This handmade jewelry store in Malta accepts all major cryptocurrencies

Benny Srour (name changed) is a Maltese-Jew who owns one of the most popular jewelry stores in all of Malta and Gozo combined. The most distinctive thing about Benny’s store is that her store accepts all major cryptocurrencies as well along with cash and cards, all thanks to websites like Coinmarketcap where she can get to know the most updated crypto price.

Benny doesn’t follow any philosophy, be it the Jewish philosophy, Roman, Greek or ancient Indian. She tends to create her own philosophies and she is open to the thoughts of the others and their philosophies as well. Benny is a student, not a follower.

Benny loves to spend time with young men and date them, her husband knows it all well and he doesn’t mind, he has the permission to date other girls as well as long as he doesn’t get physical with any of those. In short, the husband and wife allow each other to have platonic relationships with other people of the opposite gender.

You would be surprised to know that it is the same bold Benny who never dated anyone until she was 22. She was too busy with her life back then, she didn’t care at all, but after she tasted one guy, her appetite for the relationships has always been on a constant rise. Prior to her first date, she considered dating to be a big waste of time but her view completely changed after she met her husband.

Benny is a swimming champion and she loves to jump off her boat in the middle of the sea, take a dive and come back to her boat. Her husband is a wrestler who is thinking about getting a pilot training degree.

Emotionally abused in the childhood, left home at age 19 and now everyday is a lucky day for him

Chizkiyahu Flecker (name changed) believes that he is the most important person in the world. I have personally observed that most of the people on the face of this earth live with the same belief but just don’t talk it, but as they say “Actions speak louder than the words”. But Chizkiyahu openly talks about being the most important person on the earth and that gets him into trouble several times.

Chizkiyahu is an ardent believer of fate and luck and his belief in fate and luck makes him play the game lucky day aka dia de sorte over and over again, and the most surprising thing is that he wins it over and over again. Chizkiyahu’s winning the lucky day game has only made his belief in the luck stronger.

The relationships in Chizkiyahu’s life only gave him pain. Chizkiyahu always used to be a fun and jolly kid, he was really the soul of his home but his emotionally torturous wouldn’t let him live peacefully. That really made Chizkiyahu hate his life when he was a kid and also during his teens as well until he finally moved out. Those events really made Chizkiyahu very strong emotionally.

Chizkiyahu was on the threshold of becoming mad after he moved out because he didn’t find any job but then he said to himself “I won’t let a lack of petty 9-5 job in my life kill me. I am too strong for that.” That was probably the start of his illusion of being really special and being sent for a special mission. Whatever! I love Chizkiyahu for his originality and a generous heart and after seeing where he has come from, it is amazing how he didn’t only survived but thrived.

Scranton City Small Businessman turned into a millionaire overnight

Garry is a strongman who is very strong physically, morally, psychologically, mentally and now financially too. Garry very firmly believes that weak people have no chance in the world. Garry is originally from the Scranton city in Pennsylvania but living in the gorgeous coastal city called Olinda in Brazil for the past 6 and a half years.

Garry used to own a grocery store in Scranton, Pennsylvania inherited from his grandfather. He sold that grocery store after running it for a couple of years to a very large grocery store chain that was interested in buying Garry’s store. It was a very popular store in the center of one of the oldest downtown markets of Scranton city. Garry’s grandfather opened the store back in 1965 when Scranton was like a village. Anyways, after selling the store out, Garry traveled to Olinda, Brazil and opened a department store there. The store was rented and had 9 employees working. Garry bought the store in the April of this year and no, the money didn’t come from the income generated from the department store but a few million Brazilian Reals that he won at Rio de Prêmios (River of Awards).

Garry is also getting an Igloo style house built with the remaining money. It is amazing how money can change your life in such a short span of time and make you so happy. Garry hates it when people become morally corrupt after becoming rich overnight. It has been opposite with Garry. He has been doing a lot of charity work since he earned those millions. He recently donated to an organization that does welfare work for the lepers.

Arizona Biohacker experiments all day with Biohacking while Financial Planners bring profits on her lap

Miriam is a 27 year young fitness freak. Miriam was born to an Arab mother and an American father in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Miriam currently lives in Arizona and she is loving her life more than ever before. For the past couple of weeks, Miriam has been spending most of her day in making a Youtube video. Miriam has been running a fitness Youtube channel for over a year now and she has been receiving nothing but positive comments and likes on almost all her videos from the very beginning. Her channel is really hopping but it is still far away from bringing enough profits on Miriam’s lap.

