Full-Time Plumber and Part-Time Blogger shares his 2 decades of Plumbing Repairs on his Infamous Blog

Jeffrey Sullivan is a full-time plumber and part-time blogger who writes on his blog that he is extremely happy that the garbage disposals in the past 5-6 years have become so advanced and reliable that the topmost garbage disposals that sell for at least over US $150, don’t ever face jamming problem, which was the most popular issue with the full-fledged plumbers back when he started his own plumbing service, which was over 2 decades ago.

Jeffrey is highly critical of the plumbing companies that recruit nothing but beautiful females to work for them irrespective of whether they are skilled, experienced or competent. Their only eligibility for plumbing repairs is that they are good-looking females and that’s all, and some plumbing service agencies and sadly many clients as well, are perfectly happy and content with it.

Jeffrey writes on his blog that not a day has gone buy in the past 2 decades, since he got his own plumbing repair service, that during the winter seasons, he didn’t get a call to repair at least 2 water heaters in a day.

Jeffrey claims on his blog that corroded toilet handles are the most common repairs that a plumber is called out for, in every season.

Jeffrey writes that hose bibbs have improved a lot lately, although not even near as popular as they once used to be, they don’t corrode or leak as much as they once used to.

Jeffrey warns that one must not buy pipes imported from the Republic of China if they are concerned about the pipe joint damage, even one bit. He adds that 98% of the times, the issue of pipe joint damage issue occurs with the pipes that were made in the Republic of China.

GP from Barcelona, Spain makes tons of controversial statements regularly on his domains

Dr Ignacio Montijo is a General Practitioner from Barcelona, Spain, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that he got over 250 patients only during the first month of his practice as a General Physician. He also brags about having over 98.7% patient satisfaction rate on his blog.

Dr Ignacio Montijo has many websites and blogs, and it is a miracle that how he gets to manage each of those out of his busy schedule. All his domains (dominios) and hosting are done by a single company that he has endorsed more than a couple of times on each of his blogs for free.

Dr Ignacio has mentioned more than a couple of times on his blog that a doctor cannot be considered an excellent one unless he possesses the energy and stamina of a horse along with the capability to perform hard labor like a donkey with the cunning of a fox.

Dr Ignacio writes on one of his blogs that good public speakers aren’t only more energetic than the ones who aren’t good public speakers, but they are also less prone to getting viral and chronic illnesses irrespective of their race, nationality and other factors. Dr Ignacio claims to have several top Spanish public speakers as his regular patients, many of those that he names are multilingual, world-renowned and travel all over the world.

Dr Ignacio claims on his blog that older men with young trophy wives have the most number of diseases in general.

Dr Ignacio claims on his blog that he is not willing to accept that trekking serves any health benefits, no matter how much the magazines, newspapers, dietitians, and doctors try to convince him regarding the same.

Dr Ignacio is a proud atheist, who regularly campaigns against the religions in the spare time.

Successfully American Republican participates in nothing other than Korean online gaming communities

Mark Newman is a 35 year old man who has become very successful at a very young age. Mark was only 20 when he started his first successful online second hand products marketplace. The marketplace was nothing like eBay or any other big second hand marketplace available online but it made Mark a lot of profit and also gave him a lot of confidence.

When Mark was 21, he started flipping domain names as well. Buying domain names at low prices and selling them at as much 15 times the price that he bought them for.

Mark’s father was a philosopher and a clothing store owner. Both father and son used to be great Phil Collins fan, and they can’t forget the day when they traveled all the way to the London from the Kansas City in the 1991 to visit his concert.

A dedicated Republican, Mark tries to promote the Republican party as much as he can. At the same time, when Mark started his own small brewery in the Laramie, Wyoming, he ordered all the brewing equipment from a Korean company based in the beautiful and colorful port industrial city that goes by the name Busan.

Thanks to Mark’s command in the Korean language. He was able to get the best prices possible from his Korean supplier. Mark loves the Korean language and that’s the reason why he participates in nothing but 우아미넷  (a Korean online game community) when it comes to the gaming talk. Mark is the prime example that successful people like online gaming more than their unsuccessful counterparts.

