Mumbaikar driving Lyft cab in Nebraska and loving it, he keeps trolling the celebrity worshipers in India

Greco Ramsbottom (name changed) is Grand Island, Nebraska boy who took a vow of never drinking again in January, 2017, broke his vow in July 2018, went to shop to a mall in Lincoln, Nebraska on the very same day, bought some shirts, a denim jeans and while he was coming back from there in his very safe Volvo XC60, he met a disastrous accident in which he came out completely safe but the car/SUV broke into pieced. His SUV didn’t kill anyone either, but Greco took the vow of never drinking again and he hasn’t took a drink yet from that very nightmarish day.

Greco buys each and every best-selling love story, novel, movie and song that he can find. Greco’s most favorite novel of all time is Smooth Moves Heat by Carrie Alexander.

Greco though loves love songs but his most favorite ever song is New Agenda by Big Krit featuring Rick Ross.

One of Greco’s best friends whose name is Akshay is an immigrant from Mumbai, India. Greco says that India and Indians have slaves for millennial and they have been worshiping idols since time unknown which still shows in everything that they do. Greco says that Indians worship their actors, politicians and other celebrities like the Catholics worship Jesus and Virgin Mary. Greco recently saw the Kapil Sharma Show where they featured Saleem, Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz Khan as guests. Greco says that the whole India went mad like it is their wedding day to see the celebrity father and sons together. He says that the Sony Channel, the owner of the Kapil Sharma Show has showcased the same episode over 15 times within 4 days and half of the audience has watched the same episode almost each time.

Greco’s best friend Akshay is a Lyft driver who chose Lyft over Uber because Lyft offered him a Lyft Driver Promo.

Amateur historian and opinion-maker Ornella Agassi needn’t go for 9 to 5 anymore

Ornella Agassi (name changed) is an amateur historian who says that most of the Muslim population in the Islamic countries are still living in the dark ages. She says that Islam is against the hero worship and the one and only person that you are allowed to accept as your hero is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) only. She says that a Muslim is not even allowed to consider Khalid Ibn Waleed as his/her hero but the modern day Muslims are considering every other man or woman as their hero.

Ornella also says that Hagar – the mother of Ishmael, deserves more respect and recognition than Sarah – the half-sister and wife of Abraham. Ornella says that just because Hagar was a slave and of Egyptian origin, she is not given much recognition by the Christians and Jews. Ornella appreciates Muslims for giving Hagar such a great respect and recognition. There are several references to Hagar in the Holy Quran but next to none in the Jewish and Christian Holy texts.

Ornella says that she knows several Christians in Israel that have converted to Judaism in order to not get persecuted. One of those Christian turned Jews that she knew died in a suicide bomb attack by a member of the Hamas.

Ornella claims that she has read in a book that Indian poet and revolutionary – Rabindranath Tagore’s beard and hairstyle was inspired from a picture of the most important Jewish Patriarch – Abraham. I asked her that I want to read that book as well but she wasn’t able to recall the name of the book.

Ornella recently stopped going to her 9-5 job since the money that she makes with her android application that has been helping men, women and kids choose the right shoe for their feet size turned 20 times that she made with her everyday 9-5 job. Luckily, Ornella chose the perfect android application creation service (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android).

Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth it? If yes, then which ones?

I have a friend who doesn’t forget to take his Blue Breeze Portable Air Conditioner along with him whenever he goes out of the city. He always books a non A/C room in a small motel to save some money and use his own portable air conditioner instead.

These portable air conditioners are only meant for the people who live in an area that doesn’t get too hot in the summers. If you live in a hot country like one in the Middle East, South Asia, Australia, etc, don’t buy one. Yes, you can buy if you live in an area like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir or even Collinsvale.

You have to make sure that you are buying an original air conditioner when it comes to buying a Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner. Yes, Zero Breeze is much better than the Blue Breeze. Blue Breeze A/C is just all gimmicks and no business. Zero Breeze also has a very great support and can be repaired by most of your local repairmen.

LG also has one available and they are selling it all over the world, in the Brick and Mortar stores and online as well. I wouldn’t suggest buying one from the LG, because my neighbor owns one and he always has lots of complains about it. His A/C is always wrecked and the repairman whom he calls every time is very happy with his decision of buying an A/C by LG. Even the ones by the Chinese local manufacturers are much better.

Also don’t buy from the ones having little to no description on their eBay or Amazon listing. These sellers are mostly resellers, they don’t even know or have any control over the product they are selling. They won’t be able to provide you any support if something bad happens and they won’t give you a refund either.

I personally would suggest that you first buy one from a Chinese seller on eBay. These are available at $30 onwards on eBay by Chinese sellers. The only issue with these $30 A/Cs is that they have no warranty; even if it gets wrecked after only a couple of months and you were liking your air conditioner very much, don’t hesitate to buy a more expensive one.

Portable A/C is not just one of the cool gadgets for guys, it is meant for all.