Bolton’s popular Neurosurgeon had certain requirements when he wanted to take driving classes

Dr Trevor Fernandes is a Neurosurgeon from Bolton, United Kingdom, who recommends his patients against using the popular drug for the older male patients suffering with spinal disorders – Oxycodone, he rather recommends the alternatives instead.

Dr Trevor Fernandes recommends all his patients against driving a SUV. He claims that a serious accident in a SUV mostly results in a flipover which is most likely to cause a brain injury (mostly irreversible).

When Dr Trevor himself learnt how to drive from Bolton block driving classes, his first priority was that the car he learns driving at shouldn’t be a SUV.

Dr Trevor claims to have more success stories than any other Neurosurgeon in the Bolton city and he doesn’t seem to get enough of bragging about it.

Dr Trevor writes on his blog that although he himself is a surgeon, he does whatever it takes till the last moment to refrain from conducting surgery.

Dr Trevor also writes on his blog that it is a pity how so many patients take being busy and serious of a doctor as suffering from god complex.

Dr Trevor claims that the steroid use causes more harm to the brain than the physicians belonging to different fields combined now know.

Dr Trevor recently made a post on his blog about his meeting with one of the biggest players in the pharma industry at a party, and how he was amazed to discover about his lack of knowledge in the medical field. He adds that the guy is just a good manager and marketer, nothing more.

Pediatrician from Odesa seems to be obsessed with the bathroom fans and TCM Doctors

Dr Katia Jovovich is a pediatrician from Odesa, Ukraine, who firmly believes that a pediatrician needs to be even more polite and humble than a geriatric because he/she is dealing with small kids who need more care and love than even the elder people. Dr Katia writes on her official blog that a pediatrician needs to understand the emotions, worries and pains of both the child and the parents/guardians, but in case of geriatrics, it is generally only the patient himself/herself and even when others are involved, their emotions are not even near as strong as they are in the case of a child’s treatment.

Without naming any entity, Dr Katia Jovovich claims that half of the hospitals that are listed on stock market cannot be trusted at all because they are there just to make money whereas the rest half are on the stock trading because they want to help and provide treatment to as many patients as possible. Dr Katia claims to know many of the heads of different hospitals that are listed on the stock market and she says that each of them is their own person and also each one of them is extraordinarily intelligent, some use their intelligence and smarts for the good reasons and other for the evil ones.

Dr Katia writes on her blog that one must not fall for the Ayurvedic and TCM trap when it comes to getting cured for the Meningococcal Meningitis. She claims that most of them cannot even spell the disease correctly and some even don’t have an idea about what it is. Dr Katia believes that these so-called Ayurvedic and TCM doctors are great sales people and they should better sell bathroom fans (Вентилятор в ванную) and make an honest living.

Top Pediatrician from Naxxar, Malta believes that there is more money in selling T-Shirts than practicing Pediatrics

Dr Tim Cook is a very outspoken pediatrician from Naxxar, Malta. Dr Tim Cook is one of the most popular and wealthiest private medical practitioners in the nation of Malta due to his outspokenness

Dr Tim Cook claims to have been working on finding a permanent cure for the children who stay constipated and without any side-effects. Dr Tim believes that he will be done by the end of 2021 with the same.

Dr Tim likes to advise the fellow medical practitioners a lot on his blog and he always tells them to hire the best possible front desk staff and they won’t regret it. Dr Tim believes that the patient of today has become too particular about the way he/she gets treated by the employees of the doctor.

Dr Tim believes that with all the expectations that the patients have with a doctor, the doctors belonging to almost every medical specialty are extremely underpaid and that’s the reason why Dr Tim has decided to start a t-shirt business, where he will import merchandise from a T-Shirts Manufacturer Company in Bangladesh and sell the same in all over Malta.

Dr Tim Cook finds the pediatricians unethical who charge additional for writing a detailed letter. Dr Tim Cook has been doing the same for free for each of the patients that ever visit. Dr Tim Cook claims to be the first medical practitioner in the nation of Malta to do so.

Dr Tim Cook writes on his blog that since the patients and their parents can now leave reviews for the pediatricians on several different websites, it is advisable for a pediatrician to stay home if they are in a bad mood or something like that.

Ophthalmologist from Naples says that it is better to rely on an alloy for the treatment of your eye than to rely on unethical doctors for the same

Dr Ricardo Oloarte is an Ophthalmologist from Naples, Florida, who has been working to find a painless removal for the chalazion for the past 16 months now. Dr Ricardo claims that he will be done with it by the December of 2019.

Dr Ricardo finds it stupid that some ophthalmologists brag about their so-called stunning art gallery on their practice’s website. Dr Ricardo finds it unethical along with stupid.