Isn’t it contradictory? While the Republicans try their hardest to lower down the ever-growing Korean economy, they still can’t resist buying the Korean products. This is how most Republicans are like, they are all “hypocrites.”

Mark’s wife Samantha has recently got interested in “Nudism” and she walks around naked all the time. She says that clothes are unnatural and try her best to convince Mark also to go nudist. She also takes a bath 3 times a day.

Mark has been focusing fully on his newly opened brewery because each day he has 90 minutes extra now. His orthopedist has asked him not to do any exercise for the next 6 months after he got a fracture in his leg.

Japanese automaker relies on this one blog when it comes to making their vehicles gas mileage friendly

Most of the automotive components nowadays are made up of aluminium. If you are an automobile manufacturing company, it is very crucial for you to find the best of the best aluminium die cast manufacturing company.

I personally know several men and women working in the automotive industry and they tell it is very hard to decide which company to choose and which not. Most of the Japanese, American and European car manufacturers nowadays are relying on the Chinese industries located in the city of Dongguan for their products.

For example, one of the oldest Japanese car manufacturers has been buying Pan Oil Upper from a Aluminium die casting manufacturing company located in Dongguan. The Japanese car manufacturer is more than happy with the product and the company doesn’t think that they will ever have to buy from someone else if the quality, punctuality and discipline from the die casting manufacturing company’s part remains the same.

This Japanese car manufacturing company is notorious for producing cars that are unparalleled when it comes to the gas mileage and most are surprised to learn that they get all their ideas in this regard from a US blog. While most take such blogs for granted, the chiefs of this automaker do not, the ones who take such blogs for granted are suffering losses or going bankrupt while this Japanese automaker has been expanding like crazy.

Most of the top two wheeler manufacturing companies are today buying two wheeler assemblies, cylinder heads, alloy wheels, crank case covers, crank cases, bottom cases, etc, all from the same Chinese company.

It is like Republic of China is the secret land for you if you are an industrialist and you want success in business. You cannot be successful buying the manufacturing products from your own home country when your competitor is buying much better quality of the same product at lesser than half the price from a Chinese manufacturer. This is how the Rat Race works, you have to be the fastest, most efficient and most effective in order to win. You cannot win without all these qualities and the ones buying aluminium die casting manufacturing products from the Chinese companies possess all these qualities. Be smart, buy aluminium die casting manufacturing products from the Republic of China only.

Skirt company killing it with the right marketing

Urbantopbottom (name changed) is a skirt manufacturing company that started off in the year 2016. The company was founded by two designer brother and sister. They both used to work as designers for one of the top clothing brands in the United States.

After starting their own clothing brand, the brother and sister started creating more beautiful designs than ever before. All their skirts looked stunning and so innovative. They tried selling it on the eBay, Amazon, and other clothing websites available throughout the United States, but made very little sales. The revenues weren’t even enough to keep the factory running.

They were now confused whether to go back to their jobs or stick to manufacturing their own skirts. They were suffering huge losses and they couldn’t go on like this for long. They needed to find a way to turn losses into profits.

Both the brother and sister created a Shopify website after a long struggle and it took them 40 days to make it running and workable. They knew that they will need someone to do SEO for their website, so they turned to a local SEO company which costed them $700 US Dollar per month. They had no issues paying that much money, only they needed to be on the first page as soon as possible.

It had already been 6 months after the website was created and they were not on page one on any of the keywords. They stopped paying the SEO company and looked for a better digital marketing company on the internet. They were lucky to have come across Joko Warino Blog. Joko Warino Blog transformed their online visibility really and within a matter of months they appeared on the first page of most of the major search engines including Google and Yahoo. Not only that, Joko Warino also personally made them a household name in many areas by giving them a designer touch.

