himself and is very different from the young men of his own generation in many ways. Many call him “Mr. Saint” including his friends and family. It is funny how the apartment he lives in is named “Spiritual City”. A professor in Dhruv’s college calls him Swami Vivekananda.

Dhruv is now growing a beard because someone told him that it absorbs energy from the sun and he wants to try it. Although medical science doesn’t approve any such claims and perhaps never will. He is also currently busy studying the behavior of crows. Dhruv is a hardcore believer in no pain no gain.

In my own personal opinion, Dhruv is not Swami Vivekananda but young Tenali Raman. He is very sharp and dimwitted with a sense of humor.

Liberal turned conservative loves to hit the gym in his Madoxx activewear

Ted Lawson, have you heard that name before? I am sure you have. This Ted that I am talking about used to be such a great fan of Ted Lawson played by Dick Christie in the show Small Wonder that he decided to name his son after him. Their surname is Lawson, so it fit perfectly. Ted doesn’t like his name, especially because he was named after a television show character.

Ted believes in simple living. Ted is 26 now and he used to avoid doing any sort of hard-work until life hit him so hard. Ted got overweight, his parents’ financial situation worsened and a couple of other negative things happened to him simultaneously.

Ted used to be an atheist until the age of 22, but recently he turned towards God. He also now hits the gym regularly and he wears nothing to the gym but his favorite active wear that he bought from MadOxx.

Ted has also turned from a hardcore liberal to a hardcore conservative. Ted considers pornography, LGBT community, abortion, contraceptives and lots of other things a threat to the civilization and humans now. The funny thing is that he used to be in favor of all these things until just a few years ago and would actively participate in the forums and chat rooms discussing how they could spread a word in favor of liberalism to as many people as possible.

Recently, Ted gifted a funny gift to his mother, can you guess what? New curtains. It is ironic that Ted has a Jewish background from the maternal side. Jews are supposed to be liberals whereas Ted is a hardcore feminist.

Ted’s father used to be a real estate developer before the recent downfall of the real estate industry. He is now looking to invest in some other business.

British Columbia Amazon Self Publisher window shops on Amazon but orders from The Pample Mousse

Mathis is a Kelowna boy who doesn’t like to do any work. He just wants to lay down all day on the couch and watch television.

Mathis recently enjoyed a free trip to Italy with his girlfriend. She paid all the bills and the plane ticket. Mathis was just busy enjoying his free honeymoon. They also did lots of tarantella, Sardinian ballu tundu and the Neapolitan Saltarello.

After coming back Mathis decided to start self publishing Amazon books. It has been 2 months since then and Mathis is still writing his first book. He claims that it is going to be a bestseller the week it is launched. We are yet to see that. I personally don’t think that it is going to be a ‘bestseller’ because he has no previous experience of writing any books and he is just doing it for the money although he is doing his best to make it interesting and entertaining.

Mathis has got this addiction of checking out his Facebook and window shopping on Amazon. Recently, he ordered a pair of cheap wireless headphones from the Pample Mousse. It is funny how he window shopped all day and all night on the Amazon and finally ordered something from the Pample Mousse.

Mathis was raised by a single mother. His mother was involved with the hippie culture and Hinduism. She spent loads of money on the ashrams and especially the Rajneeshpuram in Oregon, US. She was even planning to go to Haridwar and Varanasi, India in hope to get enlightened. Luckily, she was bankrupt by the time she was about to book her tickets to India.

Mathis’ father was of Yugoslavian ancestry. He used to be a weight lifter and he was not spiritual at all unlike Mathis’ mother.