Prolific and popular Australian author uses essay writing services from docker

Jacob Nixon is an Australian author who launched his third biblical patriarchs related book in the May of this year. The book is completely based on his opinions about the biblical patriarch – Methuselah and it is one of the cheapest books around, just cost me 6.99 US$ and I really enjoyed reading it.

I was literally surprised to read what I read yesterday on Jacob Nixon’s official blog, that he uses online essay writing services to save some time despite of being such a marvelous and prolific author.

In his book, Jacob claims that according to the Book of Enochs, eating lamb and sheep meat is prohibited.

Jacob also claims in his book that according to the last judgement which is also known as The Day of the Lord, the enemies of Israel are nothing but black cattles and wild animals. He then asks the ones that oppose the state of Israel – “Are you willing to take that title?”

Jacob writes that whereas 969 is considered ta lucky number in all three Abrahamic religions, it is considered an unlucky one in the Dharmic religions to an extent that one Indian politician who tried to convey to the common Indian people that 969 is a lucky number and it is proven by the Abrahamic religions, lost his political career to it. Jacob then adds that the Indians are too dumb, superstitious and naive like that.

Jacob claims in his book that St Joseph the apostle used to talk to Methuselah regularly in his dreams but it was his gut feeling that it is better to keep those talks confidential and to himself only.

Ever-growing Opera Director – Francesco Costanzo met Opera Legend – Stephen Barlow recently and all Stephen talked was Ruth Berghaus

One of my most favorites – Francesco Costanzo Opera Director recently met the Australian born London based Opera Director – Stephen Barlow who told Francesco that he misses, especially Melbourne each and every minute when he is away from it.

Most of their meeting constituted of Stephen telling Francesco about his nostalgic meetings with the German Opera Director – Ruth Berghaus, who is one of Stephen’s heroes and no more with us.

Stephen told Francesco that Ruth’s passion for life increased with age and her becoming a victim of cancer is one of the greatest reasons for many people to not believe in god. Stephen says that he is himself confused about the existence of god and many of his plays depict this very well.

Stephen also told Francesco that Ruth experimented with eating nothing but vegetarian food for her love for the animals and each time she would feel nauseous all day because her digestive system was that, she needed some meat at least a day.

Stephen also told Francesco that Ruth came in contact with several different Indian sages and practiced celibacy for periods of months only to find it extremely hard and even undoable many times but she tried next time nonetheless.

Stephen also told Francesco that Ruth always stayed silent about her religious beliefs with everyone in both public and private but her directing several ballets about Jewish messiahs made several Catholics campaigning to boycott her completely and they even were able to persuade some really into it which wasn’t easy as Ruth was on the peak of her career back then when her boycott by the Catholics happened.

Stephen also told Francesco that Ruth always wanted to create a play on the life and death of the German Fuhrer – Adolf Hitler but she didn’t because if she did, she would have also covered the positive aspects about the life of the Adolf Hitler and all the positive habits, attitudes and behavior of him which could have become fatal for her career and many would start thinking of her as a Neo-Nazi.

Author trusts none other than this Kentucky based company when it comes to buying books for her college kids

Joel Cooper is an author and blogger from Indianapolis, Indiana who has been writing a book on the life and death of one of the most popular Persian polymaths ever – Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi.

Joel has already revealed many of the excerpts from her book on her blog.

Joel wrote that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi moving to Baghdad to study and practice at a hospital proves that Babylonians were a great civilization along with being great warriors. Joel also clarifies that she doesn’t justify the ancient Babylonian atrocities in any way by claiming this and she criticizes the acts of ancient Babylonian cruelties including them killing hundreds of thousands of Jews and enslaving the rest of the Kingdom of Judah.

In her book, Joel also writes that there is no denying that Muhammad ibn Zariya al-Razi was a pioneer of ophthalmology but the belief that he was the first to recognize the reaction of the eye’s pupil to light is totally wrong. Joel claims that many Chinese masters had already observed the same long ago.

Joel also writes that Zakariya being the author of the first book on pediatrics is the proof enough about how much he loved the humanity and innocent human beings. Joel writes that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi is blamed for being a misanthrope till date but he loved the children more than most other people of his times. Joel claims that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi believed that the cultural, traditional and religious brainwashing was mostly responsible for killing the human soul.

Joel recently ordered a College Student Textbook for her elder son from a Kentucky based company that goes by the same name. They sometimes sell books for as low as 5% of the original price. It is amazing how hard these guys work to bring those expensive books at affordable price to your kids’ table.