To receive more compliments, Munich man bought Facebook Live viewers after getting a hair transplant

Liam Devos is a 43 year old German gentleman from Munich who believes that lack of money is the root of all evil. Liam wants to be capable of affording everything in the world. Liam was born in an Orthodox Christian environment and they told him the opposite there.

Liam recently married for the second time and his fiance wanted to wait for at least a couple of years before they get married. Meanwhile, Liam was busy working all the time and within this time, he became almost half bald. Liam’s fiance gave him an ultimatum and told him to get your hair back or forget about me.

Liam had no other way but a hair transplant to get the hair on his head back. He chose Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T from Turkey for the purpose. Liam booked an appointment with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu for March of 2019 and everything went better than he expected.

Liam now thanks his then fiance and now wife’s demand to make him get his hair back so much. Now hair transplant after 3 months, he looks so dashing. He also did buy Facebook Live Viewers in order to expose himself more and receive more likes, love, etc.

Liam’s wife says that she wasn’t willing to get down to his level but rather pull him up to hers.

Liam’s wife is no controlling drama queen but she has a sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Whatever it is, it only results in the betterment of herself, her family and the people that she surrounds herself with in general most of the times.

Small Lexington, KY courier company is determined to be the next FedEX

Traci Balboa Couriers (name changed) is a local courier company in the city of Lexington, Kentucky that was founded by once full-time eBay seller that used to sell bubble-wraps, courier boxes, courier bags and other related stuff on eBay. He used to import everything that he sold from India as it costs only 1/10th of the price in India that it does in the USA.

Traci Balboa Couriers is named after the one and only daughter of the founder and the company prides itself on being one of the fastest in the city of Lexington although they don’t yet provide same-day delivery service yet. The founder says that they will also provide guaranteed same-day delivery or 300% money back guarantee by the end of this year.

Traci Balboa Couriers’ founder has very smartly divided the company’s goals into short and long-term ones. At present, they are only city-wide but they plan to be state-wide by the end of financial year 2020, then their next goal will be to have their own franchise by 2022, which will help the company become spread nationally and the ultimate aim of the company is to become the next FedEx, which the founder says might take long enough, so long that his daughter will be totally in charge of the company by then.

The company recently extended the weight limit from 50lb to 100lb recently although they have been using the same Nissan Navara trucks with the same bedliner ever since the day of company’s inception.

The company used not provide document delivery service before but after discovering how much business were they losing owing to not doing so, they recently started providing documentary delivery service as well.

The company has been focusing more on serving the business clients than the personal ones lately as well.

Garra Rufa is a magical breed of fish and they are for sale everywhere

Patricia Attenborough is a 27 year old computer engineer who was too excited for her high paying new job abroad until she discovered that she had got psoriasis. This little skin condition was enough to let down the ever cheerful, fun and cozy girl like Patricia. Patricia was on the verge of felling into depression after she learnt that this condition called psoriasis cannot be cured and the other symptoms that she was feeling like pain in her joints and small dents in her nails were also results of this incurable condition.

Patricia is a beautiful girl and she was dreaming all these days that the guys in her new office will be drooling over her because she is going to be one of the exotic beauties there. Patricia was about to cancel this job offer but by chance, one of her maternal aunts visited her home and after she learnt about this condition of Patricia, she recommended that she should go for a Garra Rufa treatment. Patricia asked “What it is?” And her aunt replied “Have you ever seen those ads for Garra Rufa Predaj?” Patricia replied “No”.

Patricia’s maternal aunt then told her all about the Garra Rufa spa treatment for psoriasis which Patricia first found unbelievable but then when she read so many testimonials online, she really saw a ray of hope in this treatment. Patricia’s aunt helped her locate a good-old fashioned Garra Rufa fish spa and now after 40 days of that event, Patricia is again too much excited to go to her new job abroad. Patricia has also created a Facebook group where she has been sharing her success story with the Garra Rufa fish treatment for psoriasis. Within less than 30 days, the group is 983 members strong and counting.