Since Miriam was 12, she has been experimenting with nootropics, biohacking and stuff like that. She spends most of her time researching on nootropics, biohacking, TRT, and other things like that.

Most of the 2014, Miriam experimented with living on a carnivorous diet. She only lived on meat plus water until she figured out that it was unhealthy.

All of 2015, she experimented with fasting. She tried juice fasting, diagnostic fasts, intermittent fasts, liquid protein fasts, partial fasts, cleansing fasts, absolute fasts, black fasts, Hebrew fasts, Hindu fasts, Islamic fasts, you name it. Result: She discovered fasting ain’t healthy and you should eat in moderation everyday rather.

In 2016, Miriam did a lot of experimenting with eating grains. She also avoided mint altogether in that year because she heard somewhere that it reduces estrogen.

One thing that Miriam hasn’t changed for years is walking her dog everyday and not eating processed foods at all.

So, you may be wondering now, when does Miriam work to make a living? She doesn’t work for making money at all. Her Youtube channel only makes her a couple hundred dollars a month which doesn’t even make up half of her electricity bills. Well, Miriam inherited a few hundred thousand dollars from her parents when they died and she did a prudent thing of investing most of that money in Financial Planner Prescott AZ. The financial planners do all the work for Miriam, while Miriam stays busy experimenting with her crazy biohacks, nootropics and strange diets.

Masseuse turned filthy rich overnight

Kesha is a 27 year old woman from the city of Olinda, Brazil. Kesha was a very bright girl from the very beginning, her parents wanted to enroll her in a private school but they couldn’t afford to and she had to go to a government school. When Kesha was in high school, she used to work part time at a clothing store to help her family. In the senior high school, Kesha scored 5th highest grades but she couldn’t afford to study any further and took a course in massage therapy.

After completing her massage therapy course, Kesha started working at a local massage therapy centre. Kesha wasn’t liking it very much and being just a masseuse was a huge slap on the face of her high self-esteem. Kesha wanted to do something bigger. She was literally getting bored of her life.

Kesha out of boredom started smoking and drinking. Kesha also started playing lotteries and television draws. Kesha averaged buying two lottery tickets a week. She was planning retirement at such an early age. She thought that after she wins a lottery once, she will quit working forever and enjoy her life by a beach.

One day after losing all her savings, Kesha decided to quit buying lottery tickets. She didn’t buy any for years. After a long period, she saw a very appealing advertisement for a television draw. She said to herself “Just this one time”.

Kesha bought the television draw ticket and to her surprise, her gut feeling was true, when she saw the results on her tele sena, she had won a jackpot.

Since then, Kesha has been living by the beach in her new penthouse. She also has 2 dogs and a cat now. She doesn’t plan to marry soon enough and she is enjoying her new life.

Mass Communication Graduate wants to run a global news network

Dinha is a 25 years young girl who has been working as a waitress at one of the finest restaurants in the city of Curitiba. Dinha always wanted to be a news broadcaster but she couldn’t score a job there. She has done her graduation in Mass Communication and she was getting a job as a reporter which she didn’t like.

Dinha chose to become a waitress instead. Dinha gets lots of tips because of her stunning body and face but the money she makes working as a waitress is not enough for the lavish life that she dreams of living.

Dinha’s boyfriend had a great online business idea but he didn’t have the money to start it. Dinha then told him about como aumentar meu score.

Dinha’s boyfriend increased his CPF score, took a loan and now he has been doing his online business successfully for the past 5 months. He has been very busy with work, once he has some time, he wants to visit India for spiritual gains. He has been very obsessed with India since childhood. His childhood hero is Steve Jobs and like Steve Jobs he wants to visit Indian religious and spiritual hubs.

Dinha’s dream is to run her own global news network one day. Dinha wants to travel to Malta and Israel. She wants to have her honeymoon in either of these countries.

Gone are the days when Dinha and her boyfriend used to eat only junk or street food to save some money. They were both playing with their health indeed.

Both the ambitious soulmates are busy working on their career goals currently. I hope they get married one day and be successful in business and have beautiful and healthy babies just like they both are.