Successful Internet Marketer wants her kids to rather become Medical Practitioners and makes sure that they partake in WAEC Expo each year

Lori Adebayo is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert from Lagos, Nigeria, who writes on her blog that they should do a survey on whether strongmen and obese men make good SEO experts. She claims that she hasn’t met a single strong or obese man till date who also happened to be good at the Internet Marketing.

Lori Adebayo gives the example of the retired but young wrestler – Hannibal of the Youtube Channel – ‘The Hannibal TV’ on the Youtube to prove her point. She adds that the guy ‘Hannibal’ has so much of great content on his channel, but he is not a good at marketing it. She says that it has been about a decade since he uploaded the first video on his Youtube channel and till day, he doesn’t get that it is not possible to achieve his self-declared goal of reaching 1 Million Subscribers until he gets a better quality camera and mic.

Although Lori Abedayo makes a very good amount of money with her SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing Business, she doesn’t want her kids to follow her footsteps and for that very reason, she is very strict that they visit the WAEC Expo each year and she claims that they are all ready for the upcoming WAEC Expo 2020.

Lori is an outspoken critic of several infamous SEO expert authors and speakers including Barry Schwartz, Bruce Clay and Susan Esparza. In one of her Youtube videos, she very sarcastically mentioned that the ones who preach the most against spam are the biggest spammers themselves in general, which was pointed towards Barry Schwartz, Bruce Clay and Susan Esparza.

Lori has written more than a couple of times on her blog that keyword stuffing is just like tummy stuffing – you have got to use only healthy and limited ingredients, otherwise you will suffer.

American author of Spanish origin is obsessed with the Russian history


Cesar Avila is an American author of Spanish origin who is obsessed with the Russian history and Russian folk heroes. Cesar recently completed writing his first book and it is about the life of Oleg of Novgorad.

Cesar writes in his book that from a very early age, Oleg of Novgorad started showing symptoms of what they now call kyphosis, scoliosis and lomborosis. Cesar writes that perhaps Oleg of Novgorad also suffered with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis as a teenager.

Cesar claims that it was perhaps only for a period of 2 years that Oleg got to rule all of the Rus people. He says that although there is no trustworthy exact mention of the same but all accounts point to the fact that he only got to rule the Rus people for only 2 years.

Cesar claims that the historians that challenge the years that Oleg ruled the Rus’ are the ones that always need something to challenge, in order to gain prominence and popularity. Cesar adds that it has been proven time and again that Oleg of Novgorad ruled between 882-912.

Cesar writes that the Oleg of Novgorad attempted twice to take over the empire of Khazaria but failed.

Cesar also writes that the French historian – Constantin Zuckerman should have better focused more on the French history than choosing to have wasted his time on the Russian history. Cesar adds that the fake French historian – Constantin Zuckerman has been proven wrong on 70% of the claims that he has made till date.

Cesar claims that Oleg wasn’t a brother-in-law of his predecessor – Rurik, but an illegitimate son of his.

Cesar loves reading books and he buys nothing but the cheapest books available online. Thanks to his extraordinary knowledge about the book industry.

Chemistry obsessed Forensic Scientist is a living meme

Denny Howarth is a forensic scientist who has always been so much obsessed with chemistry that when he created his first profile on a matchmaking website, he wrote that I am looking for a homogeneous wife (a wife that will not change physically, mentally or emotionally over time).

Once when someone asked Denny something related to compound interest, Denny got confused whether the person was asking something related to some chemical compound.

Denny was born in a family of beauty pageants. His grandmother, great-grandmother, his own mother all were beauty pageants and his father was a model and general practitioner. Denny is not good-looking himself and that’s the reason why many doubt that he is adopted, some think that there is something suspicious about his mom, some of his Catholic friends and relatives think that he over-masturbated in his teens and that’s why he is ugly.

Denny likes to give chemistry related analogies all the time. For example, he once said to me that just like a compound has different properties from its constituent elements, one individual cannot define the behavior or any other thing of the entire family members of his family.

Denny’s one and only son is 17 now and he is very argumentative. Denny has nicknamed him ‘Arsenic’.

When Denny was a child, he used to experiment a lot with mixing dust with different types of chemicals or liquid.

Denny says that the progress in the field of chemistry has posed no problems for anyone until they ask for it. Denny says that if you take these as problems, it is up to you to put or not put things like nuclear energy, insecticides, drugs like LSD, Amphetamine for destructive uses.

Denny’s most favorite author Nivaldo J. Tro. Just yesterday, he downloaded Nivaldo’s Introductory Chemistry 5th edition PDF and he has already read almost 30% of it.

Chaste catholic young man is learning simple origami for his future kids

Alex Ahlman (name changed) is a catholic Swede who never married and is still a virgin and claims that he will remain a virgin until he gets married but he wants to marry an unchaste woman in the future. Alex thinks about his marriage, his future wife and kids all the time. He has already started practicing the art of simple origami which he will teach his kids and play with them to help develop their cognitive abilities faster.