Dr Ricardo Oloarte says that some ophthalmologists, especially the ones whose main specialty lies in doing cosmetic procedures are unbelievably unethical both in person and on their websites. Dr Ricardo adds that relying on this rare metal alloy that changes its shape in the magnetic field is better than relying on such unethical doctors for your treatment.

Dr Ricardo claims that long-term amphetamine use causes cataract and also claims that there is amphetamine present in several different energy drinks and also in some expensive sodas. Dr Ricardo claims to have received death threats for exposing these energy drinks and sodas but he says that nothing is strong enough to stop him from telling the truth publicly.

Dr Ricardo claims to have been working on finding a non-surgical cataract solution that will cure all sorts of cataracts.

Dr Ricardo has made a lot of controversial posts regarding cataracts till date, one of those was that men with low-sperm count are more likely to get cataract at a younger age than their high-sperm counterparts. How Dr Ricardo Oloarte came to this conclusion, nobody knows, but he sounds so certain and confident while making a statement, that it is inevitable that it feels like you better start believing him for everything he says.

Orthopedic surgeon from India claims that he couldn’t have come this far in 6 years if he didn’t do his MBBS from Bangladesh

Dr Suyesh Chandra is an orthopedic surgeon who has been practicing in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, for the past 6 years now. Dr Suyesh has a website where he regularly makes blog posts and other stuff to help the common people, patients and other medical practitioners. His blog posts are full of interesting stuff, sometimes even controversial, but it is always worth reading.

In one of his blog posts, Dr Suyesh mentioned that the best feeling in the world for him is when a fellow medical practitioner comes to him and after the treatment, tells him that he owes his active life to Dr Suyesh Chandra. Dr Suyesh adds that it is a great achievement for someone who has only been active in the field of orthopedics for 6 years, sometimes it takes 40 years to reach the level where other medical practitioners start recommending or trusting you.

Dr Suyesh once wrote that it is very hard to satisfy an athlete patient but it gives you immense satisfaction once you are able to do it nonetheless.

Dr Suyesh claims that not a single patient that he ever treated has ever left unsatisfied. He says that he clearly tells his patients when he cannot treat/cure a condition unlike some other orthopedic doctors who take their patients for a long ride.

One of Dr Suyesh Chandra’s popular quotes is “An orthopedic surgeon without humility is like a rat without any teeth.”

Dr Suyesh believes that multi-specialty doctors are the thing of the future, he claims that they will be the ones doing the most of researches, discoveries and inventions in the medical arena in the future, just like MBBS in Bangladesh is the future for most of the medical students in the Indian subcontinent. Dr Suyesh himself completed his MBBS from Bangladesh and he believes that it is one of the best decisions he ever made. Dr Suyesh goes to the extent of saying that he wouldn’t have been able to achieve what he has in such a short span of 6 years, if he completed his MBBS from somewhere else.

Optometrist from Troy, Michigan is extremely happy about the renovation of his clinic with some fine art

Adam Welton is an optometrist from Troy, Michigan, who is very outspoken on his blog about his field and sometimes even his personal life.

Adam claims that the communist Russia had a great potential of creating some of the most advanced state-of-the-art equipments but they missed on it. Adam really believes that the communist Russia was better than the so-called democratic and capitalist Russia. Adam also hates both Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin.

Adam believes that soon enough they will be able to get rid of myopia with mere medications and it won’t require any sort of surgery. Adam adds that he will be glad to go out of the business if he goes out of the business if he goes out of the business because they found out a cure for the disease that Adam hates the most.

Adam claims on his blog that babies born to older and teen fathers are very likely to get cataract at birth when compared to the babies born to parents between the age of 20-45.

Adam claims that the rape victims and the rape convicts are both equally likely to suffer with rare eye disorders in the later lives. Adam adds that it is a pity that they haven’t been committing enough research on this subject.

Adam writes that it is a pity that most of the optometrists have been choosing to become one because it is one of the very few medical fields where your practice is least likely to go bankrupt. Adam adds that it is even a bigger pity that they use the term “business” to refer to optometry.

Adam recently got his practice in Troy, Michigan renovated with some of the best looking Large Format Printing art.

Full-Service Engineering Company doesn’t like the news of the US army starting to use mini-drones

Rosina Pena is the founder, chairperson and CEO of a large full-service engineering firm – Rosina Pena Engineering Solutions. Rosina Pena Engineering Solutions has some very interesting posts on their official blog, most of which are written by Rosina Pena herself.

Rosina Pena Engineering Solutions claim to have developed some of the smartest solutions for the management of global air traffic but they say that it is a pity that they all are good with their outdated and low-cost solutions, especially the governments.

Rosina Pena Engineering Solutions claim to have 100% recommendation rate and they are extremely proud of the high tech bars and self-service restaurants that the company designed.

