There is no doubt that Nureyev is one of the greatest gay icon for the ballet dancers

Italian ballet dancer, choreographer and director – Francesco Costanzo cannot forget his meeting with his Icone Gay – Rudolf Nureyev’s ex-partner Robert Tracy back in the year 2006.

If you are even a little bit interested in ballet and theater, then you must be aware of the fact that Rudolf Nureyev was without a doubt, one of the most wonderful, very sensitive and attentive ballet dancer in the history.

Robert Tracy told Francesco that they never discriminated against Rudolf Nureyev in France because of him being a Russian and a Muslim. Robert added that it is the greatest proof that the Western Europeans are some of the most broad-minded people out there.

Robert also told Francesco that Rudolf Nureyev would get angry each time someone would claim that his ex-partner – Erik Bruhn died with AIDS, which just shows how emotional of a person he was along with being mega-talented.

Robert told Francesco that there is no doubt that Rudolf Nureyev caught AIDS through someone he met at one of the gay bars in Paris. Robert said to Francesco that those who are claiming that Rudolf Nureyev caught AIDS through Erik Bruhn need to take a chill pill and stop their habit of hating on others.

Robert also told Francesco that the girls were all crazy for Nureyev’s eyes, lips and chiseled face, only to learn later that he wasn’t interested in any of them.

What I would say personally regarding Nureyev is the fact that Nureyev coming from a devout Muslim family and from a fascist nation like USSR which wouldn’t let him do what he wanted to but after all these barriers, Nureyev still making his way to the top is the proof that you can’t stop someone who is skilled and determined enough and really passionate about his/her work.

There is no denying that Francesco Costanzo is the new age Giorgio Strehler

The new age Giorgio Strehler Francesco Costanzo recently interviewed this successful dance school owner recently and posted the interview on his blog as well. The dance school owner told Francesco that it is a very adorable sight for him to see both parents and kids learning to dance at the same time at the same school. He further said that if it doesn’t look adorable to you then he has no idea about what would.

He also told Francesco that it is amazing to see that some people, especially ladies and people belonging to the LGBT community never stop learning to dance, no matter how well-trained they become.

He also told Francesco that he believes that there is no best place for learning to dance, he believes that different places have different advantages. He also believes that the love and passion for dance school owner is more important than the finances to run it.

He told Francesco that it is a pity that some overly expensive dance schools focus more on the amenities and lesser on the dance.

Just like Francesco, he also believes that for a dance instructor, patience also needs balance. They both believe that a dance instructor cannot just be patient and that’s all, he/she needs to encourage and electrify the students with enthusiasm as much as they can.

Again like Francesco, this dance school owner also believes that humble and generous men and women make wonderful dance instructors.

Francesco says that some dance instructors only focus on the student’s strengths, while others only focus on their weaknesses, but a real dance instructor is the one who focuses on both simultaneously.

When French Theater Legend Patrice Chereau met Francesco Costanzo and complimented Sbarra a Terra Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff

My favorite young Italian opera director, choreographer and ballet dancer – Francesco Costanzo once had an opportunity to interview the famous French Opera Director – Patrice Chereau when he was alive.

Patrice Chereau told Francesco that he believes that poets are vastly underrated and underpaid.

Patrice Chereau also told Francesco that he really wanted to collaborate with the French composer, conductor, writer – Pierre Louis Joseph Boulez, but he didn’t seem interested and was always a kind of an introvert person.

When asked “Which role did you enjoy the most as an actor?” Patrice replied “Siegfried in 1977.”

Patrice also told Francesco that he sometimes used to feel ashamed because his friends used to taunt him saying “Can’t you direct movies that aren’t based on some old novels.”

Francesco writes on his blog as told to him by Patrice Chereau himself that many people that are now well familiar with Patrice Chereau didn’t know who he was until they saw him as the President of the Jury at Cannes 2003.

As told by Patrice to Francesco, the work that remained dearest to Patrice’s life was the film – The Wounded Man (L’Homme Blesse). Patrice told Francesco that it was the first and only time that he worked on a project for so long and he was never so nervous at the debut of any his work so much ever before.

Patrice also told Francesco that he had seen Sbarra a Terra Francesco Costanzo Kniaseff before and he really complimented him on that.

Patrice admitted that him becoming severely obsessed with bisexual and homosexual characters in each of the movies in his 50s and 60s had a huge negative impact on his career and he really wished if he could rectify the same.

