Toy Store owner from Midtown, Oklahoma City, sells Skates for Women at zero profit

Debra Carter owns a quite popular toy store in Midtown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they do not carry any video games at all, because Debra believes that video games are extremely unhealthy and are responsible for most of the problems in an average modern kid’s life.

Debra’s popular toy store has a popular blog where the posts are made by none other than Debra herself. Having an experience of over 2 decades in the business, she has a lot of interesting things to write there.

Debra recently made a post about the rumor that she heard about the founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg, thinking of getting into the ever-growing and evergreen toy retail industry. Debra wrote that she really hopes that the rumor is not a rumor but a reality and herself and most other passionate toy retailers across the United States of America and maybe the whole world, would love to teach him the lesson that running a toy retail chain is not as easy as running a website.

Debra’s toy store is notorious for keeping the largest number of biblical toys anywhere in the state of Oklahoma.

Last week, Debra made a post, which sounded more like an endorsement, but it is not, that she once ordered Womens Skates from a website that goes by the name and they turned out to be so good that she has been reselling those at her store’s ‘For Mommies’ section at no profits ever since the day her first personal pair arrived to her.

Debra Carter claims that the sales for the soft toys have been constantly declining for the past 6 years now and the only soft toys that have gained popularity over these past 6 years are the ocean animals soft toys, which don’t make even as much as 3% of the total soft toy sales.

Debra Carter is also disappointed that most kid girls don’t like cooking set toys anymore, like they did back when Debra used to be a kid herself.

Ex-Athlete is one of the smartest SEO experts that you have never met

Raul Carson is one of the smartest SEO experts that I have ever met who believes that Google Places has been losing its significance over time and the Google’s updation of the way Google Places looks recently has only been making the situation even worse as the newer looks of Google Places introduced by the Google are bad in terms of functionality and not as easy to use either.

Raul says that people do not trust newspapers or magazines anymore, so if you are paying thousands of dollars for your company name and backlink on websites like Wall Street Journal etc, then do it merely for the sake of the SEO rankings, don’t expect business from those articles by themselves. Raul claims to have known many people personally who paid for the articles on websites like Wall Street Journal in a hope of getting a lot of business from those articles by themselves only to face disappointment later along with a loss of thousands of dollars which they were never able to recover. Raul says that in a very few cases, they get sales for as much as the amount they spent on getting the articles written and posted on those reputed websites but those cases are extremely rare and in most of such cases, the item advertised/promoted is really something unique and sold by the seller at a great price.

Raul used to be an athlete in his earlier days but over time he got some foot conditions and his podiatrist told him to never participate in a game again. Raul has a part of both his feet replaced and he really misses those times when he used to run almost as fast as a wild animal. Raul says that definitely orthoses comes with hundreds of benefits for several different conditions but nothing can replace the original.

Raul’s only choice for daily wear is Nexus Tees and he doesn’t seem to change on that at least for years.

Finally, this loving low-income husband bought the best possible air fryer for his wife

Just about 6 months ago, Richard Cretu, a German-American wanted to buy an air fryer for his wife so badly but couldn’t because he didn’t save enough money with his 9-5 job. They both have always been addicted to the French Fries and Fried and had to visit the nearby KFC or McDonalds in order to enjoy the same.

Richard’s wife used to enjoy their visit to the KFC or the McDonalds, but it used to make Richard feel guilty and worthless.

Then about 6 months ago, Richard won a lottery worth 14000 USD and the first thing that popped up in his my mind was that he needed to buy one of the best air fryers possible for his wife. He ended up buying an air fryer with digital display, programmable timer, intuitive interface and last but not the least – dehydrate function.

Some friend told Richard before that the air fryers with modern shenanigans are not good for the purpose they are bought for but Richard didn’t care and went on to buy the one with the maximum number of features possible.

Richard’s wife earlier believed that the air fryer would be something extremely complicated to use but turned out that she was wrong. It was as easy as using a microwave oven.

Richard and his wife have several things in common including that they both hate overly dramatic people.

Richard’s wife has an exceptionally great looking skin and she attributes it to eating Garra Rufa fish thrice a week which she learnt about from her beauty salon owner aunt.

Richard and his wife both hate to watch movies and they are always tired of the talks about different actors’s talent everywhere, like acting is the only profession in the world.

Mormon Salesperson hates Shower Soap Scums

Amelia loves to make arguments and she loves drama. Amelia is always busy upgrading. Amelia too badly wants to go back to the 18th century. Amelia’s parents worked at a factory. Amelia was born in a Mormon family and she has been continuing the tradition.

Amelia recently went to India and she thinks it is a shit hole. She stayed in a 3 star hotel in New Delhi and there were soap scums everywhere in the shower. Luckily, at her home, Amelia uses the best of the best shower soap scum remover. Amelia doesn’t like to travel internationally because she suffers from height phobia but she traveled to India believing that she will have some extraordinary spiritual experience. She didn’t have any spiritual experience of any sort, just bad experience.