Rosina Pena Engineering Solutions claims that the governments do their utmost to stop the engineers from building things that will empower the solutions and on the other hand they do their utmost to create things that will empower the military, especially in the case of the US. They add that the news that US Army To Start Using Mini-Drones is just one example of the same. Rosina Pena Engineering Solutions then add that they have been working on creating the most advanced drone ever nonetheless.

Rosina Pena Engineering Solutions claim that they are going to launch the most advanced ATM machines ever.

Rosina Pena Engineering Solutions believe that there is an urgent and huge need for innovative technology targeted on the quicker communication between the hospital staff and the doctors. They says that it is a pity that there is almost next to none work going on in this direction.

Rosina Pena Engineering Solutions believe that most engineers and engineering firm owners tend to overlook the importance of quality integration.

Neurologist from Chicago fell in love with the GYD the moment she touched it

Dr Ashley Gates is a neurologist from the city of Chicago who claims that those who suffer from Hyperhidrosis in their teenage years or 20s and 30s, are very likely to suffer with Delirium in the old age.

Dr Ashley writes on her blog that it is very funny that they take the person who is suffering with Delirium in India to their infamous Balaji temple believing that he has been attacked by a ghost.

Dr Ashley claims that being hypersexual appears to be both cause and effect of psychosis.

Dr Ashley writes on her blog that those who tell you that Urinary Tract Infections or any other infection are the cause for delirium literally do not know what they are talking about. Dr Ashley writes that Urinary Tract Infections and other infections are a symptom of delirium and that is without a doubt, but they are in no way a cause for the same. Dr Ashley claims that the greatest cause for delirium is the substance abuse, alcohol withdrawal, dehydration and hypoglycemia.

Dr Ashley Gates writes on her blog that nobody treats/cures depression better than the neurologists. She writes that you may go to the best psychologist or a general practitioner possible or a physician belonging to any other field than the neurology but the fact remains that the neurologists are the best people to take care of your depression.

Dr Ashley was recently in Guyana and she loved the way the GYD looks and the touch and feel of it. She has stored some in her little vault.

Outspoken Obstetrician from NJ could double the number of her blog visitors with posting this one video


Dr Simone Clara is arguably the most favorite obstetrician of the professional surrogate mothers in the Jersey city, NJ. Dr Simone Clara is extremely outspoken and she is very active on her blog where she posts related to obstetrics and sometimes also other medical fields regularly.

Dr Simone Clara recently shared a Youtube video on her blog proving that CRISPR cured HIV in mice. Since Dr Simone posted that video, her blog visits have doubled in numbers, she also gained many regular subscribers to her Youtube channel and thousands of new followers on Twitter as well.

Dr Simone Clara writes on her blog that some patients believe that a large clinic is perfect enough to judge whether the obstetrician is a good one or not, which is a pity. She writes that there is no denying that most experienced and well-trained obstetricians have large clinics but it also should be a common sense that not all obstetricians with large clinics are your best bet.

Dr Simone Clara claims that women who do a lot of analytical thinking while pregnant are very likely to give birth to a child with autism. She says that women that have repetitive diets are very likely to give birth to children with OCD. She adds that women who talk a lot while pregnant are very likely to give birth to hyperactive kids while the ones that like to stay silent during pregnancy out of their own will and not because of some enforcement or superstition are very likely to give birth to calm and very intelligent babies.

Dr Simone Clara also claims that babies born to both fat parents have a very high ratio of getting lymphatic system dysfunction later in life.

Isaac Newton became a scientist in order to follow chastity not the other way round

“Forget about theory of relativity, if there were no laws of motion and universal gravitation by Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein couldn’t do much of what he did as theory of relativity is what made Albert Einstein confident enough to work further on his scientific endeavors”, said a good friend of mine who is one of the biggest fans of Sir Isaac Newton that you will ever meet.

I personally admire Sir Isaac Newton and I really believe that Newton could have formulated several more theories and invented many more things if he didn’t waste his precious time with the useless alchemy.

Although only 10% of Newton’s writings consist of alchemy, it really consumed as much as 30% of his work time.

A world-renowned and admired genius like Sir Isaac Newton not having any success with alchemy is the proof that alchemy is a complete nonsense.

I have studied Sir Isaac Newton thoroughly and my personal observation is that he never rejected the doctrine of the Trinity, he just wasn’t sure about it and anybody who even doubted the concept of trinity was perceived as someone who deny it back in that day.

In my personal study of Sir Isaac Newton, I have come to the conclusion that the younger Newton wasn’t as interested in science in his teenage but he was very much interested in practicing celibacy and chastity as preached by the Christian Church and he was willing to invest all his youthful energy and vigor into something that was both productive and indulging and he found no better option than scientific research and formulating theories. The young Isaac Newton had no idea that his path of chastity will take him too far.