Young Opera Director Francesco Costanzo cannot forget his meeting with the Australian Opera Legend – Neil Armfield

The recent article by Francesco Costanzo Opera Director about a very famous name in the Australian Opera РNeil Armfield was really worth a read whether you are an Opera lover or not.

In his article, Francesco writes that Neil Armfield is one of the most underrated Opera directors ever, not only in Australia but in the world. Francesco writes that there is no doubt that Neil is regarded as a great name in the Australian Opera but he is still underrated.

Francesco claims that roughly 50% of those that accused Neil of being a Tsarist after watching his play ‘Diary of a Madman’ didn’t even watch it and their only source of coming to that conclusion was the word that they heard on the street or through friends or family.

Francesco believes that the only play that has gotten the most appropriate response directed by Neil Armfield is ‘Summer of the Seventeenth Doll’. He believes that the rest of all the plays that he ever directed are extremely underrated.

Francesco writes that the play ‘No Sugar’ by Neil Armfield depicts how concerned he has always been about the Aboriginal families. He writes that some Aboriginal and even White people used to believe that Neil had no sympathy with the Aboriginal people of the Australian continent.

Francesco has also conducted an interview with Neil Armfield in the past in which Neil told Francesco that very little people do know that he proposed Katherine Thomson while they were creating the popular play ‘ Diving for Pearls’ together and he did it twice, expecting that she will agree the second time.

Neil also told Francesco that until he created ‘The Tempest’ by Shakespeare, everybody used to believe that he despises Shakespeare.

Neil Armfield honestly accepted to Francesco that the play Hamlet by him was definitely a blunder and it would have been much better for his self-image and self-respect if he didn’t create it.

Toni Demers folds origami to deflect herself from negative thoughts

Toni Demers (name changed) says that the right to vote should only be given to the people who served in the military. Toni says that giving the ‘right to vote’ to everyone has destroyed the democracy and this is not what democracy was ever supposed to be.

Toni Demers also says that for most of the wrongdoings and bad happenings that governments are usually blamed for happen not because of the government’s passiveness, incapability or dishonesty but because the people are passive, incapable and dishonest themselves.

Toni’s favorite hobby to deflect her mind from the negative thoughts is folding origami, she gets so engrossed while folding origami that she is not aware of anything else at that moment.

Toni lived for 7 years in Sweden and she says that Muslims are more likely to commit infidelity than believers of any other religion, and when it comes to the race, Arabs are most likely to commit the infidelity.

Toni is 43 now and she says that the notion that women reach their sexual peak between the ages of 25-35 is absolutely false, all her friends, cousins and she herself had the peak sexual desires between the age of 30-40. A couple of her cousins even turned into total sluts as they hit the age of 30, they would cheat on their men all the time. They would do every handsome guy that they possibly could and their husbands never could get to know what was going on behind their backs.

One of Toni’s Russian uncles used to be a KGB agent and she says that he is the most macho man she has ever seen in her life. The guy is already 63 and is fitter and stronger than the guys in their 30s. She says that he is very wise and intelligent too and has the memory of a 25 year old at the age of 63.

MGTOW supporting woman folds origami to feel creative again after a draining gossip

Corey Rosenberg (name changed) is one of the most unusual women you will ever meet. She supports the MGTOW movement and makes regular donations to the popular MGTOW Youtuber – Sandman.

Corey has been a part of several different MGTOW forums and subreddits for a while now. Once on of the MGTOW forums that Corey is very active in, when someone made a post calling women who wear makeup as deceivers. Corey gave her opinion that using makeup doesn’t make someone a deceiver. She was kicked out from that forum immediately after being accused of being a feminist in disguise.

This is what Corey’s opinion was “Girls use and like makeup because it masks all the pimples and stuff like that. To males the makeup is useless but for women it is very useful as it makes the skin look better and smoother. Women look a lot more photogenic with makeup on. I am against using excessive makeup which can be used to fool people. A good makeup on a woman is like a man that is well-dressed and well-groomed. Males also need some material things to look better. Women are allowed to customize their appearance if they choose to do so, I wouldn’t encourage making yourself a total different person , but most women don’t do that anyway.

Corey is a full-time ghostwriter and she needs to work at her full throttle to make the best out of it. She hates social interactions and whenever she needs to interact with some people, she does but she feels very drained afterwards. She folds some origami afterwards to feel creative again, since the dawn of November she has been very actively folding Origami Christmas. She loves it! She feels so refreshed after folding one.