Only choose the best when it comes to a lifestyle magazine



In the years 2013 and 2014, pastel colored shirts and checkered trousers, chinos, capris, and shorts were the most popular trends for the men. The only difference between this trend and the Miami Vice’s Don Johnson’s popular pastel dress was the checkered lowers. They didn’t wear checkered lowers with the pastel shirts or suits in the Miami Vice. Very few people in the 80s overall would wear pastel shirts with the checkered trousers or shorts.

Have you ever wondered who makes these trends popular? You might say the celebrities, but imagine if a celebrity comes starts wearing the dress of a Pastor all the time, would that be in fashion? You might answer that if the celebrity is extremely popular, some people who are crazy for him would start wearing the Pastor’s dress. Yes, I agree with you, certainly that will happen, but would you call that a trend? Only a few hundred people at maximum wearing a dress is not trend.

The question was: Who makes the trend popular, and the answer is popular Men’s lifestyle magazine like Equimen make the trends popular. They just don’t publish anything that a popular celebrity wore the last day on their website, they only publish the stuff that really looks incredible.

I remember seeing a so-called men’s lifestyle online magazine back in the 2014 that had some of the ugliest looking clothes on it, claiming that these all would make you look your best. Was that a bot that created that magazine, I don’t know, but, even a bot cannot be that stupid.

At the last, I would say that only choose a fashion and lifestyle magazine that has some credibility. Don’t just go for anything that you come across.

The secret of the celebrities’ youthful glow uncovered


Everybody wants to know the secret of the ever-young female celebrities but do you think they will ever tell you what it is? There is much more to their anti-aging secrets than the surgeries. Surgeries are at the end of their list. When nothing works then only they try surgeries and the surgeries are mostly hyped by the media. The secret of the beauty of the female celebrities are best at home anti aging devices. These devices are nothing like your average anti aging devices. They can make even the ugliest woman on earth look like an Aphrodite and that’s why you won’t find a celebrity ever telling you about these unless given money to promote these, which these companies seldom do. The main source of their business is word of mouth and these female celebrities have uncountable connections which tell them the names of the latest working anti-aging devices.

I personally know a celebrity through a friend of a friend and she tells my friend all about this. My friend even told me how much they pay their assistants and secretaries to find out real workable product.