Javier Travis got the idea of writing his first book while folding Christmas Origami with his nephews

Javier Travis (name changed) is writing a book on the life of Vashti – considered one of the first major feminist figures, an ideal and hero for the modern feminists. Angie is writing in her book that Vashti was the daughter of a rich Sindhi Brahmin who was popular in her own and nearby villages for her beauty and charm. A greedy Sindhi trader who used to regularly deal with the Kingdom of Persia once told Xerxes 1 about the beauty and charm of the teenage Vashti. Xerxes 1 after hearing this couldn’t resist and went to the Sindh himself and made an offer to Vashti’s father and offered him a lot of gold in exchange for his daughter. Vashti’s father didn’t want the gold but he feared the life of his own and that of his people so he had no option other than saying ‘Yes’ to Xerxes 1.

Javier writes that Vashti was always a rebellious woman and she didn’t agree with everything that Xerxes said. He also writes that the North-Indian term ‘Gashti’ which means prostitute has something to do with Vashti’s one and only sister of the name – Gashti. Javier suspects that Gashti was probably sold to the pimps of Sindhi after Vashti showed her rebellion to Xerxes 1 all the time or perhaps she refused to marry Xerxes 1 after he had a glimpse of her and wanted her to be a part of his harem, then Xerxes 1 captured her and made her a prostitute of Iran or captured her and sold her to the local pimps of Sindh.

Javier got the idea of writing a book on Vashti while he was folding the Origami Christmas with her nephews and listening to his story in his Bluetooth headphones.

Professional Indian model and her rich husband are enjoying their married life

Guneeta Dutt (name changed) is a professional Indian model originally from the Union Territory called Chandigarh but been living in Mumbai city for the past 3.5 years. Besides beauty and good manners, Guneeta has the ability to make conversations easy and take the heat out of arduous talks.

Guneeta has a perfect figure, face and attitude. Any man who looks at her, his stomach tightens and eyes widen. She is a very friendly and sociable lady too.

Guneeta got married almost about an year ago and her husband always leaves her smiling and wanting to do it again and again, but things weren’t like this initially, Guneeta married this man for his money not for his looks or she loved him like crazy. Guneeta is a great believer of the statement “Love is a myth”. She believes that love is a very short and temporary sensation. Before their marriage, when they made out for the first time, Guneeta made the man realize that he has a small one. Guneeta didn’t want to make any compromises when it came to her personal life, that’s what she wanted more than the money. The man looked for a solution on the internet and after researching for weeks, he decided that penile implant surgery is the thing for him. Since then, Guneeta doesn’t know what it is, love, infatuation or a divine relationship, all she knows is that she can’t live without him now. She loves her man more than anything now.

Guneeta and her husband both enjoy a good health and a peace of mind. They always have that clean shower and some fresh towels ready in the night.

Marketing digital made this occult practitioner a millionaire within 1 year

Glenn Jones (name changed) is a great believer of voodoo, black magic and other related stuff. He carries a magic staff at all times with him and claims that it is his magic staff that turned him into a marketing digital millionaire within less than a year.

Glenn has been averaging a profit of over 250, 000 US dollars for the past few months and the time that he spends performing his magic rituals has been ever-decreasing since his success owing to his busy schedule. Glenn is afraid that he doesn’t lose his luck due to not performing those magic rituals.

Glenn’s magic rituals journey started with performing self-defense magic tricks to save himself from the negative emotional energy of the people that surrounded him. He claims that they wanted him to die and he could feel it. He says that he used to be ill all the time because of their negative energy and wanted a solution. He prayed to god before sleeping each night and god listened to him and by accident he discovered occult practices. Since then, his life has seen nothing but emotional and financial ups and he is happy all the time and he attracts nothing but positive people. “These magic tricks really serve multiple purposes”, Glenn Jones claims.

Although I personally don’t believe in magic or anything related, Glenn was so confident in his speech that I am skeptical that this thing might work and although I don’t want to, I am inclined to perform these magic rituals myself in the near future.

Single father from Ohio going to Jogja to celebrate his daughter’s birthday

Samuel Mizrachi (name changed) is a single father to his one and only daughter whose name is Diandra. Samuel was raised by a single father himself and he says that it is one of the toughest job to be a good single parent.

