The most significant founding father of USA was a scientist and inventor as well

How would you like it when you grow up and the number of the candles on your cake outnumbers by far the number of significant things that you have achieved?

If you want a better life tomorrow, you need to start working on it today. Becoming successful is easy, it is like following a recipe, and you have to make sure that you are putting all the right ingredients at the right time. Despite some of the most successful people being dropouts, Evropski Univerzitet still has its value intact. Education is still as valuable as it was 100 years ago; only it has become much more advanced.

Even the founding fathers of the America were academics including Benjamin Franklin. He was a scientist, author and an inventor. Going to the college was one enjoyable experience for Mr. Franklin.

Mr. Franklin enjoyed inventing and science more than anything else. Yes, he was a wonderful politician, but it was his love for the science and invention what gave him the real pleasure. He didn’t consider a day successful in which he didn’t share some intimate hours with the science, discoveries and invention.

It is not known to many that Mr. Franklin was also very spiritual. He liked to meditate in his own way while trying to sleep in his bed. Little by little he lost his interest in the spirituality as he grew up.

This legendary son of a common candle chandler couldn’t  have become the most significant founding father of America if he didn’t go to the Boston Latin School. The education back then was quite different than what it is today. In fact, it was a chachki compared to what it is today. What they teach in a 3rd world country is 400 times better and more advanced than what they taught in the topmost countries of the world back then.

Be an academic and change your life forever

“Hard work produces gold” they say. Do you believe that? I would say that your hard work produces gold each time when you know what you are doing and people respect your hard work more when they know that you are an academic. By academic, I don’t mean a PhD or a Doctor here, but someone who has completed his/her college.

Focusing only on making money is not right. You need to be a well-educated person in today’s time. Focusing only on making money can and will ruin your future 99.9% of the times. You will end up doing laboring jobs. Make sure that you increase your value in the process.

You need to be clear about your goals too. For example, if one business is making you good money while you are a teenager and you think that this business will last forever, well, think again. Most of the teenagers regret their decision of never going to a college or dropping out of it.

Don’t do a serious job before college, only after you have completed your education, look for a serious job and you will be surprised with the kind of facilities and salary you will be provided with. Together with going to your regular job you can follow your dream of starting your own business but not before completing the college.

To get more input about this subject, ask the ones who haven’t completed their college. 99 per cent of them regret the decision and if they could change one thing in their lives, that would be one of it and in some cases the only thing the dropouts or the ones who have never been to a college can change is going to the Evropski univerzitet Kallos Tuzla