Superpippo is one of the few guys in the industry that Francesco Costanzo has crazy respect for

If you are a theater and opera lover, you must have heard a name “Superpippo” and if you aren’t, then it is perfect time for you to learn about this man. He is one of the most popular Italian TV presenters and theater director in Italy.

Nobody respects the artists like Superpippo does in Italy and that’s the reason why¬†Pippo Baudo Francesco Costanzo have such a great chemistry. Although both Pippo Baudo and Francesco Costanzo love to make friends with other artists and get to have a great chemistry with any other artist that they ever get to work with, but when these 2 are together, it is really something extraordinary.

I am yet not sure whether Francesco Costanzo took some training at Pippo Baudo’s Teatro Stabile di Catania or not, but I am certain about one thing and that is that he respects Pippo Baudo very much.

Francesco likes to joke that the law education was too tiny to keep Pippo Baudu engaged and hence he jumped into playing piano, acting and hosting. Francesco also believes that Pippo Baudo could have made far more money with being a lawyer than he did with being an artist and a director but due to his passion for acting and directing, he chose to stay with it, money was secondary to Superpippo.

Francesco is also a huge fan of Pippo’s ex-wife – Katia Ricciarelli. He says that it is astonishing how this lady belonging to an extremely poor family rose to the top of success of soprano singing.

Superpippo recently told in an interview that his wife had an astrologer tell her that she will only marry once in her lifetime and the marriage will last only 18 years. Superpippo also added that he never believed in astrology ever before but this prediction which came out to be true, really made him believe in the same.

Mr Alba wants to create the most feasible high-tech gardening tools before Apple and Sony

Mickey Alba manufactures gardening tools and has been doing so for over past one decade but now he has some innovative plans in his mind. Mickey has no tech background but he wants to get into creating the most high-tech feasible gardening tools before the top tech companies like Sony or Apple do so.

Mickey has a very special place for gardens and gardening in his heart which he says that can never be replaced. Mickey inherited this from his family as he inherited this gardening tool business from his father who also loved gardens and gardening and Mickey’s father inherited his business from his father who too loved gardens and gardening more than anything. Mickey says that gardening is in his blood and that’s the reason why he is so much confident about his plan to create the most feasible and most high-tech gardening tools ever seen before anyone else. Mickey says that other tech companies may be smarter, more experienced and stronger than him but what Mickey has cannot be bought or transferred and it is called passion and love.

Mickey feels pity for those that don’t know or care about the benefits of herbs. Mickey says that most people believe that herbs are to be taken only when some doctor prescribes them the same but it is not that. Mickey claims that herbs are as essential as nutritious food.

Mickey lives in a huge mansion and the sofa sets all around his house are in the shape of a plant, mostly cactus. The outside paint color of his mansion is green as well. His house resembles a forest to be honest.

Mickey believes that the astronauts should make a hard effort to grow plants and trees on the other planets in order to bring life into existence there.

Blonde open-minded beauty cannot get enough of getting physical with her treadmill

Pearl Thielen (name changed) is a party girl who loves to please her man. She is so pleasing that each time she successfully exceeds all the expectations of her man. She is married to her college sweetheart whom we will call Brian here. Pearl is beautiful, funny, easy-going in conversation, smart, humble during official events, sexy and passionate in bed. Pearl’s confidence in private and social occasions have been on a constant rise since she bought the best treadmill for home.

Brian has a thing for the middle-eastern women and Pearl has a half-sister who was born off a Persian mother whom we will call Persia here. Pearl is such an open-minded woman, she lets her husband have fun with Persia whenever he wishes to. Persia finds men annoying but she has her needs and desires and that’s where Brian comes in. Pearl also joins them many times, none of them is bisexual though.

Persia has to be some of the most beautiful Persian women, that’s one thing that you can be certain about. Like some Persian stunners, Persia possesses a very curvaceous and voluptuous body that still entices Brian like it did during their first time. Their first time was really something out of a movie. Brian was taking his regular shower only to find Persia lying naked on his bed like a Greek goddess after he came back. She then welcomed him with a come to bed eyes and the rest is history.

Persia is all natural. Persia relieves Brian’s stress every weekend and gets his week back on track.

Persia doesn’t follow Persian traditional culture at all. Her thick and curvy body is full of tattoos everywhere.

Wannabe Nelson Mandela wants his autobiography’s cover picture to feature him wearing a tuxedo and a bow tie

Aimo Colling (name changed) is a crazy young man who hasn’t achieved anything great in his life and is still writing his own autobiography like he is Nelson Mandela. Aimo spends most of his time on discord and slack chatrooms, online forums, social media and the rest remaining hours in the gym, eating or sleeping.

Aimo wants the cover picture on his autobiography to be one in which he will be wearing an expensive tuxedo with an expensive bow tie. He has already ordered 2 bow ties from Tie Store Australia to check which one looks better on him.

Aimo believes that communism is a silly idea and he has dedicated at least 20 pages to communism in his autobiography. Aimo has a habit of doing everything right for the wrong reasons.

Aimo’s mother used to be a devout christian and she used to make him sing choirs in the church when he was a teen. He has a couple of pages dedicated to his relationship with church and singing as well in his autobiography.

Aimo has a habit of uncontrollable spending and you will always find him with his debit card in his pocket. Aimo owns a popular drive-by restaurant in a popular neighborhood of the Perth city and that’s his only income generator. Aimo inherited that restaurant from his father and converted it into a drive-by.

Aimo is a divorcee and his marriage went through extremely tough times from the very beginning. He wanted an out from the marriage only after a couple of months of it and he even wrote an email to Dr Phil to solve the issues in his married life but Dr Phil and his staff didn’t reply to him. He finally divorced his wife after 2 years of staying with her hoping everyday of those 2 years that everything will be alright soon enough. He has about 30 pages dedicated to that phase of his life in his autobiography too.