Amelia hates the Larry King live interviews and she doesn’t understand what people like about that show. Amelia strongly believes that modern audience is the culprit for poor television dramas and reality shows. She says that the sponsors should completely eliminate investing in television and reality shows.

Amelia’s father used to be a bureaucrat. Amelia works for one of the topmost marketing companies in the United States and she is one of the top 5% salesperson in her company.

Amelia recently broke up with her long term boyfriend. They used to live in a live-in relationship before it all went downhill. Amelia is planning to open her department store in the downtown area of her city. There is so much money in the department industry, it is a big commercial game and Amelia really thinks that she can make it there. Her success in the company she works at has really raised up her confidence to a new level which is a great thing but I personally think that she is being overconfident here.

Liberal turned conservative loves to hit the gym in his Madoxx activewear

Ted Lawson, have you heard that name before? I am sure you have. This Ted that I am talking about used to be such a great fan of Ted Lawson played by Dick Christie in the show Small Wonder that he decided to name his son after him. Their surname is Lawson, so it fit perfectly. Ted doesn’t like his name, especially because he was named after a television show character.

Ted believes in simple living. Ted is 26 now and he used to avoid doing any sort of hard-work until life hit him so hard. Ted got overweight, his parents’ financial situation worsened and a couple of other negative things happened to him simultaneously.

Ted used to be an atheist until the age of 22, but recently he turned towards God. He also now hits the gym regularly and he wears nothing to the gym but his favorite active wear that he bought from MadOxx.

Ted has also turned from a hardcore liberal to a hardcore conservative. Ted considers pornography, LGBT community, abortion, contraceptives and lots of other things a threat to the civilization and humans now. The funny thing is that he used to be in favor of all these things until just a few years ago and would actively participate in the forums and chat rooms discussing how they could spread a word in favor of liberalism to as many people as possible.

Recently, Ted gifted a funny gift to his mother, can you guess what? New curtains. It is ironic that Ted has a Jewish background from the maternal side. Jews are supposed to be liberals whereas Ted is a hardcore feminist.

Ted’s father used to be a real estate developer before the recent downfall of the real estate industry. He is now looking to invest in some other business.

British Columbia Amazon Self Publisher window shops on Amazon but orders from The Pample Mousse

Mathis is a Kelowna boy who doesn’t like to do any work. He just wants to lay down all day on the couch and watch television.

Mathis recently enjoyed a free trip to Italy with his girlfriend. She paid all the bills and the plane ticket. Mathis was just busy enjoying his free honeymoon. They also did lots of tarantella, Sardinian ballu tundu and the Neapolitan Saltarello.

After coming back Mathis decided to start self publishing Amazon books. It has been 2 months since then and Mathis is still writing his first book. He claims that it is going to be a bestseller the week it is launched. We are yet to see that. I personally don’t think that it is going to be a ‘bestseller’ because he has no previous experience of writing any books and he is just doing it for the money although he is doing his best to make it interesting and entertaining.

Mathis has got this addiction of checking out his Facebook and window shopping on Amazon. Recently, he ordered a pair of cheap wireless headphones from the Pample Mousse. It is funny how he window shopped all day and all night on the Amazon and finally ordered something from the Pample Mousse.

Mathis was raised by a single mother. His mother was involved with the hippie culture and Hinduism. She spent loads of money on the ashrams and especially the Rajneeshpuram in Oregon, US. She was even planning to go to Haridwar and Varanasi, India in hope to get enlightened. Luckily, she was bankrupt by the time she was about to book her tickets to India.

Mathis’ father was of Yugoslavian ancestry. He used to be a weight lifter and he was not spiritual at all unlike Mathis’ mother.

Maltese Mom and Daughter Celebrate Halloween like no other

Giada is a 22 year young Maltese girl who was raised by her single mother. Giada’s mother did all that she could for her one and only kid so that she never misses anything in her life. Giada and her mother celebrate the festival of Halloween with great joy and enthusiasm each year. It is one of the best times for them both.

Giada’s grandmother suffered a terminal illness that I wouldn’t like to name or describe about here on my blog, but she was a great force in the life of Giada whom she lost at the age of 15.

Giada’s mother has been making doctor money inspired by the popular King Human of Youtube. Yes, the same bald guy who tells secrets of making money on the internet in very funny ways. Giada’s mother has been watching KingHuman for over 5 years now and has learnt a lot watching him. She has even learnt how to make money selling Halloween costumes for girls at triple the price that you bought them for.

When Giada and her mother newly got the internet connection, they both were mostly wasting the time on watching funny Youtube videos and socializing, but since Giada’s mother started watching KingHuman, she started using the internet only for making money.

Giada’s mother also suffers from chronic joint pain. At the age of 43, Giada’s mother still looks and feel young. Since Giada was born, her mother didn’t marry or get into any sort of intimate relationship with a man. Yes, the god cupid shoots his arrow once in a while on her, but she knows how to take control of the situation.

Giada’s mother was in a very abusive relationship with Giada’ biological father and she doesn’t want that to happen to her ever again.