Samuel was born and grew up in the Bethany neighborhood of Nebraska but he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio when he was 25 and where he met the mother of his only child. She died in a car accident when Diandra was only 2. Since then Samuel has been doing his best to not let Diandra realize the absence of a mother.

When Samuel was a teen, he got interested in eastern religions, mainly Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. He believes that Abrahamic religions play a lot of jugglery with words and Abrahamic religions and their chiefs are arrogant as well.

Diandra will be 10 on 27th December and Samuel is gifting her a vacation to Jogja on the precious event. He has already booked a Jogja car rental aka rental mobil Jogja.

Since Samuel became an adult, he never asked for any financial support from anyone including his parents and friends. He earned the recognition he has all by himself and he never believed any Christian dogma owing to the fear.

He is also going to gift Diandra a shipload of presents on the occasion of her birthday this year. He has always been doing his best to make everyday special for her since she lost her mother. Samuel is never going to marry again because he doesn’t trust stepmothers and he is not taking any chance with Diandra’s life and her upbringing.

Travel Blogger can’t appreciate CPL Marketing Group enough


Shiloh is a 28 year old travel blogger from the beautiful and ever-progressing country of France. Shiloh speaks fluent French, Thai, English and Mandarin Chinese. Shiloh gets to travel a lot due to the nature of her business and she can’t emphasize enough on how much her life has changed since the arrival of airport transfer services.

Recently, she went to her most city of Boston to do a vlog and blog. She hired Boston Airport Taxi and after reaching her hotel, that is Taj Boston, did some rest and then went vlogging. First of all she vlogged about Boston Common, which some people call as the most fascinating park in Massachusetts. Shiloh went with great expectations there and her expectations were really met. This was the first time that she saw Boston Common, although she had been to Massachusetts many times before. Every time when she would come back home to Avignon, everybody would ask her if she went to Boston Common this time and she would nod no.

Shiloh doesn’t drink, so not getting the beer on the boat was not an issue for her. She even liked the experience more because she gets annoyed by the people drinking. She loves it all sober. Shiloh writes on her blog that people calling Massachusetts “out of this world” must be out of their minds, they are indirectly calling the world an ugly place which it is not. World is very beautiful and so are the creatures that live on it.

Shiloh didn’t only enjoy the sightseeing in Massachusetts, but she also made some business contacts. The most significant is the one with CPL Marketing Group. CPL Marketing Group is one of the best online marketing companies in all of United States. The deal is, CPL Marketing Group will take care of all of Shiloh’s SEO and marketing needs from now on.

Popular Thai Actor’s house was full of lizards until a female fan told her about the solution

Ever wondered visiting the house of your favorite celebrity and finding lizards all over? That’s exactly what happened with a Thai female fan. She won a chance of visiting her favorite actor in a quiz contest and the moment the star opened his door, the lizards as they call in Thai – จิ้งจก were all over the place. We would call the female fan Kannika here. Kannika thought that she was having a nightmare. How can so many lizards take over the place of whom he thinks is the best looking man ever? But she was not dreaming. The lizards were real, so was the house and so was his favorite actor.

You just had to look at the face of the actor when Kannika looked at her like he is an idiot after seeing so many lizards. The situation was completely reversed. Kannika was now acting as a celebrity and the celebrity was acting like a total idiot.

After spending a couple of hours with the actor, Kannika told her how ridiculous and filthy it is to have lizards all over your house. One lizard then sat at the actor’s head and then entered his shirt. Kannika was laughing like crazy all the time. The actor told her that he is a loner and doesn’t know a solution to this problem. Kannika told him about a product available at Shopee (a popular online department store in Thailand). She also told how cheap was it to buy. The actor instantly ordered it. Now, he doesn’t have any lizards in his home and would you be surprised if I tell you that Kannika and the actor are girlfriend and boyfriend now and they are planning to get married soon. They even have decided the name of their upcoming children.