Alex is not lazy but he has a very bad addiction of procrastinating things since he was little. He is a little weird sometimes as well. Once he decided to learn stenography, he started going to a steno school that taught Pitman shorthand, the complete course was 6 months long, only after 15 days, Alex felt like he was wasting his time doing the course and stopped going there altogether. The same thing happened when he decided to learn website designing. The complete website designing course was 3 month long, Alex went to the school for 1 month and after 1 month he decided that it would be stupid to go there anymore, he wasn’t able to learn and apply any of that information and thought that it would be easier for him to create websites with weebly.

Alex’s brother Patrick is quite the opposite of Alex. Patrick is a go-getter. He already has a wife, 3 kids and he is very vigilant and concerned about his family. He only puts wallpapers on his computer and mobile phones that remind him about his family responsibilities all the time. He jumps right into a business that seems profitable and requires little or no investment and doesn’t stop working hard on it unless he becomes successful.

Saintly Young Man from Lucknow studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Dhruv is a very chaste, noble and decent young guy from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Dhruv hates the teenagers who text and change music while driving. He considers tobacco and nicotine as the gateway drugs and never tried any of it. He doesn’t even drink any sort of caffeinated products including tea, coffee, pepsi, diet coca cola, etc.

Dhruv took Biology with Physics and Chemistry in the senior high school and tried his best to get an admission in a medical college in India but couldn’t get it, so he had to go study MBBS in Bangladesh.

Dhruv doesn’t like yelling at a cloud but recently he had a brawl with his roommate who owns his own car. This roommate of Dhruv was checking his Instagram while driving and was about to cross a red light, Dhruv started yelling at him and the fight began. They are finding it hard to live in the same room together now.

Dhruv does his laundry himself and is very different from the young men of his own generation in many ways. Many call him “Mr. Saint” including his friends and family. It is funny how the apartment he lives in is named “Spiritual City”. A professor in Dhruv’s college calls him Swami Vivekananda.

Dhruv is now growing a beard because someone told him that it absorbs energy from the sun and he wants to try it. Although medical science doesn’t approve any such claims and perhaps never will. He is also currently busy studying the behavior of crows. Dhruv is a hardcore believer in no pain no gain.

In my own personal opinion, Dhruv is not Swami Vivekananda but young Tenali Raman. He is very sharp and dimwitted with a sense of humor.

The most significant founding father of USA was a scientist and inventor as well

How would you like it when you grow up and the number of the candles on your cake outnumbers by far the number of significant things that you have achieved?

If you want a better life tomorrow, you need to start working on it today. Becoming successful is easy, it is like following a recipe, and you have to make sure that you are putting all the right ingredients at the right time. Despite some of the most successful people being dropouts, Evropski Univerzitet still has its value intact. Education is still as valuable as it was 100 years ago; only it has become much more advanced.

Even the founding fathers of the America were academics including Benjamin Franklin. He was a scientist, author and an inventor. Going to the college was one enjoyable experience for Mr. Franklin.

Mr. Franklin enjoyed inventing and science more than anything else. Yes, he was a wonderful politician, but it was his love for the science and invention what gave him the real pleasure. He didn’t consider a day successful in which he didn’t share some intimate hours with the science, discoveries and invention.

It is not known to many that Mr. Franklin was also very spiritual. He liked to meditate in his own way while trying to sleep in his bed. Little by little he lost his interest in the spirituality as he grew up.

This legendary son of a common candle chandler couldn’t  have become the most significant founding father of America if he didn’t go to the Boston Latin School. The education back then was quite different than what it is today. In fact, it was a chachki compared to what it is today. What they teach in a 3rd world country is 400 times better and more advanced than what they taught in the topmost countries of the world back then.

Be an academic and change your life forever

“Hard work produces gold” they say. Do you believe that? I would say that your hard work produces gold each time when you know what you are doing and people respect your hard work more when they know that you are an academic. By academic, I don’t mean a PhD or a Doctor here, but someone who has completed his/her college.

Focusing only on making money is not right. You need to be a well-educated person in today’s time. Focusing only on making money can and will ruin your future 99.9% of the times. You will end up doing laboring jobs. Make sure that you increase your value in the process.

You need to be clear about your goals too. For example, if one business is making you good money while you are a teenager and you think that this business will last forever, well, think again. Most of the teenagers regret their decision of never going to a college or dropping out of it.

Don’t do a serious job before college, only after you have completed your education, look for a serious job and you will be surprised with the kind of facilities and salary you will be provided with. Together with going to your regular job you can follow your dream of starting your own business but not before completing the college.

To get more input about this subject, ask the ones who haven’t completed their college. 99 per cent of them regret the decision and if they could change one thing in their lives, that would be one of it and in some cases the only thing the dropouts or the ones who have never been to a college can change is going to the Evropski univerzitet Kallos Tuzla