Trilingual conspiracy theorist turned makeup artist – Emma Swayze is now on Youtube as well

Emma Swayze is an independent conspiracy theorist and political analyst who has been writing on her blog for the past 10 years but achieved mainstream popularity after she started uploading her Youtube videos that are not only limited to the conspiracy theories and political analysis anymore but include topics like how to get rid of expression lines (como acabar com as linhas de expressão) as well. Emma is a trilingual who speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish. One of the reasons why her videos are so getting such vast popularity is that each of the videos is available in three different languages.

Emma’s conspiracy theories are very interesting and although some accuse her for making those up, Emma posts those nonetheless. Emma claims to be a Che Guevara’s biggest fan for a lot of reasons including his great looks, his style, his attitude, the cause that he spent almost all his life for but says that she doesn’t agree with Che Guevara’s belief that monopoly form of capitalism is better than the perfect competition and she claims that she has plenty of examples to prove it.

Emma claims that Muhammad Amin-al-Husayni was an American-Israeli agent and the reason why Israel won the 1948 Arab-Israeli war was this Muhammad Amin-al-Husayni only as he was playing all the cards wrong on the orders of the American and Israeli governments and also was passing out all the information he had of the 5 Arabic nations to the Americans and the Israelis. Emma says one of the absolute proofs that Muhammad Amin-al-Husayni was an American and Israeli agent is that he didn’t let Nasser enter the camp when he was much needed for a lame excuse.

Mr Belanunu is being pressurized by the girlfriend to get a hair transplant

Binyamin Belananu (name changed) has a dependable, beautiful and terrific girlfriend whom Binyamin loves so much that he claims he will die if she breaks up with her. She embodies the whole Aphrodite look very well.

Binyamin’s mom has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease which is a neurodegenerative condition for the last couple of years and she doesn’t behave as friendly as she used to with Binyamin since then. Acute brain health problems are all over Binyamin’s maternal family. Binyamin misses the place of a special woman with whom he can share all his secrets and take advise from a woman’s perspective. That’s the most significant reason why Binyamin thinks he can’t live without his girlfriend.

Binyamin and his girlfriend go for dinners and overnight dates very often. Binyamin and her girlfriend’s parents are both certain that the couple is going to marry very soon enough and they have already given their best wishes to the couple.

Binyamin’s girlfriend has been pursuing the so-called enlightenment for over 4 years now and although she claims to be a spiritual being rather than a sexual one, she hasn’t been able to forego her desires yet. She has continuously been putting pressure on Binyamin to get a hair transplant for the past 5-6 months. She even showed the pictures of one of her uncles to Binyamin how he looks hair transplant after 1 month.

Binyamin’s father is a real estate agent. Binyamin’s father has an impeccable memory at the age of 73. He is a biracial gentleman with a Croatian mother and a Turkish father. Binyamin’s grandparents used to live downstairs of the same house that Binyamin’s father lived in until he turned 25, Binyamin’s dad continued the same tradition and made Binyamin live downstairs of the same house that he and Binyamin’s mother lived in.

Dr T uses only the latest technology when it comes to the hair transplant

Fivel Alpert (name changed) believes he has lots of greatness seeds planted in him but he believes that Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu aka Dr T is far greater than himself. Fivel’s wife whom we will call Jade here had been experiencing a severe hair fall for the past 9 years and she had almost lost 50% of the hair on her head by the time she was 45. Jade is a very fit and healthy lady and now after she got her hair transplant new technology done, nobody can guess her real age. You can’t say that she is over 30. This has turned the couple’s intimate life into a heaven and Fivel is always very proud to go out with Jade everywhere.

Fivel and Jade have 3 kids together. One of the kids recently got his engineering college degree, one is still in the school and while the third one is pursuing her career in the medical field. It is wonderful how the couple’s kids have all turned out to be so career-oriented, good looking, fun-loving and so sensible.

Fivel brags about being a super-dad while Jade claims that there is no such thing as a super-dad or a super-mom.

One of Fivel’s hobbies is creating fake accounts in the chatrooms and trolling. Fivel does his trolling like a frenzied maniac, she gets so engrossed in it that he sometimes even forgets that he has to eat, take a shower or go to the office. Jade gets sick of this habit of Fivel and she often claims to him about it but Fivel wouldn’t listen.