Travel Blogger can’t appreciate CPL Marketing Group enough


Shiloh is a 28 year old travel blogger from the beautiful and ever-progressing country of France. Shiloh speaks fluent French, Thai, English and Mandarin Chinese. Shiloh gets to travel a lot due to the nature of her business and she can’t emphasize enough on how much her life has changed since the arrival of airport transfer services.

Recently, she went to her most city of Boston to do a vlog and blog. She hired Boston Airport Taxi and after reaching her hotel, that is Taj Boston, did some rest and then went vlogging. First of all she vlogged about Boston Common, which some people call as the most fascinating park in Massachusetts. Shiloh went with great expectations there and her expectations were really met. This was the first time that she saw Boston Common, although she had been to Massachusetts many times before. Every time when she would come back home to Avignon, everybody would ask her if she went to Boston Common this time and she would nod no.

Shiloh doesn’t drink, so not getting the beer on the boat was not an issue for her. She even liked the experience more because she gets annoyed by the people drinking. She loves it all sober. Shiloh writes on her blog that people calling Massachusetts “out of this world” must be out of their minds, they are indirectly calling the world an ugly place which it is not. World is very beautiful and so are the creatures that live on it.

Shiloh didn’t only enjoy the sightseeing in Massachusetts, but she also made some business contacts. The most significant is the one with CPL Marketing Group. CPL Marketing Group is one of the best online marketing companies in all of United States. The deal is, CPL Marketing Group will take care of all of Shiloh’s SEO and marketing needs from now on.

Popular Thai Actor’s house was full of lizards until a female fan told her about the solution

Ever wondered visiting the house of your favorite celebrity and finding lizards all over? That’s exactly what happened with a Thai female fan. She won a chance of visiting her favorite actor in a quiz contest and the moment the star opened his door, the lizards as they call in Thai – จิ้งจก were all over the place. We would call the female fan Kannika here. Kannika thought that she was having a nightmare. How can so many lizards take over the place of whom he thinks is the best looking man ever? But she was not dreaming. The lizards were real, so was the house and so was his favorite actor.

You just had to look at the face of the actor when Kannika looked at her like he is an idiot after seeing so many lizards. The situation was completely reversed. Kannika was now acting as a celebrity and the celebrity was acting like a total idiot.

After spending a couple of hours with the actor, Kannika told her how ridiculous and filthy it is to have lizards all over your house. One lizard then sat at the actor’s head and then entered his shirt. Kannika was laughing like crazy all the time. The actor told her that he is a loner and doesn’t know a solution to this problem. Kannika told him about a product available at Shopee (a popular online department store in Thailand). She also told how cheap was it to buy. The actor instantly ordered it. Now, he doesn’t have any lizards in his home and would you be surprised if I tell you that Kannika and the actor are girlfriend and boyfriend now and they are planning to get married soon. They even have decided the name of their upcoming children.